DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw Review

Review of DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw consisting of 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity

Even though the woodwork is prone to be very tough, it can be lovely, particularly if you can obtain the right table to enable you to make cuttings that are accurate and appropriate. But, a majority of table saws do not have the necessary functions and options to have them considered as the most ideal in the market.

However, the DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site table saw, with 20-Inch Maximum RIP capacity is unique, compared to the competition.

Product Description

This resourceful 10-inch Job Site Table Saw from Dewalt consists of Modular Guarding Mechanism (Site-Pro) created for structures that are particular to the application and which produce fast and precise cuts.

It is a blend of portable design and strong motor of 15-amp together with a 20 inches big rib capacity. The saw is wholly equipped with the miter gauge, blade guards, a dependable 24-tooth as well as a carbide blade of 10-inch which will instantly take your projects off the ground. Also, the package has a push stick.

This article offers you a truthful review of DEWALT DW745 Table Saw. Hopefully, this will assist you to reach the correct decision.


Strong and Steady Performance

Because the DEWALT table saw presents a 15 amps great-torque motor, it can provide the strength you require for work such as splitting hardwood as well as lumber which is pressure treated.

Modular Guarding Mechanism (Site-Pro) of the site

Because of the Modular mechanism of Site-Pro, structuring the saw for numerous uses is incredibly simple, as it facilitates the tool- free enhancement of guarding components that are particular to the application.

The telescoping fence design enables shifting off the rails; even to 20î. Consequently, this will allow it to split whole layers of materials. Also, the design allows the saw to be withdrawn for portable design. As a result, it becomes simple to carry.

This saw offers huge rip capability and also consists of an optimal 3 and 1/8î (900 right angled) depth and 2 º inches (450). There is a coating on the table surface to facilitate an enhanced cut quality as well as decrease friction.

A base of metal roll provides enhanced resilience and also enables a strong structure. This differs from what bases made of the plastic offer.

Portable design enables it only to be utilized in any area

This is a notably light table saw and has a mass of only 45 pounds. This signifies that it is very effortless to shift it from the shop to the area where the work is carried out.

For other expediency, it has installed storage that makes it easy to access the Guarding components of Site-Pro as well as push stick in instances when it is not being utilized.

A useful Port of 2 Ω Inch

This is a wonderful port for gathering dust and can connect the vibrant saw to an exterior Shop-Vac. Due to this, removal of dust is efficient, and the work region becomes a lot tidier.

Remarkable Warranty

DEWALT offers you a warranty period of three years. In case you have any queries regarding the product, you can get in touch with the FAQs section or online owner manual for DEWALT.

You can contact the customer service through telephone, email or live chat, in case you have more concerns or questions.

Simple and enjoyable to utilize

It is incredibly ideal for splitting stock formulated for trim work as well as other factors. It is even possible for you to place it on your scaffold. It does not just make fencing simple but enjoyable as well. Its motor has immense strength.


Cleaning is effortless

People who are experienced in carpentry are aware that cleaning is a task that is involving and cleaning your workspace may be time to consume for you when getting rid of saw dust

But, the advantage with this saw is that it has a dust collection port which collects the dust for you. It remains in one section; therefore, cleaning becomes remarkably simple.

Wonderful for everyone!

The left blade tilt is pleasant for right-handed people or the ones who prefer bevel wheel, rip fence and blade arbor nut to be accessed efficiently through the right hand.

The presence of a left blade tilt offers other advantages, like being able to reach the distance indicator of the rip fence, particularly when dado blades are being stacked, since they stack near the fence.

It will be a simple job to reach for the cabinet interior and motor of the device if you require making modifications or extracting the arbor nut.

What does the box contain?

The box consists of the blade guard, carbide blades of 24-tooth, push stick and apparently, the DEWALT Table Saw.


Due to the rack and pinion fence available, the user can carry out fence modification fast, smoothly and precisely. It has telescoping fence rails that enable it to be removed easily so that it forms a package that is tiny and transportable.

The rip of 20 inches enables it to split and trim various materials effortlessly. Because it has a base of a metal roll, it offers more durability, compared to the plastic base. Blades can also be modified, from 0-450 to facilitate bevel applications.



Mainly, people complain that this saw cannot use dado blades. So, if you often use these kinds of blades, then this blade is not appropriate for you as it may present some issues.


Undoubtedly, this saw is the most ideal that you will come across in the market. It offers all the qualities you shall ever require in a saw. It is not only light and transportable but can cut through any hardwood material. It is strong as well as handy and is worth investing your money. To enjoy its benefits, buy it today, and you are guaranteed of getting satisfaction from it. This is because it consists of a lot of fabulous features and it caters to your every need, surpassing your expectations!

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