My Style Monday: Fancy Faucets

I have faucets on my mind. A few weeks ago I attended a blogger event at the Delta Faucet offices in Indianapolis. I probably know more about faucets than the average person:0) So I can’t wait to share with you guys my experience. But until then, here are some pretty fancy faucets to swoon over. I love the bronzy/champagne finishes. I saw faucet number one in person and it.was.dreamy. The water … [Read more...]

My Style Monday-Yellow


I’ve been crushing on the color yellow lately:0) I just recently bought a yellow striped throw and some yellow Jessica Simpson heels, both pictured below:0)  Yellow Mirror, Yellow Belt, Yellow Flowers, Yellow Rug Yellow Interiors are a favorite of mine too!   Sarah Richardson Design via Yellow Room via   How do you feel about the color yellow? Technically, yellow is … [Read more...]

My style Monday {Kitchen Tool and Organization}


Hello Homelovers! It’s My Style Monday and today I’m doing around up of some lovely kitchen organization tools and ideas! Everyone had organization on the mind in January right!:0) The thing I love most about kitchens is that there are TONS of different ones. Each house, big or small has a this unique room. One of these days I would love design my own! Until then I can definitely use some … [Read more...]

My Style Monday {Anthropologie}


  Hello Homelovers! Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful day off celebrating the amazing men and women who have given their lives to insure us our freedom! It’s a gift that is so easily forgotten! SO thankful today for the sacrifice of lives, family time, missed births, last goodbyes and everything missed by those who have served our country. I’m here today sharing another favorite hot spot of … [Read more...]

My Style Monday {Black Doors}


    Hello Homelovers! Happy Monday evening to you! Hope you’ve had a great day so far! Today on My Style Monday I’m talking about black doors…one of the most delicious design elements ever. Black doors aren't a new concept but it’s something that has caught my eye in the last few years. One of the first project I did when I moved into my new home was painted my front door BLACK inside and out! I … [Read more...]

My Style Monday Homegoods


Homelovers! Did you guys have a great weekend?! Hope you had a chance to check out my One Weekend Project! It was super easy to make and I’m sure you will find some sort of inspiration from it! This weekend I took a little stroll through one of my favorite stores, Homegoods! I’m not even kidding you, I would say about 50% of my home accessories come from Homegoods! I have one about 10 minutes … [Read more...]