Beginner Woodworking Projects and Resources

beginner woodworking projects
Are you interested in taking up woodworking but you really don’t have the budget for a new hobby? There are many beginner woodworking projects that you can complete for a fraction of the price you can buy the products for in the store, not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to customize everything you create. This article features some great beginner projects that will spark your inspiration that won’t need woodworking classes. From simple to elaborate, there are woodworking project ideas that will fit every skill level and budget.

But another problem many newbies run into is not knowing where to find woodworking plans and resources, so we’ve got that covered for you too and have included a list of the top resources online for woodworkers.

Six Affordable and Simple Woodworking Project Ideas under $50

1. Magnetic knife strips are simple to make. If you have scraps of lumber lying around, this project will cost you nothing.

2. A gallery ledge is a simple, stylish way to display framed art and photos and without the hassle of hanging and arranging them. A six-foot gallery ledge should only cost you about ten dollars to make.

3. Murphy desks are pretty neat and they’re perfect for homes that are short on space. These little desks can be neatly tucked away and they’re also super easy to build.

4. Creating your own hanging garden will not only brighten up your backyard, but it’s also an innovative way to save space. A hanging garden can allow you to enjoy fresh greens and herbs in your home or yard year round and features a building cost of just twenty dollars.

5. Creating a simple box is the perfect beginner project. Making these boxes can teach you a lot about joinery and the other basics of woodworking, allowing you to build on the skills you need to handle larger projects. Depending on the size of the box and the type of wood, you’re looking at a project cost of ten to fifty dollars.

6. Love wine? A wine plank can be a great way to display your wine and all it takes is a wood plank. Look for a piece that features a beautiful natural finish, or you can stain it to match the cabinetry in your kitchen.

The Best Woodworking Project Resources for Beginners

next woodworking project supplies

Woodworking can be both exciting and fun and even with basic woodworking skills there are plenty of projects you can tackle, but the problem many new woodworkers have is not knowing where to look for plans and ideas. While a more experienced woodworker can draw up their own plans, this is a skill that takes a lot of experience and know how. Even an advanced woodworker may need some help when it comes to project ideas. Here are some free, informative resources that offer plans for all skill levels.

Jay Custom Creations is a free resource you should definitely take advantage of. It’s a great place to begin and it offers more than fifty free project plans. The plans are very detailed and presented in video and article format complete with pictures. You’ll find plans for dining chairs, drill press tables, chests, dog houses, benches, porch swings, and even bunk beds. The author even provides a detailed list of the tools and supplies you’ll need.

Another free resource is Woodworking for Mere Mortals. This is a fun site that features a ton of functional project plans for spice racks, planters, drums, gardening tool boxes, and even a small storage unit. This site is perfect for beginners and each project is presented in either video or PDF format.

Min Wax is a popular site for both beginner and intermediate level woodworkers. This website features over fifty free project plans including tables, shelving, benches, chairs, chests, toys, and desks. And what’s even better, each plan is labeled based on the skill level required. The project instructions are available in PDF format and are pretty easy to follow.

Ana White is a site that features more than a thousand woodworking project plans. Some of the more popular plan ideas include carts, picnic tables, wooden stairs, cabinets, flower holders, bookshelves, and birdhouses. You can also refine your search based on project type, space, and skill level. While these projects are easy to follow, they’re often listed on other sites.

Wood Logger is another free resource and it features a total of thirty-six projects. This is one of the best resources for the beginner and intermediate woodworker, but you’ll also find a few advanced project options as well. Some of the top projects include benches, bird feeders, wine bottle opener, battery organizer, twin bed, and workbench.

The Instructables is a great site for the beginner and it provides more than fifty beginner woodworking plans that will allow you to create pretty much every and any beginner project you want. Some of the top projects include candle holders, wooden spoons, bows and arrows, firewood racks, cigar boxes, and boomerangs.  Each of the projects is easy to follow and comes with a complete tools and materials list.

How to Afford Supplies for Your Next Woodworking Project

Whether your DIY woodworking project involves secondhand wood or pallets, they all have to come from somewhere. In some cases, project supplies won’t be that expensive to buy outright, but some materials can be pretty pricey. Here is how you can find cheap raw materials for all of your DIY woodworking projects.

If you’re searching for affordable lumber or other raw materials, the local hardware shop should be your first stop. But if you’re looking to save some cash, try skipping the middleman and hit your local lumber yard. You can also look for cheap pallets, which you can use for a number of simple woodworking projects. If you decide to go the wood pallet route, there are plenty of concerns when reusing them, depending on what you intend to do with them, so it’s important that you choose wisely.

These beginner woodworking projects are easy. If you have a renovation project you want to tackle, or you’re searching for old pieces of furniture to refurbish, but you don’t want to break the bank on hardware or furniture, check out local salvage stores for serious bargains, as well as flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales.

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