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In case you frequently carry out your personal repairs in the home or enjoy engaging in many DIY projects, it may be helpful to think of acquiring a heat gun for yourself. Heat guns are useful as they emit a flow of hot air that can be utilized for a vast range of uses.

They are employed in projects concerning research, for instance, engineering projects, although they can be used in other situations also. For example, when it comes to defrosting, heat guns prove to be extremely efficient; therefore, it is possible to use it to defrost frozen beverages or food a lot quicker, compared to how this would be done using a microwave.

Other than this, they can also be used to heat plastics for plumbing or softening adhesives also, if you prefer to remove an object that is firmly pasted. It is vital to select the right heat gun also since they are available in a broad range of essential qualities.

Below are among the ideal heat guns that you can acquire in 2017.

1. Heat Gun from Wagner Power Products

The 0503008 HT1000 Wagner presents the ideal heat gun available and comes heavily recommended. On Amazon, it also ranks among the top sellers. It, therefore, leads the market where heat guns are concerned.

This heat gunís cost of is very affordable, as it costs below $20, offering you great value for your money with its quality and features.

Although produced in China, this heat gunís quality is unique. It works on a power of 1200 Watts, which is fantastic for providing the correct quantity of heat very fast. This heat gun is appropriate for ordinary purposes like tiling and plumbing.

You do not have to be a professional to utilize it. Also, you shall also obtain a warranty of 2 years on this product. So, this is the reason it is among the ideal heat guns available.

2. Heat Gun by Porter-Cable

This heat gun which is produced by Porter Company falls among the ideal heat guns. When buying the heat gun; you have two choices; you can opt to purchase the heat gun alone or choose the option that is inclusive of a grinder also.

On its own, the heat gun is going to cost you nearly $40; therefore, it costs much more to obtain the grinder. The heat gunís motor is robust and functions at a power of 1500 Watts, which surpasses the majority of the heat guns present.

This heat gun has a dial that allows you to change the temperature for you to be able to set it to the temperature that you need.

Although this can be described as a corded, gun, it consists of a cord length of 6 feet; therefore, you shall still acquire a grand deal of variety with it.

3. Dual Temperature Heat Gun by Black & Decker

The name Black & Decker is very famous in the Department of tools and electronics since they are specialists in creating superior equipment.

The heat gun varies a lot from others that are available since it consists of just a couple of temperature settings. This is sufficient for general usage still; however, it is not advisable to use it in case the application that you are utilizing it for needs a particular temperature.

The heat gun has a stand that is built-in, which enables it to become cool. When it becomes exceedingly hot, you can just place it on a stand; so, you should not be concerned about it destroying the surface that you are placing it.

The standís design is light in weight, and the size is very compact, which makes it much more portable compared to others. It is possible to use this heat gun in various applications, for instance for making rusted bolts loose or stripping paint. You can toggle temperatures that are between 7500 and 10000.

4. Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit from Genesis

This presents another heat gun that has a system of dual temperature; however, it is much cheaper compared to the heat gun from Black and Decker. Even though Genesisí reputation is not as great as Black & Deckerís, the heat gun falls among the ideal heat guns available in the market.

Toggling between two varied temperatures is simple for you to do and this is determined by the application which you are utilizing it for. The optimal power rating it produces is 1500 Watts but can work at 750 Watts in case you opt for the lower heat setting.

The heat gunís motor is very powerful also, which enables it to become hot very fast. It is possible to use the gun in plumbing, melting PVC pipesí plastic or thawing pipes.

Besides this, it is possible to utilize in in each application that needs heating also. A couple of deflector nozzles are present which are available with the package, together with Reflector nozzles. You can change nozzles according to the application that you are utilizing it for.

5. Dewalt D26960K Heavy-Duty Heat Gun

Dewalt is similar to Black & Decker, where electronic equipment and tools are concerned. The heat gun is among supreme heat guns that you can obtain.

Particularly, if you belong to a profession that needs a top quality heat gun which is accurate. It is a bit costly as its price is above $100 to buy. However, this is going to be worth your money, since it is available with a range of extra tools, such as a well-built storage case.

There is an LCD on the heat gun, which is lacking in a majority of heat guns and enables you to change the temperature according to your needs.

It is possible to increase the temperatures in increments of 500; however, you shall obtain a huge range of temperatures that you can fix it to.

A feature of overload protection is available on it that shuts down the heating element automatically when it experiences overheating. Where safety is concerned, this turns it into an ideal heat gun, as many of the more affordable heat guns lack features like these.

