Boys Rooms {Decorating for the BOYS}

I’m back today thinking about the boys room! Did you guys get a chance to take a peek at what I’m thinking about doing for the my daughter’s room? It’s going to be super girly, so you don’t want to miss it!

So the boys. Let’s talk about my boys for a second. One word that would describe them is LOUD. Man, boys are looooud! But with two of them together it’s even LOUDER! Is it just me friends? We try to have alone time a few times a week with each of them. Sometimes I take just one to the store or Reggie will take one to the gym with him and it’s like their a completely different child!  Night and day when they are apart, but together, they a crazy screaming boys.

Because my boys are super LOUD and rough and tough and um, LOUD. I wanted their bedrooms to be a quiet place to relax. They spend a lot of their time in the play room playing with all their toys and wrestling each other, so I’m really not worried about them having “fun” in here to much:0)  Here’s what the room looks like right now, stripped of all décor and bedding;0)Boys Room Makeover

I placed the new ikat chair in the corner. Remember the one I showed you on Instagram? I figured it would be a good jumping off point for some big boy fabrics. Reggie thinks it’s to nice, but I think ikat can be youthful. We’ll see. This chair might bounce around in our house a bit. I’m always moving items in and out of rooms. Then I wonder why I never finish!

We have a fun Jack and Jill bathroom upstairs that has bedrooms on each side. It would have been perfect if each of them to had their own rooms. But since they’re always together it was natural for me to have them share a room. I just feel like the NEED to be together! When else will I be able to spy on them and laugh at their late at night chats at the sky together. They’ve even made up their own phrase called “double dip” Reggie and I have yet to figure out what it means. It seems like it changes with the wind:0)

Of course I pinned a few good things on Pinterest. Check out some of my favs….

Boys Room Makeover Photos

I love a couple of things about each of these photos and I plan on implementing them into their new room! Reggie DOES have a some opinions about the boys room and I’m totally open to any suggestions that he may have…lol! No, but seriously he’s super excited about this room, as he should be! I totally think we both are tapping into our dream childhood rooms and creating them for our! But that’s the fun part right. One day they will have their own very STRONG opinions about everything. So until then, we got this!

The walls are primed, paint color is picked and mama is ready to get it started! The front runner is TONY TAUPE by Sherwin Williams! Another handsome greybiege color. Here we go!


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  2. can’t wait to see what you end up doing with their room! We’ll be working on two boys rooms this fall after our oldest leaves for college and I have some of those same pics pinned :)

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