DeWalt 18V XR Jigsaw Review

DeWalt 18V XR Jigsaw Review

The newest generation quality Jigsaw has latest XR Lithium Ion Technology. A lot of happy customers and tradespeople adore this tool. These are customers who utilize the tool every day.

One client stated, ëI cut sheet metal of 2mm regularly and always used to use a mains powered unit. This jigsaw does not just get the job done, but does this better, compared to my 240v jigsaw. I am incredibly awed!’

This jigsaw handles everything, is simple to utilize and extremely robust and ideal for using daily on site. Each of the knobs is huge and easily visible. It has a lot of consistent power, similar to the majority of costly, corded jigsaws.

It is quick, robust and comfortable to use and the blade change can be done simply and fast, as an Allen key is not required. Battery life is great, and it can be charged quickly and facilitates square cutting. There is an air blower for cleaning cuts, to attain good vision.

It is soundless and light, therefore simple to use. Battery power is quite remarkable and enables longer working, even when cuts are thick and continuous. This piece of kit is excellent, very strong and the features are simply great. The settings can be adjusted easily as well.

This new DeWalt 18V XR Jigsaw is created to provide enhanced runtime, comfort, and ergonomics. Features like keyless blade change enable improved productivity.

More Specifics of DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-ion Body Only Jigsaw

This fabulous tool uses XR intelligent technology formulated for the efficient use of trade time to finalize applications quicker, more easily and securely.

These jigsaws have some fantastic market leading features such as intelligent and completely variable speed control, adjustable shoe, which is tool-free, that bevels 450 in the two directions and anti-scratch cover. The 18v DeWALT tool utilizes an anti-vibration counter balance method, which is patented and rubber grip offering extra smooth operation, reduced vibration, and safe control.

This range of Jigsaws is fitted with a fan cooled motor of PM47, facilitating quick action because of the 3000 strokes produced as well as the useful dust blower which at all times keeps dust and debris away from the cut line.


  • Newest generation premium Jigsaw has latest XR Lithium
    Ion Technology.
  • A section of the intelligent XR Lithium Ion Series created for efficacy and making applications quicker.
  • The DEWALT PM 47 fan-cooled motor which is durable and very efficient has replaceable brushes and provides fast cutting action of even 3000 strokes each minute, optimizing user productivity.
  • Lock-off switch and intelligent variable trigger enable fast controlled cuts and improved work security.
  • Adjustable shoe which is tool-free together with anti-scratch cover bevels in both directions at 450
  • Fast and simple keyless blade change mechanism that is patented works with T-shank blades.

Main Specs of Dewalt XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Jigsaw

  • The fan-cooled motor has replaceable brushes.
  • Cutting is extremely quick due to capability of 3000 strokes each minute
  • Speed is variable
  • Has weight of 2.4 kg
  • Measurement of 30 x 30 x 20 cm
  • Needs 18-volt battery as mentioned earlier
  • Can cut even 450 angles in the two directions
  • Keyless blade change mechanism works with T-shank blades.
  • It is available with a standard warranty of 1 year or when registered online, a three-year warranty.

Buyers’ Favorite Features

Variable Speed

The trigger controls the jigsaw’s speed. This is very helpful when beginning to cut. Instead of booting up to maximum speed, you can gradually start the cut and ensure it is lined up.

Braked System

Immediately you release the trigger, the jigsaw stops. When using other models and makes, you normally need to wait until the blades gradually stop.

Bevel Adjustments

The saw is marked clearly and adjusting the sole plate is simple, for a wonderful angled cut.

Dust Blower

Adjustments can be made to the dust blower so that it can blow away any sawdust from the work area.

Keyless Blade Change

Using this, it is incredibly easy to change the blades. A lot of buyers also talked about the cutting angle of footplate and blade. This enables many projects to be carried out using this tool. According to all buyers, it has good balance and using it is quite enjoyable.

The battery needed to work with this one is the regular Dewalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Battery. It costs about £50-55, and this is determined by where you buy. If you buy this bare tool plus the battery, your overall expense would be about £160. This is a worthwhile expense as you would be the owner of the ideal cordless jigsaw ever!


Very many people have bought this jigsaw, and it does not come as a surprise that a lot of professionals choose Dewalt. This saw presents a fascinating 4.9-star rating, out of 5. This says it all!

Ensure you join the many buyers of this fabulous tool, for a truly enjoyable cutting experience!

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