a little ‘laxin

We just got back from a little VaCA in Cali…

It was just what we needed! Beach, beautiful weather, best friends, and good food:-)


IMG_0422_0519_edited-1 IMG_0423_0520_edited-1 IMG_0424_0521_edited-1

It was the  boys first time at the beach but you couldn’t tell, they spent HOURS soaking up the sun and playing in the sand!

IMG_0534_0632 IMG_0535_0633 IMG_0541_0639 IMG_0547_0645 IMG_0553_0651 IMG_0561_0659 IMG_0563_0661 IMG_0564_0662

Alivya met her best friend Eden who was born one day after her….and she’s rockin her kini that was apart of her new wardrobe thanks to Baby Gap, an EXTRA 40% off and her daddy:0)

IMG_0431_0527_edited-1 IMG_0432_0528_edited-1 IMG_0441_0534_edited-1 IMG_0443_0536_edited-1 IMG_0451_0544 IMG_0461_0554 IMG_0464_0556 IMG_0470_0562 IMG_0474_0566 IMG_0481_0572 IMG_0482_0573 IMG_0485_0576

We stayed in the cutest little town of Valencia and visited our good friends Karmicheal and Alexia who were transferred to Cali last year. It was one of the most GEeeeeeORGEOUS towns ever!  We stayed at the Hyatt and were treated to a yummy breakfast every morning and unlimited food service during the day….but we didn’t get to take advantage of that because were were being beach bums! lol…..

IMG_0342_0609 IMG_0346_0613 IMG_0348_0615 IMG_0350_0617 IMG_0352_0618 IMG_0357_0585 IMG_0364_0591 IMG_0373_0593 IMG_0374_0594 IMG_0394_0599 IMG_0395_0600 IMG_0400_0605 IMG_0452_0545 IMG_0453_0546 IMG_0459_0552  IMG_0499_0664  IMG_0514_0674  IMG_0515_0675



Can’t wait to go back……we love California:0)


  1. Great pics!! You should definitely get into scrapbooking (if your not already). I had to look up Valencia and I live in CA. Lol
    Looked beautiful!!


  2. It was a fun time beachin it!!! So glad you all had fun!! You got some awesome pics girl! Yummy picks too! :-)

  3. Awww I love her little bikini too! You have such a beautiful family Destiny! I love California as well. My sister in law lives in San Jose and before we had kids, we’d visit them more often. My favourite place was Carmel. My husband almost proposed to me in the Redwood forest…but he said I was a crankpot that day, can you believe it! anyhow, looks like you had an amazing time in Valencia. I’m lovin the way you displayed your photo gallery too! Have a beautiful day. ~Stacey

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