6. Mini Heat Gun from NTE HG-300D

The Mini Heat Gun from NTE HG-300D varies a lot from the rest of the heat guns mentioned earlier as its design does not feature a handle. This enables it to become just useful for applications where it is not necessary for you to hold the gun so as to aim for a particular section, which will be heated.

Two temperatures are available which you can select from, for this heat gun; this makes it appropriate for applications of customary heating. The heat gunís cost is very fair since you can obtain it for below $20 in case you buy it from Amazon.

One more benefit of this gun is its ability to present an silent operation; therefore, it does not produce a lot of noise in comparison to some heat guns.

A bracket is found on the tool, which allows you to keep it on whatever surface, without the surface becoming damaged in the course of use.

As it lacks a handle, it is necessary for you to make sure that you observe the appropriate safety procedures when utilizing the tool.

7. Dual Temperature Heat Gun from Drill Master

Regardless of the fact Drill master mainly focuses on the creation of electric drills, the Dual temperature heat gun ranks among the best available, regarding heat guns.

This gun is very affordable to buy, and it is possible to buy it at lower than $20. You can toggle operating temperatures of either 11120 or 5720. This enables it to produce much more heat, compared to other heat guns of dual temperature available.

It avails 1500-Watts optimal power rating, which is similar to various heat guns featured earlier. The heat gunís design is very ergonomic since it has a handle which is simple to hold and comfortable.

The coil, which it utilizes, is very special also since it can become hot and sustain the temperature very quickly. It is possible to set the temperatures by using the mechanism of rocker switch that is simple, which has a switching mechanism that is 3-way. The tool is corded, although it presents a 6ft long cord. This offers you a good quantity of variety for utilizing the tool.

8. D26950 Heat Gun from Dewalt

This presents another Dewalt heat gun which is very famous among individuals who need a heat gun of premium quality. Similar to other models, it is very costly also (nearly $120).

The tool has a huge range of uses since it makes use of a control of variable temperature that enables you to fix the temperature according to your need.

An overload protection mechanism that is built-in is available also, which switches the device off automatically when it overheats.

For a heat gun, this safety feature is extremely vital to have; therefore, it is worth it to spend the additional money to obtain the extra protection it offers. Although this product is produced in China, it has excellent quality build.

Aside from this, using it is extremely simple; therefore, experts are not the only ones who can use it. So, it would present a fantastic household device to possess also.

9. Ten Piece Heat Gun Kit from Kawasaki

In case you are searching for a bundle of the heat gun that can offer you an ideal bang that is worth your money, this might be the one. Kawasaki is among the most famous Japanese firms that are known mainly because of their motorbikes.

But, the heat gun is certainly among an ideal heat gun you the market has for you. It just costs slightly more than $20 but has a pleasant bundle that offers it immense value.

In itself, this heat gun is very durable and has a heating element of 12.5 Ampere that works very efficiently. A couple of heat settings are present that you can select from.

It is possible to toggle them between each other by utilizing a rocker switch. Other than the rocker switch, you obtain nine more equipment that enhances the device versatility.

These extra components are inclusive of scraper heads, a range of nozzles as well as heat gun cradle. Apart from all these, you shall also have access to a plastic storage case that is strong, for storing the heat gun as well as constituents.

10. HT 400 650 Degree Heat Gun from Wagner

In design, HT 400 650-Degree Heat gun from Wagner has a lot in common with NTE heat gun mentioned before. This one does not feature a handle also.

Therefore, it may not be appropriate for applications that require you to aim the heat in particular sections. The heat gunís build quality is unique since it is created with the use of materials of top quality. The cost is very fair also, as you will manage to acquire it for below $30 off Amazon.

For its usage, the key applications are for using it to establish embossing powders or shrink-wrap. For plumbing, this might not be the best heat gun for using, since it does not present as much portability as other heat guns the market presents.

Just a single heat setting is present; therefore, it is set at 6500. This is another element you may need to think of before buying it. The tool is very light since it only weighs more by one pound.

Guide for Purchasing

Construction of Heat Gun and Uses

The most basic components of a heat gun are inclusive of a heating element, nozzle, housing, fan and on/off switch. Air is drawn by the fan inside the body and propels it through the heating element before pushing it out to the end, from the nozzle.

Many times, the heating element is electric; however, in some industrial models, it can also be a gas flame. Whichever heating element is utilized, it should be sufficiently stable to heat the air immediately, since air shifts through the system at a fast pace.

The nozzle might be a simple fixed circular tube; alternatively, it can be shaped specially and designed for a particular job. The design of the housing is meant to offer the heat gun comfort when being held and also shields the user during operation.

