Bosch PSB 650 RE Hammer Drill Review

Bosch PSB 650 RE Hammer Drill Review

Product Description

When you use the Bosch PSB 650 RE hammer drill, you can easily handle all your DIY tasks in the house, without breaking a sweat!

It does not matter whether you are building a shelf or setting up flat pack furniture; the hammer’s drilling action will effortlessly go through a variety of materials such as concrete, wood, and plasterboard. Due to this, the tool is a definite must-have for your toolbox!

A 2-year guarantee, which is free, is available with this product. To get an extension of the warranty to 3 years, kindly register your latest tool using MyBosch. After purchase, when you go to MyBosch-Tools website, which is the manufacturer’s website, you can register within 28 days.

Box Components

  • Auxiliary handle ñ 1
  • Percussion drill (Bosch PSB 650 RE)
  • One instruction manual
  • 1 depth-gauge
  • One carrying case (plastic)

Corded Hammer Drill (PSB 650 RE)

In regard, the PSB 650 RE, the hugest diameters, and optimal power needs do not present any issue. This tool can concurrently provide a robust design, as it is light in weight and features Softgrip.
Pre-selection of speed and management utilizing the trigger switch and setting wheel facilitates functioning, which is particular where the material is concerned and fingertip control of the power.
The high 650-watt motor enables simple impact drilling in masonry as well as rotary drilling in metal and wood.


The PSB 650 RE’s rotational speed alternates between 50 and 3,000 rpm. Quick elimination of masonry dust together with other drilling material for waste is simply one of its numerous and brilliant benefits. The broad application spectrum features materials like steel and wood.
With the PSB 650 RE, it is possible to drill diameters with optimal accuracy. There is a selector on the tip of the tool, which allows the user to change from impact drilling or rotary drilling.

Bosch Electronic

The innovative Bosch Electronic enables different speed by utilizing the trigger switch with fingertip management of the rate from full.
This allows the accurate beginning of the opening being drilled, preceded by fast drilling. It is possible to select the speed again. The wheel found on the trigger facilitates this.

User Coziness

Bosch Softgrip provides the user with improved grasp, as well as more management of the machine. This makes it more secure when working. The tool has a cable of 2.5 meters.

The sleeve features a hanger for more expediency and improved storage. With the depth stop, you are assured of drilling the precise distance intended.

Ideal control, as well as maximum user comfort, is guaranteed by the brilliant handling.

Ergonomic Design

The minimal 1.7kg weight and slim ergonomic design provides more user comfort for simple drilling and working without feeling worn out. Users can attain simple tool variations because of drill spindle locking when a button is pressed.

Due to raised performance, improved efficiency and the robust, ergonomic design, this impact drill of 650 watt is formulated for simple use, without exertion. Work is made fun!

It’s sturdy housing enables it to handle difficult job site situations, and its 1.8 kg lightweight turns it into the most practical tool. Tool changes can be carried out fast with the use of keyless metal chuck (twin-sleeve).

The brush plate can be rotated, and drilling can be done continuously with the lock-on button. Safety and control are improved with the auxiliary handle, which consists of radial and axial lock.
Benefits of Hammer Drills

To electricians, construction workers, carpenters, and handymen, power drills are among the essential tools. A hammer drill presents a tool that is specialized, which has extra power compared to a standard power drill. It can effortlessly drill into tough materials.

It consists of a hammer-like machinery or hammer clutch which pounds forward fast, as the drill bit rotates. The hammer clutch settings can be changed to enable users to appropriately match the kind of material and the drill bit’s fastener size.

Also, the choice of switching the hammer clutch off is available, when additional force is not necessary. Therefore, users can utilize it as a standard power drill.

The hammer drills are louder, heavier and a bit costly; however, they are a worthy investment in case you have a lot of work. A hammer drill is utilized for drilling into cement or brick, fixing electrical boxes, power grid boxes as well as other thick fixtures.

The extra force plays a huge role in assisting the drill to drive into hard materials without stripping or breaking the bit. The market has various kinds of hammer drills, and each has its specifications and features.

If you want to enjoy your work and not feel like you are just going through the motions, buy the Bosch PSB 650 RE hammer drill today. You will then start looking forward to working around the house, if you are a DIY kind of guy, without complaining about how tiring it is!