Best Pressure Washers

Top Ten Pressure Washers of 2017

Gone are the days of spending Saturday scrubbing away the driveway, automobile and even garden tools as a means of getting rid of dirt and grime thanks to the home pressure washer.

Cleaning has become easier and faster today since a pressure washer uses minimal time to clean. Quality pressure washers have been designed to blast water at high speeds digging into the grime on any surface and scraping it off without leaving any dirt bits behind.

Many homeowners are investing in pressure washer due to the benefits that come with this cleaning equipment.

They use less water than the typical garden hose; they are sold with different accessories for various jobs, some of the additions include; car wash brush, jet nozzle, patio brush, turbo nozzle lance just to mention a few accessories.

With all the additions, you can trust that there are many pressure washer machines available today. To make it easy for you to get one that suits your cleaning situation, we share our view on easily the best Top Ten Pressure Washers for 2017.

Nilfisk Compact 110 Home & Car Pressure Washer

Position: 1


The 2017 Nilfisk Compact 110 Home & Car Pressure Washer holds five different cleaning accessories. The machine is compatible with a water butt tap and takes very little time to assemble.

Use the soft bristles to clean your windows, car and smooth surfaces. The three cleaning nozzles are perfect for everyday cleaning; the foam application grinds into dirty areas while the patio cleaner is the right tool for large areas.

The 2017 Nilfisk Compact pressure washer is a powerful, compact machine, which needs very little assembly. The manual is easy to following and in less than five minutes of assembling your machine, you can start cleaning.

It comes with two different cleaning nozzles, foaming lance and a detergent bottle. The washer is ideal for cleaning your car and various cleaning jobs around the house and the garden. Nilfisk Compact pressure washer comes with the following features:

  • 40∞C maximum temperature
  • Five-meter hose
  • Universal 1400 watt air-cooled motor
  • Five-meter mains cable
  • 440 liters per hour flow rate
  • Wheels to make it easy to handle
  • An 80 rated bar

Some of the accessories that you will love using include the dirt lance, which blasts concentrated power to get rid of all the dirt. The adjustable pressure lance makes it possible to alter the water pressure level for the task at hand. More accessories include:

  • The Quick Connector
  • Extension Lance
  • Low-Pressure detergent gun
  • Standard Lance
  • On Board Storage
  • Car wash brush
  • Patio cleaner
  • Removable detergent tank
  • Weighs only 6.5 kg

The Pros: The washer comes with an easy detach lance release that makes it straightforward and quick to change accessories. Comes with great pressure output for a compact machine, is sold with numerous accessories such as several spray heads and a patio washer attachment.


The 2017 Nilfisk Compact Home and Car Pressure Washer is ideal for the home. The washer has a good general design that is determined by your needs for the weekend use. But overall, you will be able to use it for several months or years before it begins to wear and tear.

Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus

Position: 2


The 2017 Karcher K5 Full Control Home pressure washer has a new design. The new design has brought about the creation of new features such as extra storage and it makes the machine sturdier than the previous models.

The device comes with a T350 patio cleaner and a 3-in-1 facade one-liter stone and facade cleaner. The washer also has a variable lance and a dirt blaster. Some of the standard features in this pressure washer include:

  • 8-meter hose length
  • 2100 Watts
  • 145 Pressure Bar
  • Water Cooled Motor
  • 500 1/h Waterflow

The Karcher K5 Full Control Pressure washer is equipped with enough accessories that will effectively clean your driveway, bike, patio, and car. Below are the features and their functionalities:

The Full Control Spray Gun: The pressure washer comes with a LED display on the Power Gun. The new feature allows the user to check the power level theyíve selected.

The display has several settings; you can choose the car setting, which triggers the gun to use the right amount of pressure to clean off dirt and leave the paintwork intact.

For the patio, you can select the maximum power that helps remove grime and dirt both quickly and efficiently. The K 5ís trigger gun is powered by two triple A batteries.

Onboard Storage: The washer has been designed to pack all accessories within itself. The machine packs the trigger gun nicely and safely and thereís room for the 8-meter hose and enough storage space for the lance.

