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Andrea and her hubby are known as our “E-Harmony” friends, rightly so because we met ONLINE! Andrea found me through a feature of Alivya’s nursery on Just a Girl blog. After leaving the sweetest comments I instantly fell in love with her and her family blog! Once I found out that she actually lived close to me, I immediately invited her family over and the rest in history! We’ve spent Thanksgiving together, birthday parties galore and even church…and I only met her a year ago! So yes, blog friends can become real life friends and really, how cool is that! Andrea has a family blog that talks about just about EVERYTHING! She opens her heart and lets you know about  her favorite stores, recipes, desserts,ministry, married life and even celebrities:0) {Be Inspired} Meet Andrea Worley…. 

So tell us how you started blogging?
I’ve always kept a journal, I have a journal for each year of my life since I was in 5th grade! No joke, come over we’ll have coffee sometime and read them they are so fun to read now. I’ve always loved writing and using it as a way to keep track of life’s events. But, it wasn’t until I started reading my college friend’s blog (http://thestarcrossedblogger.blogspot.com) was I inspired to start blogging. If you don’t read her blog, you really should start today. Mrs. B has a way with words, she’s always encouraging, so witty and truly a wonderful woman of God she inspired me to start a blog. I thought it was such a great way to share our lives with family and friends too since we didn’t live in the same state as most of our family. Worley House was born in February 2008!
How many blog names have you had?
I have had two! When I first started my blog I had a Blackberry (my Husband called it a Crackberry) and I used to write little notes and things I wanted to remember or inspiring quotes or things people said. I named my blog “Notes from my Blackberry” then I got rid of my blackberry a few months after starting the blog and decided I needed to rename the blog something that was more universal to what I was writing about. I wanted the blog to be about our lives and whatever was going on at the time. Worley House was a natural fit!
You have so many God given talents how do you manage to “apply” them all to your life!
Well, thank you. You’re too sweet! Sometimes I feel like a hot mess because I have all these ideas, passions and dreams and I’m not sure where to put them or how they are all going to come true. I love a lot of things, I am passionate about a lot. I think I have to take into consideration the timing and season of life I am in and apply those talents to what is priority in my life at the time. An example of this was when we first moved to Arizona I was pregnant in a new city and I took a year long break from my photography business to concentrate on being a wife, new Mom and dedicate time to the new season of life we were in. My passion didn’t stop, I will always be taking pictures but it wasn’t the time to be going hard after re building my business. I do what I love to do, but also realize I can’t do everything all the time and I’m ok with that.
What does being an AUTHENTIC blogger mean to you?
Oh I love this question! For me it’s being true to my Creator (Jesus) first and confident in who he’s made me to be. Secondly, I have to keep in mind that this blog was started after my own passion to keep in touch with my family and friends and share life with them. And last, my hope, desire and prayer is to bless the readers of Worley House in some small way. I hope they walk away after reading feeling encouraged, happy, excited about life, and somehow feel God’s love. I read an article on a blog where the writer talked about being a success vs. being a blessing. For me I always want this blog to be a blessing to someone. It can get so consuming comparing your blog to other blogs and wanting to have as many followers as them, or want to have the latest and greatest project, or wish that you could write like other bloggers. But the reality is that I can only be myself, there’s only 1 Andrea Worley. And my choice is to no matter what, not worry about the “success” that may or may not come with my blog but focus on the blessing that it is and can be to others who read it. That for me is authentic enough.  

Tell us about your Etsy shop Ava’s Closet and your photography business Andrea Worley Photography….
I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, my passion really grew when I was the editor of my high school yearbook. I didn’t really start to pursue it till after I got married. Orion (my husband) really encouraged me to learn as much as I could and grow in my craft. He gave me the push to start my own business and go for it! My desire has always been to give people affordable photography and capture those moments that will last forever in their homes. My Etsy Shop Ava’s Closet was inspired by my daughter Ava (hence the name) when I was pregnant with her I kept seeing all these really cute accessories in stores and I couldn’t really afford to buy everything so one day I set out to make just a few things for her and wound up with way more clips and accessories than a girl probably needs. I started giving them away to friends and family for birthdays and holidays as gifts. And decided to open up and Etsy shop with all the surplus that I had on hand. Truth be told I don’t really make a lot of money from my Etsy shop but it is just another way that I can bless others in my life and give them something handmade and from my heart.

