Alivya’s Nursery Part 1

So here are some recent/updated pictures of Miss Alivya nursery that is just about completed!
This is the enterance to her room…..

I love LOVE flowers..i dont grow my own yet so I just get the “artificial” ones..:0)

Her little pettiskirt that I’ll keep forever and ever and ever:0) One of my dearest friends Alyssa is an amazingly talented artist and painted this personal canvas of her name to match her room decor! To top it off she came over and “enhanced” my swirl loopy design around her room! I definitley tried to do it myself but I am so glad she came along and finished it! It looks SPECTACULAR! I wanted the hand painted look in the room some how and I thought that this would be perfect!

This is the main part of her room! The chandy……it looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo purty!!! You can get one at! It came super fast and it was pretty easy to put together and hang!

Another shot of her fabulous Craigslist crib!!!!

So that it for now! I want to do the same window treatments but with different fabric and I have an entire wall that I want to dedicate to all her girlly collections so she can, or right now I CAN :0) put some of her favorite things on display. Growing up my mom collected angels and I’ve always wanted to have my own collection of something! But I just never could figure out what I wanted to COLLECT! lol. But by accident I ended up noticing that I had my very own collection of  perfume bottles…mostly new ones…lol but I also remember my mom having about 10 really pretty and fancy looking perfume bottles on display in her bathroom…at one point she let me keep them in my room on my little brass vanity…lol! I was always sooo fancinated with them. Who knows where they are now. But I just wanted to give her a chance to start her very own collection of something, because if shes anything like me and her MamaC…lol..she’ll be doing the same anyway, so why not give her a head start! lol So you’ll see this wall,her FINISHED dressers and window treatments in part 2 :0)


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh how I adore Aliyva’s room!!!!!! Destiny you are doing a FABULOUS JOB!!!!!! I LOVE your dedication to making your house a home! You will continue to be blessed for your heart for home! love ya and you have inspired me to get my blog going again! lol ;)….for the 1000th time that I have vowed to do so! hehehehehe

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Destiny!! And the chandelier? Holy. Pickles. Beautiful! :)

  3. thanks girls!!!
    Alexia, having a blog is like having another kid!lol You have to feed it and love it!!!! Totally understand but I will still be looking for you!!!

  4. This has turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous room!

  5. Hi, i’m stoppin gby from JAG. I love your nursery, it is so beautiul! Good job!

  6. Hi there,
    Popped over from Just a girl.
    Your daughters nursery is adoreable. I love your color combo and that neat ribbon like lavendar chair rail that looks painted is a lovely touch.
    that chandy really makes the room

  7. I am so in love with this room, I don’t even know where to start! You did an incredible job! It’s gorgeous! BTW, I have an Olivia, too! It’s the most beautiful and feminine name I could think of!

  8. thank you again girls! everyone said girls would be soo much fun!:0)!!!

  9. Just stopping by from JAG. I absolutely love this nursery. It is incredibly beautiful. You did a wonderful job, and I know you will love spoiling your new addition!

  10. what a dreamy nursery. perfect for a little princess. I found your blog through Just a Girl.

  11. My kids are teenagers now and their rooms as babies never even came close to this…what can I say..Beautiful!!!
    Jen from
    I am now a follower

  12. I LOVE the little swirl loops around the room! I can’t believe you hand painted that!

  13. I love love love your daughter’s name and the new way of spelling an old classic. The room fits the little darling, you and your helper’s did an AMAZING job. Congrats on a job well done.

    BTW I am going to become a follwer of your blog, I am so loving your style.

  14. I found your site from Just a Girl. Love your daughter’s nursery; it’s beautiful! Just wondering where you got the half-circle table in the first picture. I’ve been looking for something like that everywhere!

  15. Beautiful nursery! I love it!

  16. Wow… what a beautiful nursery!! You did one amazing job… it is spectacular! :)

  17. Thanks Everyone!!!!!!!
    Marcy- I got the Semi-Table @ Homegoods a while ago. They always have little tables similar to that one in stock!

  18. OMG! You daughter’s room is beautiful! It’s fit for a princess. You are super talented! I just found your blog today and can’t wait to come back. I have three boys and I can’t wait to see what you’ve done for your sons’ rooms. I’ll be waiting with bated breath!

  19. Just popping over from the link of Just A Girl, but this room to too beautiful not to comment! I wish my room looked like that when I was little… She’s going to feel like a princess!

  20. Hi there! I stopped over from Just a Girl…your nursery is stunning!!! I absolutely adore it!! What a beautiful job you did!!! Congratulations!!

  21. This is just about the most precious nursery I have ever seen. I am so picky about nurseries and I would have done nothing differet. And I have to admit I would have NEVER have done it as beautiful as yours. I can’t wait to look at all of your posts!

  22. Anonymous says:

    When I saw her room i just said “Oh my gosh, how beautiful” Fantastic job!!

  23. that is the most beautiful nursery I’ve ever seen. Are you a professional?

  24. darling room!

  25. Oh my! What a stunning room! It is really gorgeous…and you found that crib on CL??? You will have to post some tips…I am in Nor Cal too, and I’m always trying to find stuff on there. What a lucky little girl!

  26. Beyond DREAMY! Beyond PERFECT! Beyond PRECIOUS! Love all your sweet details… seriously makes me want to have another baby just to decorate a nursery. I LOVE LOVE that mini pettie skirt!

  27. This room is simply gorgeous, you have done a lovely job! I love the color scheme, the chandy, and the mirrored table. And, it’s a room that will grow with her!

  28. Wow, what a gorgeous room! I just found your blog and I am glad I did! The chandelier is simply divine – and I love the pettiskirt used as decor!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I love her room! Where did you get her pettiskirt holder?


  30. I luv it!!! The colors, the theme, all of it!! I NEED a baby girl!!!


  32. oh wow – what a stunning room. well done on a great job – so very stunning

    Betty Bake

  33. You are so incredibly talented! What a gorgeous room~I think any little girl would love it.

    I really like your hallway signs, too. I might steal that idea!

  34. I am so in love with your babies room. It is so darling. I am starting to get going on my baby girls room. I am wondering where you found her dress form holding the pettiskirt? I love it.

  35. I thought your nursery was just beautiful and I linked it to my nurseries project post too!

  36. OMG that looks Gorgeous i love it!! :) where is part 2?? would love to get more ideas, just discovered your blog and i am going madddd looking through all the blogs!! :))) xxxxx

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