Einhell Hot Air Gun 2000 Watt Review

In case your aim is just to remove old stubborn paint or get rid of stickers and labels, your most ideal hot air gun is the Einhell 2000 Watt model. It consists of a couple of heat settings for varied operations. It is also affordable, long lasting and well balanced.

As the intention of the manufacturers was for it to be utilized by experts and DIY enthusiasts who are untrained, this heat gun is not heavy and is well balanced to decrease fatigue. If your aim is to work for many hours; for instance, the familiar picture of utilizing a heat gun on a massive staircase with numerous layers of paints then it’s useful.

Users who use it occasionally shall also enjoy similar advantages since it would be difficult for them to carry out their work well if the tool was not balanced and light in weight.

Outstanding Features

This tool has two heat settings fitted and is offered complete with various interchangeable heads, which enables it to make your task more flexible, as these functions allow you to choose a head, which is suitable for the application available.

Also, this tool is supplied comprehensively with a storage box for storage, which is simpler and safer, after you finish using it. With appropriate maintenance and care, the Einhell Hot Air Gun can endure for decades.

Would you be interested in utilizing this hot air gun? Perhaps your wish would be to manage defrosting water pipes. This is not as an issue when you utilize the EinHell 2000 for this. Simply ensure they are strictly GI piles, rather than plastic water pipes!

You can utilize it for reshaping plastic bumpers and foils, which is an extremely useful secondary use. Also, use it for heating and soldering bitumen, removing old paint from furniture and a lot more.


  • Suppleness is improved by offset nozzles
  • Well balanced and light to cater to the needs of all business and home users.
  • Available with a storage case as well as other accessories to facilitate years of helpful service
  • Good air flow and simple to handle.
  • This tool offers you a great experience whether your task is fast and easy, or heavy and full on.
  • Also, it improves saving as it is affordable and has numerous uses. So, you can make savings by avoiding purchase other tools like pipe formers and scrapers.
  • It is also available with numerous accessories such as more nozzles; so, it saves you the money you would have utilized in buying them. Other heat guns that are in the market do not have such a generous supply.

Features for Einhell Hot Air Gun 2000

  • There are two heat settings in the Einhell hot air gun; it is simple to change the setting during handling with one hand.
  • It is best for removing stickers and labels, removing ancient paint from furniture and de-icing water pipes that are frozen. Avoid heating up plastic pipes, heating tar, bitumen, tin and wax.
  • A warranty of 2 years is offered.

Information for Einhell -Hot Air 2000

  • A couple of heat settings
  • Offset nozzles for suppleness
  • Available with wide nozzle, heat nozzle and 22mm reducer nozzle as well as paint scraper and reflector nozzle.
  • Has storage case and transport
  • Mass ñ 1.3 kgs
  • 1000 watt or 2000 watt power
  • 240v power supply
  • 3500C/5500C
Exceptional Benefits of Einhell Hot Air Gun 2000

The RT-HA 2000 E hot air gun presents a superior quality, strong tool. When handled by an expert, it becomes an essential helper on tasks, which involve the extraction of old paint and lacquer, soldering, fixing plastic tubes, etc.

The temperature control that can be adjusted easily has three settings and air rate control that consist of 5 settings. This facilitates this toolís accurate adjustment to suit the needs of the specific work.

On display for LCD, you can view the present operating mode. The Hot Air Gun 2000 E has a gentle grip that offers an excellent holding experience and facilitates smooth operation.

A paint scraper is present to enable expert extraction of paint and lacquer from surfaces.

For optimal protection during operation, rubberized support points have been installed on this tool to ensure high steadiness. It is easy to change the setting using one hand when the operation is being carried out.

For use in construction, this Einhell HA2000 heat gun is best also for shrinking insulation hoses and tubes, bending PVC parts and plastics, or removing colors and points.

WW 2000R, the thermal wave heater presents a dependable heater for every room that lacks central heating. The Mica heating of superior quality offers a nice warm feeling, without making the room air too hot or producing horrible air disorders.

Because of the frost guard and electric thermostat function, the preferred temperature can be altered fast from 5-380 with a 2000-watt maximum heating power.

It is possible to read the proper operating state from the LCD which can be seen clearly and can be directly pre-chosen up to 24 h using the combined clock timer since it is simple to program the on/off time anytime.

The extra fan enables an equal circulation of the warm air as required, in huger rooms also. The heater (stand-alone) has a plastic housing of robust design that offers secure use since the thermal wave goes off automatically immediately it tilts.


The Einhell Hot Air gun is comprehensively equipped with each accessory required to offer an efficient job of removing paint from odd surfaces. Also, it can be utilized to soften glue, mold or bend plastic pipe, old wood, and light BBQs.

The two heat- settings available make it adjustable, enabling it to offer incredible outcomes. This makes this tool very useful to have. It comes with a 2-year guarantee from manufacturers. Overheating is controlled, as there is a temperature overload function that shuts the unit down immediately in case of overheating.

Handling this stool is enjoyable as the grip is soft. Nice extras are a carry case, 2m-cord length, Colour Rasper, Cone Nozzle, Deflector Nozzle and Fishtail Nozzle making it unique.

This item is an absolute must-have for everyone!

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