You do such a great job at posting! I think I see something posted on your blog at least three times a week! Can you offer any advice to mom’s that are trying to work and blog and take care of home at the same time?
Okay, I’m about to share with you all my secrets here at Worley House! I’ve always been an organized person by nature, I keep notes and ideas of blog posts and projects I want to complete in my dayplanner. It helps me keep organized all my ideas I want to put on the blog. But, my number one tip for posting frequently on the blog is to SCHEDULE POSTS! I write a lot of my posts during Ava’s 2 hour nap times usually on Friday’s because it’s my day off. So while she’s napping I will write a few posts and schedule them for different days during the week or week’s to come. So even though it seems like I’m posting daily or every other day it’s because I’ve written them before hand. It makes it a lot easier on me, this way the blog is still a priority and I can get other stuff done during the week that I need to do. Also, having weekly features like “Blog Roll Monday” and “Free Tip of the Week” help me when I have writers block and don’t know what to post I have weekly features like that already in place for people to read. Using these tips is what helps me to not feel overwhelmed by the blog and enjoying blogging even more.

Can you give us an example of how God has used your blog for his glory?
One of the turning points in my life was in 2008 when I was laid off from my job, Orion and I lost our home due to this lay off. We’ve been through a lot and had a lot of change in the last two years, it’s been a long road for me. But, those events became a defining time in my life where I had a choice to let God use that hurt and disappointment for his glory. I see life through a different lens now, my priorities have changed and so has my perspective. It’s through this new lens that I live life now, it’s changed who I am in Christ and how I write and view my blog. It all goes back to being a blessing. And in the last couple years it’s been the posts on the blog where I don’t talk about crafting, photography, or any other hobby but the posts where I share what God is doing in my own life, how he’s shaping me and teaching me that mean the most to me. It’s the comments and emails I get from people telling me that what I wrote on the blog that day really encouraged them and helped them know they weren’t alone that mean so much to me. They confirm that I’m writing what needs to be written for that specific time. I love how the Lord has been able to use these experiences for HIM. Sometimes the trials we’ve been through, help others navigate what they are currently going through. The blog has been apart of encouraging others who have experienced job loss, losing their homes, battling depression and who just need to know God loves them.



Baby Ava is a superstar on the blog:0) How has the blessing of a baby matured your walk as a Christian?
Having Ava and becoming a Mom has changed my view of how much God loves us. I feel so overwhelmed with love daily for Ava. So lucky that God allowed us to be her parents and take care of her! It makes me realize even more that’s how God feels about us. So much more than we could ever understand or imagine. He loves us so much, and becoming a parent has opened my eyes to just how much God loves us. It’s overwhelming in such a good way!!
What at this moment are you obsessing about?
Pinterest! Have you heard of this?!! It’s my current favorite internet obsession. If you’re not Pinning you’re not winning! LOL!!
I’m also currently obsessing over re doing our master bedroom, we’ve been working on it for a while now and it’s really starting to take shape, I’m loving the outcome.
I already know the answer to this question but who is your favorite celebrity mom and what good qualities can you take away from her?
My favorite celeb Mom is Reese Witherspoon! Her daughter’s name is Ava, mine’s name is Ava! We could totally be friends in real life! You don’t see a lot about her children or family in the public eye and that’s one of the things I think I love most about her she guards and protects her family (from what I can see) so well. And I think has a really good perspective and priority when it comes to keeping her family private. She’s been through a lot when she went through her divorce she kept the details private to protect her children and family. I really respect that. In a day in age where a lot out there and you can post anything and everything on the internet it helps me to take away that it’s OKAY not to share everything on your blog or in public. Keeping somethings private and special between you and your family is a good thing. Plus she’s pretty fashionable and has great hair! I kinda wanna live in her closet! :)
Tell us three things that make you smile?
I’m going to be totally superficial as I answer this last question, because I’ve totally shared my heart with you during this interview here’s some fun things that make me smile:
1. The television show ‘Parenthood’, I love this show. It reminds me so much of my own brothers and sister and our family. It makes me smile so much and laugh when I watch it! If you’re not watching this go to Hulu and catch up, it’s the best ever!
2. The internet; I have a slight addiction. 
3. Waking up every day to sunny Arizona!! We lived in cold Minnesota for so long, so to wake up and see the sun daily makes me smile BIG!!

Thanks so much Andrea for sharing you heart with us! I think everyone will be inspired by the diligence you have showed with not only your life but with you blog!  Now  go give her a visit and a smile!

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  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post! I’m such a small blog that I sometimes get down in the dumps but I have to remember I am blogging for me and my family and that is what matters most.

    P.S. – love Andrea’s style as I have those exact same boots! :)

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  7. Very good post. Andrea’s secrets for working/mom/bloggers were truly inspirational, and the evident love of GOD throughout the convo was amazing. So inspiring!

  8. @The Mack Pack You were the WINNER! Please contact me to claim your prize!

  9. I think that it is wonderful to do something that you love and have a passion for. I especially love her remark, “Truth be told I don’t really make a lot of money from my Etsy shop but it is just another way that I can bless others in my life and give them something handmade and from my heart.” Truly an inspiring post thanks for sharing!

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