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I’m so excited to be wrapping up my 5 week series {Be Inspired} with HEATHER! One of the best things about having a blog is all the people you meet. I never knew how many talented,gracious, SWEET, and lovely women I would get to spend my time with ! Heather and I “met” online, through Facebook. One sweet message lead to a face to face meeting at Creative Estates and now I call her friend. Heather has taken her passion, talent and gift for design and made it into a business, The Restyle Group. Heather, The Restylist, focuses on giving you the best bang for you buck by reusing, revamping and repurposing what you have and also giving you budget friendly design options to give your space an updated look for less! Here’s Heather…..

Which came first, the business or the blog?  The business. Totally the business.

What was the first blog you ever read and how do blogs influence or inspire your line of work? I remember stumbling upon the Lettered Cottage quite awhile back and finding it utterly scrumptious.

Speaking of scrumptious…..BarnChic?…OH YES there’s MORE!!!!

Give us an example of how submitting your talents to God has made your life “richer”   I have been greatly blessed through the ministry work I do (working Women at Cornerstone Chandler). In fact I truly believe that so many of the opportunities and doors that have opened for me have been directly related to that. It was a stretch and scary for me to step into that role but overcoming and persevering through that has given me much of the confidence to take risks in business. I think when we step into roles (many times out of our comfort zones) where we are using our gifts for things that are bigger than ourselves God will enrich your life greatly.

Read all about THIS Restyle here! Dreamy!!

 Being authentic when your blogging is important. But tell us what being an authentic business woman has taught you? Being authentic in business and in general is huge for me. I have in the past expended energies to not let others see me sweat or think that I did not have everything under control. As I get older I realize not only is perfection utterly impossible but when you don’t show yourself (flaws and all) to others, you are doing a huge disservice to other women. When we are inauthentic or pretending, we don’t allow others to truly know us or to have space to be authentic themselves. Being humble, transparent and admitting that you are human and make mistakes allows other women to breath.


What has been one of your favorite ReStyles? What magic touches did you add to make it special? Oh my, I love so many of them. One in particular that comes to mind is a quick 3 hour redesign. I was feeling like I had not accomplished enough; that it was not fabulous enough. I was humbled when the homeowner came home and cried. She was delighted with the small changes and it really made me realize how powerful changing your environment is. We are deeply connected with our spaces. I also just adore paint and introducing bold color.

BOLD COLOR like this Crocodile Tears color the Savvy Socialist, Jami Lindberg picked for her spacewww.thesavvysocialista.com

 I love what you said in your interview with Diane Meehl and The Ahwatukee Foothills Magazine “Think about what you would do for free – the things you love to do that don’t feel like work, and pursue them. Do what you were meant to do, and your life will be full.” Is this something that you have always lived by or learned on the way? I have not always had the opportunity or guts to do what I love. This is newer phase of life for me and I feel very fortunate. This business opportunity came at a time when we were at the bottom looking up and the only questions left was “why not”. So, let me qualify that statement. You don’t have to be paid or have a business in order to be full. That statement is really about finding your purpose, your unique gifts and talents and the courage to do something with it. That could be serving / ministry, mothering, a creative outlet, a career or a business. There are also seasons of life where we are called to do things we may not love or that may not feel fulfilling; do them anyway. We don’t always get to live out our passion in the time frame or the way we want. Remember what you were created for, what is unique to you and serve others. The right path and doors will open for you when the time is right. Be patient and many times what God has in store for you will be far greater than you can imagine.

Take a look at this ReStyle she did for a local Gilbert resident and fitness instructor, Melissa Richards.

You spot a 1975 retro lamp with a drum shade, 6 ornate antique frames and a 16 cubby IKEA shelf at a garage sale. Which ones are you taking home and whatcha gonna do with them! Taking home the ornate antique frames. Today I would paint them white, however my tastes for color frequently change so they will repainted many times over.

Who’s you favorite Christian artist? My kids will tell you every single one as I continue to turn up the dial with each song stating “this is my favorite song”. I love the powerful lyrics of Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns and Mercy Me. I never ever tire of any of them. Matt Maher is my newest fave.

Name three movies that you can watch over and over and OVER again:0) Dirty Dancing (I still cry when Baby makes the dance leap), The Goonies and Pretty Woman. There is a them there: I like the underdogs who dare to dream big and break out of their box

Thank you so much Heather for sharing with us!!!  It’s so great to have someone like you out in the community spreading the LOVE and spending yourself:0)


Guess what! TODAY The Restyle is offering and AMAZING DEAL!!…..

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