Bosch PST 700 E Compact Corded Jigsaw Review

Bosch PST 700 E Compact Corded Jigsaw Review

Of all the specialty saws present, jigsaw fits the description of an everyday specialty saw. The saber saw, or a jigsaw is a useful tool, which caters for the contoured requirements of any DIY enthusiast when straight lines do not make the cut anymore.

If you have at one time attempted to navigate circles, curves or inside openings using a circular saw, you realized fast, why it is not meant for anything but straight cuts.

It is extremely crucial to be safe when utilizing a jigsaw. When you consider the purpose and kind of projects jigsaws are used for, such as cutting intricate designs, curves needs a great deal of changing direction; so it is essential to have a lot of knowledge.

These saws are best for cutting curves because of the width of the blade, º to Ω” together with the slender blade thickness. A jigsaw functions by moving up and down, cutting on the upstroke.

With these types of blades, jigsaws can also be utilized for cutting metal straps and sheeting. These blades are perfect for individuals who just need to cut metal once in a while.

Jigsaw Blade Evolution

Jigsaws have changed a lot from their first crude and incorrect form. Initially, they were just utilized for rough-cutting curves; however, they are currently used in a lot of complex applications that need precision and finish that is splinter-free.

This variation stems from a blend of small steps carried out to enhance the blades and saws used in them. Modern blades are available in a range of shapes and sizes. They are created to make use of the blade mounting, which is T-shaped, that enhances strength. Roller guides, on the other hand, support blades.

For the breaks which cannot be avoided, a blade clamp (quick-release) has replaced the Allen set screws. It is important to be aware of which kind of ëshank’ (blade) is needed by your jigsaw. But, some jigsaws match more than a single shank. The type of shank determines the way the blade is going to be fixed to the jigsaw.

Safety Considerations & Features

  • At all times, plug power tools in a circuit breaker as a preventive step against electrical faults.
  • To shield your eyes, wear goggles a well as a dust mask to avoid inhaling dust particles.
  • Always study the manufacturer’s instructions very meticulously and adhere to them.
  • View a video or get in touch with a skilled contractor for direction.
  • Avoid tripping on your electrical cord.
  • Before starting, attach your material to a sturdy workbench.
  • Always utilize the guard.

Jigsaw Specifics

Cordless jigsaws have endeavored to become as famous as other cordless power tools.
Normally, jigsaws are not used like other power tools, which involve you cutting your piece of wood or drilling a hole, and your task is complete.
Many times, the jigsaw’s application is for cuts that are time-consuming and use extra energy; therefore the battery life decreases a lot faster.
But, after the latest flood of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, the cordless selection is a lot more worthwhile than before. Li-ion batteries present extended battery life. They charge very fast, enabling the jigsaw to be utilized for long periods of time.


  • Quick insertion, change system (tool-less), blade ejection lever removes the necessity of touching the hot blade.
  • Varied blade strokes are provided by four orbital-action settings for aggressive or smooth cuts.
  • Dial sets the optimal speed, and accelerator trigger manages the operating speed.
  • Huge, strong die-cast foot featuring insert and on-board bevel wrench as well as safe clamping system.
  • Smart Select technology instantly sets the jigsaw to optimize any cutting application.
  • Variable speed dial offers seven-speed settings of 800 to 3,000 rpm.
  • Strong 5 amp motor and tool-free blade variations.
  • Cuts plastic, wood, and metal and makes curved and straight cuts.
  • Change in the all-metal lever function keyless blade.
  • Modifiable dust blower maintains clearness in the line of cut.
  • A flexible speed of 0-3,000 RPM for flexibility.
  • Very simple with compact size, light in weight and brilliant handling facilitates perfect control and maximum user comfort.
  • Difficult tasks are made simple with a strong 500W motor as well as 70mm wood cutting depth.
  • Accuracy in each material because of the Bosch Electronic that has been tried and tested. Electronic stroke level control, which uses the trigger switch, provides simple sawing start and working which is material-specific.
  • Vibrations are minimal, offering secure and convenient working because of Bosch ëLow Vibration’ with ergonomic soft grip and linear mass balance.

This great tool is a huge favorite with a lot of individuals, and they utilize it for a lot of projects. The adjustable speed setting dial on the rear is a user favorite, together with the variable speed trigger.

This makes it a simple job to cut through material and knots of different thickness!