Bosch Pneumatic Rotary Hammer PBH RE 2100 Review

Overview of Bosch Pneumatic Rotary Hammer PBH 2100 RE

Rotary hammers offered by Bosch are hard working and multi-functional tools: drilling, hammering, and chiseling are combined into one tool. These hammers are safely in their element when not only drilling hard concrete with their patent pneumatic hammer mechanism but also when fitting or producing solid wooden structures such as carports and summer houses. Bosch Pneumatic Rotary Hammer PBH 2100 RE 6033A9370 is one such tool that offers you the best bang for your buck and gets all jobs done.

Itís a rotary hammer with rotating machine tool for drilling in concrete, masonry, natural or artificial stone. It comes with a percussive hammer mechanism whose striking energy is independent of operatorís pressure. Once you turn off the hammer mechanism, the rotary hammer can also be used as a drill; when you shut down the rotation mechanism, it turns into a chipping hammer. Tool impact force and speed are electronically adjustable to match the processed material and application.

The Bosch PBH 2100 RE Pneumatic Rotary Hammer gets all your jobs done: drilling in steel, wood or even chiseling in various renovation projects at home (such as cutting various electrical channels in hard concrete or paving tiles or removing bathroom tiles) or drilling holes (especially in concrete up to 20mm drill diameter). The PBH 2100 RE Pneumatic Rotary Hammer is equipped with powerful 550 W motor that ensures effortless hammering in masonry, concrete, drilling, and chiseling.

What’s there in the box?

  • 1 x Auxiliary Handle
  • 1 x PBH 2100 RE
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Depth-Gauge
  • 1 x Plastic Carrying Case


  • Powerful 550 W motor is suitable for all applications in drilling wood, steel, and concrete
  • Selection switch for chiseling, hammering, screw-driving or drilling
  • Keyless chuck for easy and fast bit change
  • Rotation stop switches off the rotary motion when chiseling
  • Impact stop turns off the hammer mechanism when drilling in metal or wood and when screw-driving
  • Drilling capacity: Masonry:20mm, Drill depth-Drill depth-Wood:20mm, Metal:13mm
  • Function switch: Best for screw-driving, drilling, and impact drilling with a particular setting for handling different materials.
  • Bosch constant electronic: Speed of the drill is automatically kept at a constant level. Ergonomic and lightweight. Maneuverability and easy handling. Easy and quick bit fitting, tool free SDS system.
  • Chuck details: rotation stop, SDS tool-holder, enabling chisel to be fitted
  • Dimensions: (H)37, (W)38.4, (D)11cm
  • Colour: Green
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Material: Plastic and metal

Part of the Bosch Corded Drills collection

  • Number of gears: 1
  • Corded/Cordless: Corded
  • No load speed: 2300rpm

Resistance is Futile

The Bosch PBH 2100 RE Pneumatic Rotary Hammer has a hammer mechanism that has an impact energy of 1.8 joules (about 16 percent better results than its immediate predecessor PBH 2000 RE). This ensures high impact force in hardest materials regardless of the feed pressure. It enables you to drill through thick walls speedily without tiring yourself out quickly.

Selection Switch

Whether chiseling, hammering, screw-driving, or drilling, the selection switch allows you to get the right setting. The impact-stop immediately switches off the hammer mechanism when drilling in metal or wood and when screw-driving. The rotation switch will switch off the rotary motion when chiseling.

Bosch SDS-Plus

The SDS-Plus system in 2100 RE Rotary Hammer allows for rapid bit fitting. The special design of the drill bits ensures optimal power transfer from the machine. Besides this, the SDS quick-change chuck from Bosch ensures quick changing of the SDS-plus fitting without any need for additional tools and screwdriver bits to standard chuck to convert it to straight-shank normal drill.

High Speed Drill Rotation

The average rotational speed offered by rotary hammers varies from 800-1700 RPM. The impact drills have much better rotation speeds (around 2200-3200 rpm). The PBH 2100 RE can reach 2400 rpm. Speedy removal of concrete splints, dust, and other drilling materials is just one of its advantages. Also, the application of spectrum has improved and is now suitable for materials like steel and wood. The PBH 2100 RE ensures impressive drilling in all diameters and with high precision.

  • Max drilling diameter for steel- 13 mm
  • Max drilling diameter for concrete- 20 mm
  • Max drilling diameter for wood- 20 mm

Speed Control

The innovative electronic speed control trigger allows users to vary the motor speed from zero to maximum with the help of trigger switch.

Lightweight & Very Ergonomic

The drilling machine has low weight (2.3kg), and an ergonomic design ensures added user comfort for effortless drilling and fatigue-free working. The soft-grip handle of the drill gives you an ideal grip and control of the drill machine. In comparison to its predecessors, PBH 2100 RE features an optimized size-weight ratio, due to improvement in the size of 10%, which makes the tool even more compact.



  • You get accurate speed selection controls and handle settings wheel that allows you to tailor your output to whatever material you are working with. It can drive screws effortless and can approach smooth surfaces cleanly.
  • The drill is packed with the best power of 550W. This allows it to do its work. Drill, chisel, and screwdriver with absolute confidence and hammer effortless in concrete.
  • Despite all this power the PBH 2100 weighs just 2.2 kg and can rest comfortably in your hands. Along with its patent soft-grip padding, it is close to luxury as a power tool.
  • The high impact pneumatic hammer mechanism of the drill exerts ad impacts energy of 1.8 joules for dependable feed pressure and force no matter how tough the surface you are dealing with.
  • A handy impact stop for drilling in wood and metal lets you drill to your desired depth without much guesswork.
  • Its integrated chisel function with special Vario-lock gives you complete control with freely selectable work positioning of the chisel.
  • Accelerate from high to low smoothly using the electronic speed control trigger switch of the drill.


You get a 2-year warranty on Bosch PBH 2100 RE Pneumatic Rotary Hammer that can be lengthened to 3 years if you register your product with the company on its website within 28 days of purchase. Definitely a great option that keeps you on the safe side and well protected.

Is The Bosch PBH 2100 RE Drill Right For You?

The new Bosch PBH 2100 RE drill is best for hammering in all types of concrete, drilling in metal, wood and various other types of masonry materials. You can even use it to drive screws during final assembly work. Its high impact energy of 1.7 joules ensures 20% higher performance, giving high impact force in hardest materials. It helps you to drill through walls effortlessly. You get the sleekest design, at the most competitive price that gets your work done without much effort.

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