Another one saved…..

Well, I’ve been wanting/needing a sofa table for my family room for a while now. I’ve finally found one on craigslist that look like it had some great potential! But let me tell you,this one started off kinda ruff! lol I spotted her a couple of times on craigslist and each time I went back ….she was still there…nobody wanted her. I eventually contacted the owner and he said he still had her. The only reason I even held back for about 3 weeks was because it was 100.00. But last week the owner actually contacted ME and asked if I still wanted it… I said yeah…would you take 50?? *you gotta negotiate girls*….lol…he responded back yeah and I thought dang…I should have said 30 lol!

Craigslist mugshot….
yeah…I know…hmmm..not so pretty. I think the cat is kinda throwing me off…and the back..has like this tie dyed mirror thing goin on. But still, with a new coat of something I thought it just might work.
When I am looking for something to refinish or paint I usually look for something that is 1.Cheap in cost…but GREAT in quaility and 2. Has some details to it, something that fits my taste:0)…the little columns in the front were just enough!
So Mr. Right aka Hubby aka THAT GUY….went to go pick up the Drexal Heritage orphan*I know fancy right?*….while I stayed with the kiddos because that’s just a rule in our pick ups by yourself…you know how it is.
This is her in my garage getting ready for a makeover….MAN she looks better already…I’m telling you it was those cat statues! lol and….the tie dye mirror thing.
Before I started I wiped off the old dust with an all purpose cleaner. The table was actually in PERFECT condition…I kinda felt bad about painting it…well not that bad. I tried to remove the mirror but it was so well made…I would have had to take the entire thing apart….and you know that wasn’t happening, so I just sprayed right over it:0)

So after that I got out a can of primer…sprayed on one coat…I think I would have felt better with two, but I was just so impatient:0) I used Krylon Spray Primer….

After THAT I let that dry and applied 2 cans of  Krylon Celery over it for about a 3 hour period. Spray….Dry…Repeat!
sorry…no photos though!:0)
And tadda…here she is….a NIGHT TIME photo…. can you see my hubby?:0) Hi baby!
And a DAY TIME Photo…
and WHY YES, that would be Board and Batten on my back wall…. but we’ll talk about that later;0)
And well it turned out great…fabulous…WONDERFUL! and do I LOVE IT???.. YES of course:0)


  1. I love this!!! you did a great job! love the decor in yor house too!

  2. The table looks fantastic! I’m impressed you could see its potential beyond the cats’ hideousness…truly a diamond in the rough.
    And the celery is brilliant. I have a can of sea glass, but I’m still waiting for the perfect piece to use it on…

    BTW, love your blog.

  3. You have a GOD given gift.

  4. gosh.. your house is beautiful! can we see?! love the table makeover too!

  5. That looks FABULOUS!!!!!

  6. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so new at this whole refurbishing thing……still looking for my first project. I always get nervous that it won’t look as fabulous as I see it in my head! hee hee. I need a sofa table for my living room too… have inspired me!!! Thanks!

  7. So pretty!!! I love the columns in the front! Great revamp! :)

  8. What a great job on kind of an ugly table turned beautiful. Makes you look at things alittle differently. Thanks!

  9. That table is amazing. You did such a great job! I am usually pretty good at seeing past things and noticing their potential, but I don’t think I would have been able to with that one. I am amazed at how well it turned out! Great job!

  10. Thanks girls!!
    @jamie- so fun that we have the same house! YOU BETTER get a sofa table that room needs it!
    @californialove3- I WOULD LOVE to show you my house…but…umm I DONT have anything in it! lol! we just moved in last year so I am just getting started…patience my dear..patience! lol

  11. Destiny…that table rocks!!! great find!


  12. Holy pickles! How cute did that turn out? I am now um, a little addicted to Craig’s List – looking for anything! While I’m looking I catch myself muttering “ewwww” or “oh my!” or “ugh”. LOL :)

  13. wow this looks amazing! what a difference. I need to do more projects like this. Lovely blog.
    nicole visiting from

  14. Des!!!!!!!! OMGOSH I love it! You know how I feel about spray paint! (I’m all smiles right now!!!!….lol) LOVE IT GIRLY!!!! I cant wait till next month to do make my kitchen bench and paint some furniture! Yippy!

  15. I love what pieces people can find second-hand, out-of-style and turn into something just so charming!! I hope to one day have this gift! beautiful home!

  16. New follower! Love it! Friend of Shelley Smith. Can’t wait to see more!

  17. My name is Karlie by the way.

  18. Jenilee Samuel says:

    It turned out so beautiful! Your living room, that table, its awesome. I love it. your creativity inspires me! I’m very creative too, but not always so good at seeing something in the raw and envisioning its outcome. maybe if I watch your site long enough I’ll start to get some ideas. :) you really have a great artistic look… wouldn’t that be awesome if you had your own tv show one day… :) You could come decorate MY house! Lol… ah… to dream!

  19. OH what a fantastic job!!! its GORGEOUS!!!

  20. What great color. Looks good with the neutral space and you are so right…what were those cat statues?

  21. You did a great job on it. It is georgours! Love the color. Thanks for sharing.

  22. What a unique piece of furniture- I love it and the color is great!

    bee blessed

  23. YOU obviously have a MAGIC eye and could see the beauty behind all that scaryness! I LOVE love what you did. 5 STARS!!!

  24. I love that you are a follower of Jesus! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it.

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