The onboard storage makes it easy to store every accessory away; the wheels and sturdy design allow the user to move the machine with ease.

The extendable aluminum handle makes it easy to maneuver the pressure washer when in use.


The Karcher K5 Full Control Pressure Washer Has an elegant design coupled with several fantastic features. The LED trigger gun is functional and makes switching between features natural and smooth, all the while ensuring you have the best feature for use.

The only downside of this washer is the steep price tag. However, the power you get will be worth the amount spent. The machine comes with a 3-year Warranty.

Vax Powerwash 2500 Complete P86-P4-T

Position: 3


This is the perfect power washer for heavy outdoor cleaning. The device comes equipped with a plethora of features and accessories including a Patio Kit, which makes cleaning outdoors an easy task.

The heavy-duty machine has a high flow rate and high maximum pressure that efficiently blasts off both dirt and grime. This presents the perfect tool for large outdoor areas, big automobiles, and brickwork.

The pressure washer is versatile and also ideal for cleaning furniture and BBQís equipment. If you are in search of a machine that will make your car shine or your garden come back to life after a long and harsh winter, Vax Powerwash 2500 is the ideal washer.

Some of the features attached to this power wash include:

  • 5 meter Cord Length
  • 10-meter hose length
  • Solution application nozzle
  • Patio Kit
  • Rotary wash brush
  • Car wash brush

The Vax Powerwash washer cuts through embedded dirt and the blast removes debris and grime that leaves the patio slabs and decking looking brand new.

The 150-pressure bar combined with a 220 watts power outage ensures that all the mud and dirt is blasted away.

Vax P86-P3-T Pros: The washer comes equipped with numerous tools and accessories. It’s easy to change from one tool to the other according to the item that needs to be cleaned.

The tools and accessories allow the user to achieve more concentrated and detailed cleaning.

The jet nozzle is perfect for cleaning the decking, wooden surfaces, and fencing. The car wash brush and shampoo are great for scrubbing the wheels of the car, windows, and the body, leaving it sparkling clean.

The rotary brush is ideal for concentrated cleaning on the deck, pavement slabs, and the patio. The brush scrubs and washes away debris simultaneously leaving behind a clean, smooth surface.


The Vax P86-P3-T is an easy, quick pressure washer with the ability to dislodge years of gunk, moss and brick mold within minutes.


Vonhaus Compact High-Pressure Washer

Position: 4

A no frills 105-pressure bar machine that isn’t only budget friendly, but perfect for simple jobs. Itís ideal for cleaning cars and bikes.

The washer is powerful enough to handle simple outdoor cleaning tasks and blasting off mold, moss and dirt fast. Itís power wash easily cleans wheelie bins, fences, patios, garden furniture and the guttering.

Some of the predominant features of the Vonhaus Compact High-Pressure Washer Include:

  • 14000W motor
  • 105 Pressure bar pump
  • 70 bar nozzle pressure
  • Auto stop function for ease of use
  • 5-meter hose
  • 5-meter cable
  • 4 bar Max Input pressure bar
  • 50∞ Max Water Temp

The cable length makes the machine easy to maneuver while the 5-meter hose makes it easy to clean high areas from a distance an easy task. The trigger gun has been fitted with a safety lock on the handle, averting accidental water spray use.

The length of the cable and the hose combine perfectly, making it an ideal washer for use in tight spots. The compatibility of the pressure washer makes it easy to move and store.


The machine comes complete with a soap bottle, and the instructions are easier to follow. So far the Vonhaus Compact High Pressure is one of the most budget friendly and light use pressures in the market today.

Nilfisk Titan TTB669PRW Pressure Washer

Position: 5

The Titan TTB669PRW is a wheeled pressure washer that comes with an aluminum pump and an automatic motor stop. The pressure washer is supplied with turbo lance, patio cleaner, a quick connect compact and a telescopic handle making it easy to store.

