Best Jigsaws

Best Jigsaws

To an enthusiast of DIY, an expert constructor or a constructor who is home based, a jigsaw is a tool that is a must-have. A jigsaw is created to slice every surface, such as ceramic tiles and wood.

Therefore, when you desire to cut particular shapes and designs or any other work that needs some artistic accuracy, a jigsaw offers the solution. Nowadays, the various brands and models are very many in the jigsaw market.

This makes it hard to choose the best jigsaw; however, the advantage is that currently there is a variety with fair prices. When purchasing a jigsaw, the vital considerations are variables, comfort, power source, and accuracy.

Below are the top best jigsaws of 2017

1. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B Cordless Jig Saw

DC330 presents a cordless jigsaw (heavy-duty), created to simplify cutting and designing forms from different surfaces. It consists of a blade change system, which is keyless, that effectively works with t-shark as well as universal blades.

You are going to adore this jigsaw because of the modifiable speed, which enables it to be used by beginners as well as skilled constructors. Via the modifiable speed, you can ascertain the pace of cutting, and you acquire sufficient control as well. This jigsaw is not available with a battery.

This 18-volt cordless jigsaw is handy and straightforward to use. This cordless jigsaw of 18-volt can take care of jobsite work, such as scrollwork and plunge cuts. The speed which is variable, of the 0-3,000-SPM motor and uncomplicated keyless blade change procedure, means you can power through some materials fast. Simple bevel cutting is facilitated by the complete-metal keyless shoe with 0∞, 15∞, and 45∞.

The orbital action of 4-position enables cut and speed to be controlled, while the action of scrolling allows you to cut tight curves easily. The dust blower, which is modifiable, keeps debris away from the cut line, improving visibility.

The lightweight design together with anti-slip grip offers raised control and comfort, even where work of longer duration is concerned.

  • 18-volt jigsaw works with T-shank blades for applications of on-the-job, (which excludes battery and charger).
  • The 0-3,000 SPM variable speed motor provides versatility in numerous applications and materials.
  • Orbital action of 4-position offers precise cuts.
  • Keyless blade alteration is fast and simple.
  • Keyless shoe bevel, which is all metal offers flexibility for simple bevel cutting due to 0, 15, 30 and 45 detents.
  • Modifiable dust blower prevents chips from getting to the cut line.
  • The lightweight design of 5.1-lb lowers user tiredness.
  • Base warranty of 3 years.
  • The act of scrolling means you can cut tight curves and thorough scrollwork.

2. PORTER-CABLE PC600JS Orbital Jig Saw

For hard tasks, this powered jigsaw of 6 AMBS is among the most ideal. If you are searching for a jigsaw that will give you quality performance, look no further than the PC600JS Orbital Jig Saw.

It has adjustable speed whose range is from 0 to 3,200 SPM. The adjustable speed enables you to control the speed as well as the surface you are slicing. It consists of a blade changing system, which is keyless. This enables blades to be changed very easily. It has orbit levels (4-position), installed to give you an ideal cutting performance across varied surfaces.

The Porter-Cable PC600JS presents features and many specifications, which are a favorite, such as a shoe cover that shields the shoe, bevel when not in use and protect surfaces that are softer as you cut.

Without this, it would not be possible for you to obtain a smooth cut on material that is soft. The soft grip handle enhances the stamina of your hand and wrist when engaging in long and hard tasks.


Motor: This orbital jigsaw of 6 Amp can take care of very tough applications using its heavy-duty motor of 6-amp.

Speed Settings: There are variable speeds presented by the Porter-Cable PC600JS, which vary from 0 SPM to 3,200 SPM as needed by any range of cutting applications you desire accomplished quickly.

Blade change: the unit facilitates changes in the keyless blade so as to make the procedure of your blade replacement secure, simple and quick each time.

Orbital Lever: The machine has an orbital lever of 4-position which provides the ideal cutting performance in numerous materials.

LED: The power tool consists of LED which acts as your cutting guide and your way of maintaining visibility on the cutting surface to prevent any crooked and jagged plunge cut outcomes.

