Did I ever Tell you about our trip to Virginia?


Back in November the hubby and I went out to Northern Virginia, because he was presented with a job opportunity with his current company and wanted me to come check out the area and get a feel of what it might look like to lived out there:0)…so I went.
We left Phoenix Monday morning and 4 and a half hours later we landed at Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia! I was in awe of how beautiful the areal view was. It was so different from Phoenix…lol. All you could see were trees…green, and yellow as the fall leaves begin to change color, it was so beautiful!


I even got to read this entire book
….it was AMAZING. {IN} courage book club book ! Thanks girls!
We stayed in Reston at the Hyatt right in Reston Town Center where we ate really REALLY yummy food and did tons of window shopping at my favorite stores. I didn’t pull the trigger on any major purchases…lol. BUT that didn’t stop me from having a great time. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery, straight out of a movie:0)


I couldn’t  wait to taste test the cute cupcake shop Red VELVET…and even though I am a BIG Sprinkles fan….this little shop was, (gulp) dare I say it…BETTER…so moist and the flavors popped in your mouth! Even the hubby said” This is the BEST cupcake I have ever had!”
We took the “train” into DC and walked our way around our Nations Capital! WOW! Everyone should go here at least ONCE in their life!
Below is Julia Child’s Kitchen display and the Ruby Slippers from Wizard of Oz!! I was so happy:0)
The National Museum of American History:

 IMG_1782_2990  IMG_1784_2992 IMG_1785_2993IMG_1783_2991 IMG_1780_2988
Then on to the pretty stuff:0)
 IMG_1791_2999 IMG_1792_3000 IMG_1790_2998
IMG_1793_3001 IMG_1794_3002 IMG_1797_3004  IMG_1808_3015 IMG_1810_3017 IMG_1813_3020IMG_1819_3026 IMG_1815_3022 
Virginia is for LoversWinking smile

FOOD..>>>>…Reggie and I are foodies…aka people who are entertained by food…oh lordy…. Reggie more than I:0)
   IMG_1853_3052     IMG_1863_3061       IMG_1728_2871 IMG_1725_2868
That sandwich was the most amazing thing on this earth. I still think about it! …You recognize my favorite breakfast?:0)
Speaking of good food, we got to visit Reggie’s dad, brother Raymar and his girlfriend Rebecca. They made the MOST delicious Cuban food the night we got in and topped it off with homemade chocolate cake. It was to DIE for! She was so kind enough to give me the recipe. Sorry to tease..no pictures:0(

For two days we got to ride a long with a realtor..who was the SWEETEST lady ever. She knew the area like the back of her hand and along with her kind heart and plethora? of knowledge, she was a home enthusiast just like me. We enjoyed looking at model homes, homes for sale and homes for RENT:0)
I fell in love with Loudon County…the city of Ashburn and the city of Brambelton…..just beautiful, and everything I imagined Virginia to be. We didn’t get to look at the more developed areas, that I REALLY wanted to see, you know the ones with charm and all the houses are defined by a unique front door:0) If we do move we will probably keep our home here and rent there for a while and see how we like it.  The area was A LOT smaller than Phoenix….Dc is only about 25 minutes from Reston and Reston is about 15-20 away from Ashburn…I think:0)

House Beauties…..

So overall I had a fabulous time with my hubby in a BEAUTIFUL state. Will we be moving, well it looks to be that way:0) BUT we will not have a final decision until later on. We are praying, seeking counsel from friends and family and just waiting until we know:0) In the mean while I am preparing to leave my home….the home I LOVE SO SO MUCH:0( BUT I am excited to possibly go on an amazing adventure with my little family. Coming from a girl who went to the same school k-8  and has lived in the same 1 mile radius for most of her life, this is CRAZY!
UPDATE:, all that fun and we ended up NOT taking the job. Just wasn’t right for us right now. Besides have you seen Phoenix this time of year??? :0)


  1. Im so glad that you enjoyed your visit to the East Coast! DC is a regally beautiful place (most parts… ;P) and it is rich in history! I hope your next trip to the EC will be NYC!? wink wink ! LOL PS.. So happy that you are still in PHX… thats much closer than DC for me! LOL love ya!

  2. Makes me want to visit – those pictures are great! You should be a photographer.

  3. whoa. just seeing those pictures makes ME wanna move there! ;)

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