Black & Decker KS890ECN Scorpion Saw Review

Black&Decker KS890ECN Scorpion Saw Review

Need a saw to help you keep the house and backyard tidy? Trim those bushes that haven’t been touched in months? Cut through wood or plastic with ease?

The Black & Decker KS890 scorpion has you covered. While this saw isn’t designed for heavy use or projects that require serious power, it is perfect to help you with those small projects that need a reliable and effective saw.

No need to spend double or even triple the price for a saw with way more power than you need. The Black and Decker gets the job done.

This multi function saw will help you keep your home and backyard in tip top shape and won’t break the bank in the process. In addition to being able to be used as a traditional handsaw, you can also quickly use it as a jigsaw as well adding some nice versatility depending on the occasion.

The KS890 Scorpion was made with the DIY and gardener enthusiast in mind and does what it’s designed to do exceptionally well.

The scorpion can get up to 5,500 strokes a minute and has a stroke length of 10 mm. Enough to tackle small to medium sized projects with little to no issue.

One downside of the Black & Decker Scorpion is that the vibrations on the handle can be a little overwhelming after using the saw for an extended period of time. It’s definitely not a deal breaker, but if you have sensitive hands you may find yourself taking several breaks while working on your projects.

Here Are The The Technical Specs

Color: Black and Orange
Weight: 2.2 Kg
Dimensions 51x 51x 20 cm
Power / Wattage 400 Watts
Volts: 240 Volts

Box Contains
1x Black+Decker KS890ECN Scorpion Saw In Carton
3 Saw Blades Included

You can use the scorpion for cutting wood, trimming the garden, or polishing your outdoor deck or anything else on your home project to do list. Being backed by Black and Decker you also know you are in good hands if any issues do arise. Black & Decker has fantastic customer support.


  • Perfect for what it’s designed for! Light use and occasional branch/shrubbery trimming.
  • Great value for the price! Use the saw around the home and outdoors and not worry about the cost.
  • Soft grip makes the saw a joy to use for short durations.


  • This saw struggles with durability when overused. The Scorpion Saw is designed with occasional/light use in mind.
  • During extended use, the comfort level leaves much to be desired.
  • What the Scorpion saw is a bit on the larger size regarding size and weight. Portability is not a strong feature.

To be clear the KS890ENC Scorpion Saw is definitely not the most powerful saw around. If you’re looking for more power, consider it’s the Black & Decker RS890K Scorpion. That being said, if you’re looking for a cost effective saw to help you move your projects along, the Black and Decker Scorpion saw is one you should definitely consider. For the price of about E38, the saw will treat you well.