Shoe Cover: There is a shoe cover on the jigsaw that maintains safety in its shoe bevel, therefore ensuring a secure platform each time, for your cuts.

3. Makita 4329K Top-Handle Jig Saw

There is a rubberized grip on the Makita 4329k jigsaw as well as a handle that is ergonomically designed. This offers you unsurpassed comfort and control when utilizing the machine. A firm grip is required when handling a jigsaw if you desire high accuracy cuts. This is the reason the grip and handle are paramount, where this jigsaw is concerned.

It features dust cover and three orbital setting which avoids the chips from getting scattered. The design of this jigsaw is meant to emit minimal vibration. This enhances the accuracy when cutting. The adjustable speed is another feature that makes this jigsaw famous.


  • The user can match speed to the application through variable speed control dial of 500 to 3,100 SPM for maximum cutting performance in a range of materials.
  • The rubberized grip is ergonomically designed for more control and comfort.
  • Counterweight balancing mechanism for lowered vibration.
  • Adjustment is possible with the die-cast aluminum base of up to 45∞ right or left and 90∞ positive stop for strong cutting performance.
  • By using the body dust port, it offers maximum dust control by utilizing vacuum and clear dust cover.
  • Three orbital settings and straight cutting with strong 3.9 AMP motor for utilizing in a range of materials.
  • Huge trigger switch for operating in a simple manner.
  • Lock-on button for prolonged operation.
  • Onboard hex wrench for quick and simple blade alterations and bevel modifications.
  • Utilizes Tang shank blades.

4. Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw

Makita JV0600K presents a powered jigsaw of 6.5 Amp with three orbital settings. It is created to offer cutting that is more accurate and quicker, in varied materials.

As different surfaces have different hardness, the speed in this jigsaw varies; therefore, you can cut each surface and shape it with the suitable speed.

It offers an efficient mechanism for cleaning any dust; this is an advantage to the user since you are shielded, and at the same time, you can view the cutting line clearly. To offer you top precision and accuracy when cutting, a counterbalance system is available on the jigsaw, which lowers vibration.


  • Three orbital setting and 6.5 AMP with straight cutting providing cuts that are quicker and more precise in a range of materials.
  • Control dial with variable speed (500-3,100SPM) allows the user to match speed to the application.
  • Dust port, which goes through the body, is used with a vacuum offering effective dust management.
  • Counterbalance system for less vibration.
  • The design of low profile formulated for better handling in solid areas.
  • The design is well balanced, just 5.2 lbs. For less operator tiredness.
  • For more durability, it presents base of the die-cast aluminum housing.
  • Installed dust blower keeps the line of cut clear for more precision.
  • 2-finger trigger and ergonomic rubberized grip for more comfort.
  • On-board wrench for quick bevel modifications.
  • Lock-on button for consistent operation.
  • Utilizes Tang shank blades.

5. SKIL 4495-02 Jigsaw

Skilís 4495-02 jigsaws with 6 Amp motor guarantees you unmatched performance, comfort, and user-friendliness. As each cut needs to be extremely precise with high accuracy, this jigsaw possesses an established laser system that allows you to make straight cuts.

It has a speed that is variable, similar to many other jigsaws, offering you the liberty of converting the speed depending on the surface you are slicing.


  • Strong 6.0 Amp motor
  • Installed laser guide for precise straight cuts.
  • Orbital cut control of 4-position for quick or smooth cuts.
  • Adjustments of speed to cut through variable speed trigger.
  • Custom formed tool rest style to avoid blade from destroying the material.
  • Blade change (tool-less) works with t- as well as u-shank blades.
  • Tool-less foot change for simple angle changes.
  • Storage of on-tool blade keeps blades useful when required.
  • Strong 6.0 Amp motor
  • Installed laser guide for precise straight cuts.
  • Orbital cut control of 4-position for quick or smooth cuts.
  • Variable speed trigger modifies speed to cut.

6. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw

Get whatever shapes you want from any surface, by utilizing this Power Cable jigsaw. It is among the jigsaws that offer you maximum control. You can change the speed in 7 varied positions, while the orbital settings can be changed into four varied levels.

