Alivyas Closet..

I’ve been working on miss things closet. She has alot of stuff that need some “tiding  up” Do you know how much stuff little girls have?!!! My goodness, just like her mommy:0) and to think, this is just her nursery…at the end of the year, we’ll have dolls, strollers, and barbies and eeeeeek! Yup, time to be proactive! I bought an entire gallon of lavender paint when I did the ribbon chair rail on her wall…( yeah, math isn’t my best subject) so I’m just going to use that on her closet walls….

Here we go.


IMG_0913_2156_edited-1 IMG_0914_2157_edited-1


Do you girls realize how much decorating I have left to do!!!  White walls to paint? Curtains to hang? and for some reason I’m drawn to nest a little closet…lol……. I feel like an artist with a blank canvas….(sigh)……what to do what to do.


  1. I can’t wait to see how the closet turns out!

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