Heat guns are amazingly useful tools that can be utilized for more than just varnish and paint removal. Some standard heat gun applications include shaping and forming plastic pipes, wire connectors, plastic films for heat-shrinking wire connectors and plastic films, drying out wet wood before painting and soldering plumbing joints.

They can also be utilized to quickly cure paint and adhesives, enabling you to proceed to a projectís next stage without waiting. Other uses are inclusive of speed drying wall patches of plaster, thawing frozen pipes as well as making putty or caulk soft for easier removal.

Not only are heat guns appropriate for construction applications; but also, a creative homeowner can get various extra uses. If you are an enthusiast of re-purposing glass food jars, removing the label can be made easy and less messy by a heat gun.

In case you are experiencing peeling laminate or floor tile, some seconds with the heat gun can revive the adhesive and make them stick once more. They can also be utilized to thaw a deep freezer, roast coffee beans or remove window tint.

Tips for Utilizing a Heat Gun in a Safe and Effective Manner

Heat guns can operate at more than 1,0000F. Therefore, it is vital to observe safety measures when operating one. At all times, avoid touching the nozzle when the heat gun is on. Also, avoid directing hot air flow to yourself or any other person since this can lead to severe burns. Additionally, a heat gun should cool down after using, before it can be kept away safely.

If you buy a heat gun that has numerous nozzle attachments, you need always to link the nozzle you intend to use, before turning the unit on. For removing paint, wide nozzles are ideal, while nozzles that are smaller are best when you require confining the heat in a small area. If you do not need to alter nozzles in the middle of a job, allow the unit to cool for a minimum of five minutes before attempting the change.

To make sure that your heat gun has gone up to a sufficient temperature, allow it to heat up for 45 seconds before trying to utilize it for the intended application. If you attempt to use it before it goes up to an optimal temperature, you are in danger of causing damage to your work surface or making it less useful. This makes your job more difficult.

An average heat gun uses 2,000 Watts and more. If you have to utilize an extension cord, always select one that is ranked for heavy-duty use. A 12-gauge cable is preferable, with a load rating of at least 15 amperages. The extension cord needs to be totally unwound. It should not remain coiled since the load can emit enough heat believed to be a fire hazard.

When the inlet grills of the gun are blocked, this can lead to overheating of the internal components and the possibility of a fire. It is also going to shorten the lifespan of the gun and cause the fanís components or heating element to burn out. Handling the heat gun as the exhaust nozzle lies on a hard surface can produce a similar effect.

Elements to Search for In a Heat Gun

Numerous features exist which should be checked as they can make using a heat gun simpler and safer. If you intend to use your heat gun for a huge variety of applications, buy one that facilitates a range of temperature settings.

Some models present a continuously variable dial that enables you to raise the temperature as well as lower it in minute increments. Apart from adjusting the temperature, the capability of controlling the flow of air can be very useful.

Some models might only have a single airflow setting while others might have a medium, low and high setting.

The central control switch may be a regular on/off switch or a dead man switch. Models that feature a dead man switch are a lot safer since they will turn the unit off in case the unit is dropped accidentally during operation. This is very useful if the unit falls into an area that’s hard to access.

A thermal cutoff is another safety feature that should be considered. This is going to switch off the tool if overheating occurs in some of the components in the interior. If there is tripping of the thermal cutoff, a fault exists which should be recognized and solved before continuing to utilize the unit.

Other helpful features are inclusive of a stand that enables you to use the gun hands-free. This is particularly useful when bending metal objects or plastic. A variety of nozzle attachments shall also make the gun extra helpful in a range of applications.


Today, electric heat guns have significantly taken the place of ëold fashionedí bottled and paraffin gas blowlamps for removing paint on the timer. The tool kit should consist of bottled and paraffin gas blowlamps where electricity is not easy to access; however, care needs to be taken when using them, to prevent scorching the wood, setting the stripped pain on fire or cracking the glass when a window frame is being worked on.

A heat gunís hot air flow is not as hazardous as a naked flame; however, it can still make items that are highly flammable catch fire, crack the glass and cause injury when exposed to skin.

A huge benefit is that the heat is nearly immediate; therefore, it is possible to switch off the heat gun during breaks in the task. The flame blowlamps have to be lit again if the flame is terminated, which is an inconvenience.

The present electric guns are light in weight and simple to use. This lowers the likelihood of cracking glass or scorching wood when utilized appropriately to strip paint.
Obtain your heat gun today and derive great pleasure from your work!