Dirty Nikes and Red Heels-

So I am up to 1400+ pictures on my new camera…lol. I don’t see my self slowing down anytime soon! It’s just so much fun!!! I got a cute shot of the boys dirty Nikes lined up by the stairs. They all have the same AirForce Ones…dad’s idea of course. But something seemed to be missing…..
So I decided to throw my hot little {red} heels in the mix…

There…much better :0)


  1. cute shoes.

  2. Totally cute! I love it. Now that’s the way to show some Princess Power when you feel outnumbered by the boys. I know how you feel.

  3. Haha! Love it! :)

    Love Dana’s “princess power”! :)

  4. Thanks girls! Just trying to survive until I get my girl…well IF I get my girl:0)

  5. I love the red heals with the white kicks!…Too cute!

  6. love it! it is so cute and poetic all at once! Don’t worry… you WILL get your little princess! ;)

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