Several features of this machine include:

  • Auto Motor Stop
  • Water Inlet Filter
  • 6-meter hose
  • Detergent tank
  • 360 liter Flow rate
  • Automatic Control
  • Variable Spray Nozzle
  • Quick-change Accessories
  • 8KW Universal Motor

The washer is well built and the patio attachment combines well with the long hose to use in those tight spots. The interchangeable nozzles and accessories only take a minute to install and remove.

The washer has a 120 Pressure washer with an 85 bar rated pressure power that works in tandem with an aluminum pump giving it longevity. All the accessories add up to nine, making it an ideal washer for vehicles, patio and other areas in the home.

The machine comes with a particular Cycle/Auto nozzle, soft 8-meter anti-kink high-pressure hose and an under chassis making it sturdy and easy to use.

Including the patio cleaner means that users can clean larger areas such as driveways, pathways, decks and patios easily and quickly. The wash brush comes in handy for cleaning caravans, windows, conservatories, motorbikes, vehicles and greenhouses.


The Nilfisk Titan pressure washer comes with a metal pump and can be used from a water butt tap. This is an ideal machine for cleaning patios and smaller jobs around the home.

Nilfisk Power Grip D-PG 140.4-9 Xtra 140 Bar

Position: 6


The Nilfisk Power Grip power pressure washer is perfect for individuals with a large vehicle and with a patio or driveway that picks up dirt fast.

The 140 bar pressure washer is ideal for bigger jobs around the home and the bag full of accessories makes it perfect for smaller jobs.

The wireless technology ensures that the user has total control of the washer. The machine allows the user to adjust the pressure.

The machine has several buttons inbuilt on the trigger handle and is known as the Power Grip, enabling you to select and change from seven power settings.

The washer has a water inlet that efficiently handles temperatures up to 60∞C. You can use this pressure washer with a hot tap thanks to the temperature levels. The machineís design is typical and comes with the following features:

  • Fan Jet
  • Trigger Handle
  • Patio Cleaner
  • Two nozzles
  • Lance

The washer has been custom fit with a detergent tank on the back and comes with an onboard storage. The patio cleaner is useful and has its dedicated power knob.

The variable pressure and the power connectors allow the user to have a high control degree over the cleaning strength. The nozzles are highly efficient and easily adaptable for various cleaning tasks.

The trigger gun knob allows the user to go back to the machine and adjust to the ideal pressure power. These are controls that help in saving water and energy.


The Nilfisk Power Grip Pressure Washer is powerful and has the mechanism that helps the user keep the power under control. The accessories and the power controls make the pressure washer versatile and easier to use. In general, the appliance is easy to store and move around.

Andrew James Immacuclean Pressure Washer

Position: 7


This is a lightweight, flexible and compact machine that is not only affordable, but also effective for the home. The washer is in a class of its own thanks to the impressive array of accessories that are easy to swap between tools for washing the car and using in the garden.

It comes with a 6-meter hose thatís easy to use with the four different spray adjustable nozzles. The pressure washer is perfect for cleaning all types of vehicles and bikes leaving them squeaky clean.

With its power, you can quickly eradicate years of collected dirt and grime within a few short minutes. The high pressure is regulated easily, making it an ideal pressure washer to improve your curb appeal.

Some of the features and accessories that come with it include:

  • 105 max pressure bar
  • On-board accessory storage
  • Turbo nozzle for cleaning the deck and patio
  • 6-meter hose
  • 5-meter power cable
  • Brush attachment for maximum scrubbing power
  • Soap bottle for quick cleaning
  • Angled nozzle for cleaning tight places

The pressure washer is a versatile cleaning tool with a whole range of accessories. All these attachments can attach and detach with ease thanks to the integrated quick-release system.

The accessories/features are stored in the pressure washer unit when not in use. The 5-meter cable fits perfectly in the provided cord wrapper. The 6-meter long hose makes it simple to use in large areas such as the drives, patios making it simple to maneuver.


The Andrew James Immacuclean Pressure Washer is built to last and is quite reliable. It is custom fit with an automatic start/stop knob that ensures no energy goes to waste. Use an ordinary garden hose to feed water into the pressure washer.

