DeWalt 2000W 240V LCD Premium Heat Gun Review

DeWalt 2000W 240V LCD Premium Heat Gun Review

For DIY homeowners, heat guns present a wonderful tool to have around the home. They are brilliant at stripping paint, drying out wood that is wet, drying varnish or paint, bending plastic pipes, and softening adhesives. It can weld some plastics also.

They greatly resemble a blow dryer and work in the same way. A fan in pulls air to the toolís key chamber, driving it within an electric heating element and via the front nozzle.

The hot hair that flows from a heat gun is sufficiently hot to harm your skin or spread items to some items. A lot of homeowners utilize heat guns for stripping paint from furniture, walls as well as other objects. Some heat guns are present, which will balance on a workbench, offering you two free hands to operate objects at its front.

What Makes the DeWalt Heat Gun Unique?

The DeWalt Heat Gun provides a product which is exceptional, that can take care of any task. This tool is versatile and has overload heat protection, variable temperature control, an installed kickstand, a comfort grip that enables persistent use without getting tired and a cord protector.

This tool has a powerful build, sophisticated finesse as well as embedded toughness. It provides brilliant performance, making it stand out from the rest.

The trade duty DeWalt 200W Heat Guns are designed for a number of applications. This model has seven varied kinds of heating nozzles, such as one hand scraper as well as a clever, versatile handle that has three varied scraper attachments, which are all in a long-lasting carry case.

This heat ranges between 50-6000C, modifiable in increments of 100. There is a wonderful 2000 W of power and fan control (2stage). This matches very well for paint drying, heat shrinking, paint stripping, vinyl repairs, plastic welding, etc.


Long lasting hot air gun for expert applications.Exceptional temperature control as well as memory setting for continuous temperature needs.

The 2000-watt power that has enhanced cooling.

Solid and light in weight for simple handling and usage.


  • 50-600C operating temperature
  • 6501/mm air flow
  • 0.85 kg in mass
  • 265mm length
  • Height of 210 mm
  • 75 dB (A) sound pressure
  • 88 dB (A) acoustic pressure
  • Hand or arm vibration of 2.5m/sq.

Additional Specifications

  • Circular 900 prying end for prying and leverage.
  • Tri-lobe design provides strength and comfort.
  • Numerous nail pullers for suppleness and nail extraction.
  • Sharp beveled ends for nail pulling and penetration.

More Inclusions

  • Nozzle
  • Kit box (heavy duty)
  • Fishtail Nozzle

Selecting a Heat Gun Model

A vital element of choosing a heat gun is being aware of how it is going to be utilized. As different projects need varying levels of temperature, purchasers should consider the work they plan to achieve using their heat gun.

This is going to assist them in getting a product that offers the right temperature level. A majority of homes and craft projects need lower levels of heat as compared to welding, construction and essential repairs need higher levels.
In case the gun is going to be utilized for a vast range of tasks, selecting a model with flexible heat settings and a moderately high-temperature level is advisable.

Features and Options of a Heat Gun

After making a decision on the kind of heat gun as well as requirements for temperature, shoppers should make their choice depending on cost and present features.

For minor tasks and infrequent use, a heat gun, which is modestly priced providing limited features, is usually enough. Advanced models that have extras like digital readouts might be attractive to the ones who often handle huge projects.

Extras which Make DeWalt 2000 240 V Unique

This expert heat gun has digital heat control which ranges from 500 to 6000C together with LCD, enabling you to have total control. It is robust and light in weight for simple handling and totally controllable.
There is a nice flip-out stand, which is available, offering you the choice of utilizing the heat gun on a level surface hands-free. It consists of a push button control mechanism that raises or lowers the output heat in increments of 100.
As there is a built in memory on the DeWalt 2000 W, it starts at the earlier temperature setting when switched on. The switch for on/off also consists of 2 airflow settings.

Advantages of DeWalt 2000W 240V

The variable temperature control enables heat adjustment settings.

Overload protection that is built-in shuts down the heating element and avoids burn up.

Installed hang ring is an additional handy storage feature.

Built-in unique kickstand support offers more steadinesses and avoids tip over.

Cord Protector checks the cord from getting detached from the housing.

The ergonomic comfort grip offers maximum comfort while being used for many hours.

This DeWalt 2000W heat gun is best for numerous applications such as extracting varnishes and paints, forming, shrinking and welding.

It works to a remarkable optimal temperature of 6000c and has a maximum airflow of 650 per minute.

The digital LED display is simple to read.

This tool is safe, efficient and enjoyable to use.

DeWalt 2000V heat gun has a unique kickstand for immense steadiness and enables the experts to use variable control for controlling the temperature.

The hanging ring, which is built-in, facilitates convenient storage.

This tool is light in weight, small and durable.

Separate Internal Components enable maintenance on the heating element and motor.

It weighs just 2.1 lbs.

Its metal belt guard, which is uniquely designed, enhances compressor pump cooling by even 60F compared to other designs of belt guard.

Huge capacity ASME certified tank of 80 gallons.

The DeWalt 2000W 240C is shipped with synthetic oil, to offer the best performance and durability.

It has a tank pressure gauge.


The DeWalt heat gun is suitable for the individual who adores and values their work. When you use it for work, you can be assured that you will attain the correct precision details.

This signifies that you save on energy and time. The most pleasing aspect is that you shall raise output level, in case you are a contractor.

The heat gunís design and construction are self-explanatory. DeWalt only aimed for superior quality, therefore producing an excellent tool for handymen and contractors!