Birthday Giveaway Winner!!!

First of all let me just tell you how FUNNY all of you are!! I enjoyed reading all of your comments and sweet birthday wishes! Ohhh I wish I could respond to you ALL individuallly…girl talk!!! So many great girls out there! So happy to meet you all! (hi squeaky voice) yeah!!! :0)
So the Random Number Generator  picked comment
RebakahBridge wrote:
“I think we are really soul sisters! I would love the Bible for sure. I need to spend some more one and one time with my Father! Of course I am also a total lip gloss girl who would love to curl up with a good blanket and read the Bible with a handful of Skittles to munch on while the lovely scent of the outdoor breeze eminates from a nearby candle. :)
Have a happy happy birthday!”

Told you!!! I love her already!!! Awesome and I can’t wait to send you your new BIBLE!!!
Thank you again girls! Can’t wait to do it again…next year…lol!



  1. Congrats to the winner! Destiny this was so much fun! I may have to copy your idea.. my 26th bday is coming up in August!! :)
    You are such a sweet person, Im so thankful I found your blog!! :)
    Here is mine.. if you wanna check it out :)

    God Bless

  2. Yes, this was great fun, even if I didn’t win. I think the most fun thing about it was getting to know you better, Destiny. It was nice to see all the things that are important to you or things that just make you happy. This is one of my new “most favoritest” blogs for sure!

  3. What awesome way to celebrate another precious year God has blessed you with! Fabulous idea and it was fun to be apart of! ;)

  4. Nice choice! Her comment was too cute!

  5. Yay! How exciting! Thanks for this fun give away!

  6. i gave you an award at my blog

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