A little catching up!

The Hankins…minus my boys!
Alexia and Karmicheal…so cute!

Out bestest friends…..and family The Hankins have LEFT Arizona and moved to CALI!!! We knew the day would come when the military would move them..and the day has come and gone:0( At first it looked like it would be ITALY but then it changed to beautiful and sunny California! We are going to miss them sooooo much! But we can’t wait to make some weekend trips up to visit them. They live right down the street from Magic Mountain….that area is BEAUTIFUL! Before they left we had a little farwell breakfast and then they were off! We have spent the last 4 Christmas’s together, both of the boys births and of course BBQ and lazy Sundays! We even all got baptized together! Ontario out God son and Mikel in the back!

Reggie and the boys doing what boys do!

This is what we call….. BREAKFAST AT DESTINY”S:0)

My Favorite French French TOAST!!

This was so funny to see!

Reggie and I said we are never going to make miltary friends again….all they do is leave us

:0(…lol… lol


  1. sniff, sniff….blow nose…wipe tears. So sad. Good people. Love you guys!

  2. Aw. So hard to say good-bye. But on the flip side, can I come over for breakfast? LOL :)

  3. Oh Dstiny! You have me crying over here!!!! :( I miss you guys already and its not even been a week! It really i gonna be a process for me to adjust to not knowing anyone and having to start over (if you will…) making a new life here in Cali. Arizona has been “home” for our family for the past 4 years! It is the longest place so far that we as a family have lived! So to me, that’s home! On the flip side we aren’t to far away… Like another continent! But it sure does feel like it! Can’t wait to see you guys! Love you much!




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