Chalkboards…I can’t help myself.

Lately I have been on  a chalkboard kick….painting everything I can with chalkboard paint!  Ever since I was a little girl I have been a writer. Doodling,drawing. painting on everything I could. My mom can vouch to that! If you look at any of my childhood books, dolls, they all have my scribbling on them somewhere! So its no wonder I have always loved chalkboards. I remember how excited I was when I got a chance to WRITE on the chalkboards…(when they had them:0) at school! I don’t know, there’s something about getting to write something that everyone will be able to see is quite satisfying, as strange as that my sound! lol! I use to use my white closet panels in my old room growing up on North 64th drive, as my chalkboard when I would play with my neighborhood friends. Instead of chalk I would use a dry eraser:0)
But anyway, I have found that using chalkboards in our home is a great way to keep up with everything from menus, little reminders to the hubby or bible verses the kids are learning in church! It’s also a great way to leave motivating messages for yourself to help you get through the day! It’s awesome when you feel completely overwhelmed and you turn and there’s a message reminding you to RELAX or BE PATIENT! :0) Its like God is talking to you right then and there!

This is the main chalkboard I have in our house….I TRY to write the weekly dinner menus and friendly reminders to the hubby to do things like MOW THE YARD! lol

This chalkboard was made out of a picture frame that I didn’t want to use anymore. I just took out the mat and painted about 4 coats of chalkboard paint directly on the glass and put the backing back on!
This is a mini candle plate that my mom got for me at Goodwill…she always gets me something when shes out! lol! I am sure she paid 1.00 for it. She always gets amazing deals! Anyways…I decided to use it as a chalkboard just like in the PotteryBarn Catalog! BUT they want 99.00 for them! I feel so sorry for PotteryBarn sometimes…lol..they just don’t understand the word AFFORDABLE! lol Don’t they know that us women can make just about anything!!
But the do make and stage some cute stuff!
Mine is a much smaller scale but you get the point. I left it green but you can make a white one just as easy! I have tons of white platters for when I entertain…I like things to match. So just go to good ole WALMART and pick up one of these platters for like 7.00 add some chalkboard paint and you got the same look! Or   you can pay ME 99.00 and I will make them for you:0)

This is my latest one! I got this idea from the book FarmChicks in the Kitchen( You guys didn’t know I wanted to live on a farm???lol I live my fantasies through books and other people:0)
The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much
Use and old drawer and paint that puppy with some chalkboard paint!
I made mine into a little message center and a cord hider! lol!
So now off you go…go and paint everything you can think of with chalkboard paint!!! :0)


  1. This is adorable. I had been thinking of painting one of the narrow walls in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. I saw it on someone’s blog. I know Miguel will have a fit but I am still considering.

  2. Very cute, great ideas!!!

  3. Okay!!!!! So you so read my mind! You know I made my chalkboard in Jan and had tons leftover and now you’ve inspired me!!!! Oh and you are so right about pottery barn!! Lol they obviously haven’t realized how thrifty some of us homemakers really are ;-) Destiny you are awesome!!!!

  4. Love this! So cute! And creative. :)

    I noticed my blog is listed on your blog roll (thank you!), but why does it state I updated like 2 months ago? Clearly that is not the case. I don’t know how to fix it! Do you? :)

  5. Ah hah! Now I know! You need to update my web address to:

    There ya go! Thanks! :)

  6. k, I want a chalkboard menu now.. it would help me keep track of my crap. ADORABLE> I love you Des.

  7. just stumbled on your blog. LOVE IT!! i too have a chalkboard menu board but i hate the CHALK!!!! i want the cute stuff you’ve used on yours. what is that? it looks like a chalk marker or something. fill me in please!

  8. I’ve been searching for the perfect “cord hide-er” for the same area on our kitchen counter.

    I think I might steal your idea!

    Cute! :)

    Amy in AZ

  9. PCOX- Chalk INK! You can get it a Micheals…and make sure you use a coupon!!!!!

  10. fabulous fabulous!! thanks for the tip. michael’s is now on my errand list for tomorrow. ;)

  11. I found the coolest thing, chalkboard vinyl! I am in the process of making a magnetic chalk board. Sheet metal is affordable so I stuck the vinyl on a piece of meatal just smaller than the vinyl. Now I need to frame it. Really cheap and cute, also not so permanent like painting my wall like I was about to do. I was going to just stick the vinyl on the wall, but ours are heavily textured.

  12. I love chalkboards too! LOVE these ideas!! Thank you!

  13. This drawer idea is so perfectly darling! I’d love to keep my phone in a cute little area like that!

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