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Terratek SDS Plus 1500W Review

The Terratek SDS Plus 1500W Rotary hammer drill is packed with a punch as this beast hammer drill is capable of chisel and drill into almost any surface. The Terratek SDS Plus 1500W, classified as a standard rotary drill, which is a power chisel as well which allows it to be an all in one. […]

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Bosch Pneumatic Rotary Hammer PBH RE 2100 Review

Overview of Bosch Pneumatic Rotary Hammer PBH 2100 RE Rotary hammers offered by Bosch are hard working and multi-functional tools: drilling, hammering, and chiseling are combined into one tool. These hammers are safely in their element when not only drilling hard concrete with their patent pneumatic hammer mechanism but also when fitting or producing solid […]

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Best Rotary Hammers

Our technological world is full of DIY ideas and schemes. If you are looking to ditch the expense of a contractor and take the tools into your own hands, a rotary hammer drill is one of the best tools you can purchase for large scale jobs. 2017 is the year for buying best rotary hammers […]

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Terratek 1500W SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Review

Terratek 1500W SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill When it comes to the versatility of a rotary hammer drill, it doesn’t get much better than the Terratek 1500W SDS Plus impact drill. With three function modes, you can quickly transform the impact drill to fit a wide variety of needs. Use it as a rotary drill, […]

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Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Review

Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Rotary hammer drills are both versatile and powerful enough to get just about any job done, but choosing the right one isn’t always the easiest endeavor. When it comes to quality power tools, Bosch has long had an outstanding reputation, and they have yet again delivered with this rotary […]

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