Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery Review

 Product Description

The market for cordless screwdrivers is huge and very competitive. Due to this, it’s hard to come across something unique. The Bosch IXO is attempting to do this, and in a way, it has truly been successful! This is not just due to its extremely superior quality but also its affordability. Bosch makes it an ideal present for the DIY fan.

All you ever dreamed of from a screwdriver that is cordless can be obtained from the IXO. Where linking cupboards, constructing furniture (flat pack) making loose screws tight and fixing electronic items is concerned, the IXO becomes a suitable mate.

A guarantee of 2 years is presented with this product, and you have the option of prolonging this warranty to 3 years by registering your latest tool using ëMyBosch.í You can get your device registered by visiting the website of the manufacturer, MyBosch-Tools website 28 days after you buy it.

Contents of the Box

  • Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver (1 ◊ IXO)
  • 10 ◊ regular screwdriver bits
  • USB charger (1 ◊ 3 hour)
  • Metal Carry case (1◊)
  • Instruction Manual

Exceptional Features of Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver

In the entire universe, the Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver is without a doubt, a best seller, when it comes to the power tool. Currently, the tool is in its 5th†generation, and this is evident to see. It has 30% extra torque, and 15% raised rotation speed, in contrast to Bosch IXO IV! Isnít this truly awesome!

The Bosch IXO V cordless screwdriver has an ergonomic as well as robust design, making it especially handy. Its combined charge level indicator and direction switch assist in simplifying your work, making it much more enjoyable!

The casing is made of soft grip, which makes the tool simpler to grasp and manage. The 3.6V, 1.5Ah battery of lithium-ion technology does not go through any self-discharge or memory effect. This signifies that the IXO V can be used anytime because of 3.6 V lithium-ion technology!

IXO V is charged by a micro-USB connection, turning charging into a fast and easy task. Its latest PowerLight LED lighting theory means that even working sections that are dark can now have maximum light.

This unique tool has enhanced the ergonomic design for numerous grasp positions.

  • Latest Power LED work light model; scattered light or spotlight.
  • Micro USB charger facilitates quick charging.
  • Rotation can be done clockwise or anticlockwise
  • This tool features intuitive control method.
  • There is an automatic spindle lock to loosen or tighten the screws manually.
  • Comprehensively available with ten regular screwdriver bits as well as instruction manual.

It was mainly formulated to be a screwdriver; however, it offers a variety of optional accessories that can also convert it into different household appliances like a corkscrew, barbecue fan or electric spice mill. This is an added plus, and it is no wonder that this tool is greatly adored!

The rear part of the handle is made from rubber. So, it is pleasant to utilize for a longer period, since it is not going to rub against your hand excessively.

This also makes the grasp a lot steadier. The length and mass are 17cm from top to bottom of the handle; since it is 312 grams, this makes it extremely light and sufficiently small to use for lengthier periods also.

Design: Using it provides optimal comfort. The button on top effortlessly slides frontwards, backward and in the middle, which presents the hold setting.

The light: Above the tip is a brilliant white light, which is extremely helpful. In case you are in a sink or a tight spot, which can occur anytime, the light is available. If you lightly press the trigger, the light comes on in the absence of the screwdriver! This feature is truly beautiful and an impressive part of this tool.

Adaptors: It is possible to connect the IXO to a variety of adaptors to increase its usefulness. The Torque setting adapter turns it into an ideal heavy duty receptive screwdriver; for tight spaces, an Angle Screw Adaptor is best while the Off-Set Angle Adaptor facilitates easy access to tight fitting screws. It is simple to take the tip off, and the adaptors simply snap on.

Torque: This is incredibly powerful and handles big screws. After some time you can tell when it is appropriate to stop, to avoid overdoing some screws and damaging them. Doing this comes naturally, thanks to the IXO ergonomic design.


The IXO is an absolute treasure, with nothing but positive attributes. This unique tool simplifies your work, whether your task is light or cumbersome. You can now enjoy working with screws, without breaking a sweat!

Ensure you get your Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver today and make your tasks much more enjoyable!