Quick and precise cutting is provided by the 6-amp power, even on hard surfaces. It has a lock on button also, which makes it more durable. Also, the handle and huge front provide you with comfort and optimal control.


  • Speed dial of 7 positions, to 3,200 SPM fixed inside trigger offers various speed settings for best cutting outcomes.
  • 6-amp motor provides power for tough applications.
  • Four orbital settings offer ideal cutting performance in a range of materials.
  • Lock-on button offers simpler control in the course of prolonged utilization.
  • Huge over-mold on the front as well as handle provides more control and comfort when being used.
  • Replacing blades is made quick and simple by keyless blade change clamp.

7. Black+Decker BDEJS600C Jig Saw

If you like DIY tasks or are a constructor searching for a jigsaw that enables you to control the saw orbit and speed, this deal is the best. The BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C jigsaw uses the technology of curve control, which offers the liberty of regulating the orbit in 4 settings that can be adjusted.

This enables you to acquire particular designs and cuts on varied surfaces. You are going to like it because of the cutting power feature that is adjustable. This enables you to adjust the cutting power of even 3000 SPM, which is facilitated by the 5 Amp motor.


  • This jigsaw has a curve control mechanism that consists of four customized settings that you can select from. This technology allows you to tune the saw orbit by selecting from any of the settings for you to finalize any available project.
  • It features an enhanced wire guard system that provides a clear line of sight for ideal cuts.
  • This excellent tool can form refined cuts varying up to 45∞ in the two directions. It has an attuned shoe that enables a stationary cutting platform.
  • This tool from Black and Decker is complemented with a keyless blade change. The clamp facilitates the change of blades that is tool-free. It also works with U and T shank blades.
  • It has a 5-Ampere variable speed motor that gives a cutting power of even 3000 SPM.

8. Bosch JS470E Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E blends comfort, power, accuracy, and effortless use. These are the vital features in a jigsaw, making this Bosch jigsaw unique. It works effectively on different surfaces like aluminum, mild steel as well as other surfaces.

This 7 Amp motor promises you top performance on varied surfaces. The blade ejection level, which is tool-less, makes sure that you extract the blade effortlessly, even when they are extremely hot. Its vibration rate is low, because of the accuracy control, making the machine more accurate when cutting.


  • Tool-less blade mechanism enables quick blade insertion together with the ejection that has a lever that eliminates the necessity of coming into contact with a hot blade.
  • Jigsaw clamping mechanism that is very safe.
  • Multi-purpose lock-on button for strong, lengthy cuts and user relaxation and control.
  • The dial of variable speed sets optimal speed while the accelerator trigger controls the operating speed.
  • Huge, strong die-cast foot that has steel insert and installed bevel wrench.
  • Exceptional multi-directional blade clamp offers quality grip of T-shank blades.
  • Accuracy machined plunging system and design of low vibration for better precision and very smooth running.
  • Continuous response circuitry sustains the speed wanted for continuous operation and precision.
  • Four settings of orbital-action, different blade strokes for cuts that are smooth and aggressive.
  • Modifiable dust blower maintains clarity of the cutting line.
  • The ergonomic top handle has soft-grip sections for a strong, comfortable grip.

9. Black+Decker Smart Select Jigsaw

When using this jigsaw, you quickly cut plastic, wood, and metal into the shapes you want, with the needed precision cut. The jigsaw is created with Smart technology; so, the machine is automatically set depending on the surface that you are cutting.

Via the adjustable speed dial, you can adjust the speed into one of the seven settings. This makes it ideal for beginners and experts also. The jigsaw is given quality capability by the 5-amp motor, offering a great cut.

  • Curve Control technology enables you to regulate the orbit of the saw in 1 of 4 settings that are customized.
  • Variable speed motor of 5 Amp with cutting power of even 3,000 SPM.
  • It has bevel cuts of 450 with a modifiable shoe for strength.
  • Wire Guard that is new and improved.
  • Keyless blade clamp facilitates tool-free blade alteration.