Karcher K2 Full Control Washer

Position: 8

This offers a pressure washer made purposely for straightforward and weekly tasks. If you spend your free days washing your car or hosing down your garden furniture, the Karcher K2 Full Control washer is an ideal choice. Itís also perfect for cleaning the deck and patio.

The pressure is ample enough to get those difficult stains off your surface thanks to the efficient detergent suction tube. Itís a pressure washer that is easy to carry and gives the user control over the spray power.

The pressure washer comes with the following features:

  • 110 Pressure Bar
  • 4-meter hose power
  • 360 I/h
  • 1400 Watt Power
  • Air-cooled Motor

The specs and engine in this machine make it ideal for cleaning vehicles, wheelie bin, motorcycle and patio furniture. It comes with twin wheel on the base making it easy to maneuver.

It comes custom fit with a telescopic handle that drops down for more compact storage. The high-pressure hose and gun have inbuilt storage spaces. Thereís ample room for storing the 5-meter cable.

For users desiring adequate pressure for weekly cleaning, this is the best pressure. Itís affordable and is equipped with everything required to make it function and has a power kick that makes the cleaning fast and effortless.

It’s loaded with a full control lance with four adjustable settings. Depending on the task at hand, the user can adjust the pressure and use it effectively. The dirt blaster comes with a rotating nozzle with enough water pressure to eradicate dirt and grime from the driveway.


The Karcher K2 affordable pressure washer is an ideal machine for weekly use. The 4-meter hose connects to the machine with ease. It takes a few seconds to connect it to the jet sprayer and the main pump.

The specifications make it an ideal entry model but one that works fine and packs a punch.

Stihl RE 129 & Pressure Washer

Position: 9


The Stihl RE 129 Plus Pressure Washer combines cold water with a 135 pressure-operating bar to clean off any sticking dirt and grime. The heavy-duty machine comes fixed with a telescopic handle and a trolley for ease of transportation.

The following features come as standard:

  • Fan jet nozzles
  • Swivel Power cable holders
  • Swivel Hose holders
  • Detergent Spray Set

The machine comes with an integrated nozzle storage unit and the high-pressure hose is a 9-meter hose with steel reinforcement. The pressure washer is made for cleaning work that is heavy duty.

This is the perfect tool for cleaning stubborn algae from pathways, driveway and getting rid of that piled up dirt on the decking. The pressure is fine, as it doesnít harm sensitive surfaces due to the adjustable jet nozzle with spray fan.

The washer has a design that is ergonomically optimized. The machine comes with an easy maintenance pump. The device is ideal for numerous outdoor applications at home. The washer is a no-nonsense cleaner that does a thorough job thanks to its internal parts.

The pressure washer has a user-friendly design and ample storage for all the accessories. The 6-meter high-pressure hose is fantastic for cleaning those far to reach areas. The machine comes with a detergent set, nozzles, Lance and sizeable water cable.


The Stihl RE 129 Plus Pressure Washer is simple to store because of the telescopic handle that decreases in height. Users can control the gunís pressure; it comes with a three-year warranty.

MacAllister Pressure Washer 1300W

Position: 10

A pressure washer machine is known as the MPW100D that is affordable and ideal for washing gardening tools, small cars and all types of bikes. It comes with the following features:

  • 1300 Watt Power
  • 5-meter cable
  • 6-meter hose
  • Spray Gun
  • Rotary Nozzle
  • 8-meter high-pressure hose & filter and PVC
  • Extension Lance

The pressure washer has a controlling/operating temperature of 0-50∞C. The machine is designed and integrated with a quick lock and release system purposely for the high-pressure hose.

The pressure washer is lightweight and a compact machine that prides itself on being quieter compared to majority of the pressure washer machines in the market. It comes equipped with a 100-pressure bar that makes it easy to use when cleaning around the compound.

It has variable power options that you can adjust to get rid of stubborn weeds, dirt and decking and moss filth.


The key component in any washer is the pressure. The MacAllister pressure washer packs enough kick to spray away dust. The watts and bar levels of this machine will allow you to effectively and efficiently clean away dirt from small cars and do a decent job in your compound.