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If you’ve been flowing me on Facebook and Instagram then you know for the last few weeks my hubby and I have been on the hunt for a new mattress. Reggie and I have a hand me down frumpy mattress since we’ve been married. Needless to say it was time for an upgrade.Experts suggest you replace a traditional mattress every 10 years. So when I had an opportunity to team up with the fine folks at Ashley Sleep (mattress line for Ashley  Furniture HomeStore ) I was all kinds of excited! Perfect timing!

For the next 30-40 days Ashley’s Sleep has asked me to join their Seize Your Day Challenge. So over the next month or so I’m hoping that with a new Ashley Sleep mattress  I’ll be getting better sleep and have the energy to take on four mini excursion and find a little time for myself!  Do you know hard that is these days? Oh, and for the fourth excursion you guys will be putting in your suggestions on what I should do! BE NICE:0)

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that I will be doing all the research for you. Answering questions, taking observation before YOU decided to purchase a new mattress. Next to your home, or even car, the mattress is a very BIG investment. You spend over a third of your day sleeping on a bed and a good nights sleep dictates so much of how your day will go. So it’s important to take your time and get some opinions for friends(me!) and family who’s been through the process!

Check out this video of our in store experience! I think I used the phrase Ultra Plush about  30x friends, so enjoy that:0)



Ok, so your totally ready to go get a mattress right? Ok, maybe not yet, but here are a few things we LOVE about the Ellis Bay Mattress!


Ashley Sleep Mattress Delivery-6Ashley Sleep Mattress Delivery-5

Ellis Bay 15″ Memory Foam Mattress is super comfortable and ultra plush!

It also gives us more support while we sleep! Dan mention to us that the Ellis Bay has superior support because it’s made with a Torso Tec lumbar support layer that contours to the shape of your body, giving you great support without unwanted pressure points. Which is a big deal for ANY sleeper, right?

When the delivery men unrolled, use unrolled our mattress, you could immediately smell the ActivFresh Charcoal and Evergreen Tea Extract. Much better than that yucky factory smell you usually have to air out for a few days:0)

Another thing that we DID NOT notice was heat:0) Our memory foam is surprisingly super cool. For whatever reason folks, myself included, associate foam with heat:0) But it’s the opposite with this bed! Ashley Sleep Technology utilizes ventilated memory foam and Tencel, a wood pulp-based product that dissipates heat to get rid of that “hot bed” feeling!!! Cool!

Remember stick around the next few weeks to see if this mattress can really hold up to our crazy life. Carpool lanes, mommy time, workouts, church, playdates…Make sure to visit Ashley Sleep on their Facebook page page for all types of fun promotions and check out their website to check out even more of their mattresses and even compare side by side!


Happy Wednesday Homelovers!


  1. oh we’re dying for a new mattress, only to up grade to a king. glad you’re doing all this research for me friend! :)

  2. It is so, so, SO important to have a good quality mattress! (And a classic black pencil skirt.) It is amazing how many people don’t understand that! Great info and you video is adorable!

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