10. DEWALT DCS331B Jig Saw

Dewalt created this jigsaw, with the user in mind. This is why it is simple to utilize, offering exceptional performance. This jigsaw presents a complete-metal lever action blade change (keyless). This makes it fast and simple to change blades.

You can manage quality and speed of cut also, by utilizing the orbital action of 4 positions. As you require viewing the line of cut well, the jigsaw consists of a dust blower that can be modified.

Therefore, you can keep chips from the cutting line. Variable speed is included in the jigsaw control, and you can alter it, which is determined by the surface that you are cutting.


  • Total metal lever operation keyless blade change enables fast and simple blade changes.
  • Complete metal keyless shoe bevel has 00, 150, and 450 detents offer flexibility for simple bevel cutting.
  • Orbital action of 4-position offers control of cut speed and quality.
  • Modifiable dust blower prevents chips getting into the line of cut.
  • Flexibility is provided by an interchangeable speed of 0-3,00 spm in a range of applications and materials.
  • Grip, which is anti-grip, provides more stability and control.
  • Works with the T-shank jig saw blades for great outcomes.

How to effectively use your jig saw

Jigsaws are great tools for cutting curves and complicated designs in woods. They work effectively also when forming short crosscuts on board as well as finishing the inside of corner cuts, which you begin with a circular saw.

If you want to cut softwood that does not exceed 1 ñ Ω inches in thickness and hardwood of æ inches in thickness, the jigsaw is best. To maintain square cuts, utilize a sharp blade and do not force the saw through the cut.

So as to create an entry saw cut in the center of your wood, tilt the jigsaw, for the blade to match the work piece and so that the weight of the saw rests on the shoeís front lip. Use maximum speed to start the saw, tilt the shoe and gradually lower the stabbing blade

It is advisable to preserve plunge cutting for tough tasks to avoid a wayward blade from slashing and damaging the costly wood. In sensitive material, drill a starter hole of Ω inches to place the blade for a cut securely.

To cut quickly, utilize a coarser blade. However, take note that there is more sanding afterward when the blade is coarser. The majority of jigsaw wood cutting blades are designed for the teeth to cut on the upstroke.

For fine work which needs less chipping, for instance in wood veneers, select a ëdownstroke-cuttingí blade. One alternative is placing masking or painterís tape on the path of the cutting path before sketching on the pattern line.

Considerations when Purchasing a Jig Saw

Performance and Power

The jigsaw presents a useful cutting tool that enhances the home and hobby tasks. According to the power of the motor, the machine can provide between 500 and more than 3000 SPM and can slice through materials such as wood and steel. Before buying a jigsaw, keep in mind the job that requires being carried out and select the machine that is most suitable for those requirements.


A jigsaw can cut straight as well as curved lines through numerous materials and provides flexibility of movement. It is also able to create slow cuts accurately or rip cuts fast.

Some particular features improve performance in specific applications, making the machine better. For instance, an orbital blade of 360-degree facilitates intricate detail. Variable speeds, as well as orbital action settings, are formulated to direct the machine depending on the task being carried out.


Features are different, depending on model; the features can greatly improve the experience of the user. Extras such as anti-vibration technology, tools for dust collection and illuminating lights are worth noticing also. To a lot of owners, these extras have an impact on whether a jigsaw is a good one or a great one.


The cost of jigsaws ranges from about $30 to $300. Find out which models are worth investing in and the ones you need to avoid spending more cash on. Apart from cost, blades are a recurring cost and should not be ignored.


For any work, which involves cutting wood, jigsaws are the answer to a comfortable, fast and simple experience. Jigsaws enable you to achieve great results.

This tool is created with your comfort in mind and handling it for a long time does not exert you. You can go on and on with this tool without feeling like giving up in the middle of the job due to fatigue!

Whether the work is simple or complicated, the jigsaws cater to all your needs accordingly. The different types of jigsaws meet whatever requirements you have, enabling you to meet your building objectives.

This handy tool is suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professional builders also. It is simple to use, so anyone can use it without having to be an expert.

Get your jigsaw today and simplify all your cutting work. You are going to enjoy using this awesome tool!