Essentials List for a Guest-Ready Bathroom {Sponsored by Kleenex}

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Hello Homelovers!

I always think it’s a good idea to have a some sort of essential list when your decorating your home. I don’t know about you but when I was first starting out in my own space, I always looked for lists. Back to school lists, biology class list, things for your dorm list. They give us a good snapshot  at some of the items that are necessary for different projects or in this case room. Everyone has at least ONE bathroom and whether you share that space with your entire family, or have a bathroom for each member of your family, there are certain things that are nice to have when you have guests over! Check out some of the essentials you might think about when decorating your guest bathroom!


Candles or Warmers

I LOVE when a guest bathroom smell delicious and welcoming! I always look forward to going into a candle lite space of my friends homes. Each one has their own unique scent and it really adds to the atmosphere of their space! In my bathroom I use a nightlight warmer! Perfect alternative for candles. My go to scents are anything with vanilla in it! I also a  fresh linen scent too!

Guest Bathroom-3


Hand Soap,Lotions and Smell Goods

I always run out of hand soap. I feel like my kids run through it so fast! For the everyday, I’m all about my super inexpensive kid friendly soap. But if we are having a party or entertaining family I like to use the “nice” soap. It smells so luxurious and sweet and it’s a real treat for our guests!

Anywhere there’s a sink, a bottle of lotion is a must!. A lightly scented moisturizer will keep your guest’s hands nice and smooth after they wash their hands! It’s also good to have a stash of spray cologne are anything that can quickly cover up odors:0)



Extra Papers

EKKK! No one want to ask their hostess for extra toliet! I’m SO guilty of this one! So to make it a bit easier I added a basket over the toiler so that just in case there’s none on the roll, they can use the extra stock. Having a nice stock of toilet paper, towels, and Kleenex Hand Towels makes it really easy on everyone! They can just help themselves!

Guest Bathroom-1-1

Guest Bathroom-5

Personal Decor

Guest are always looking around your home and the bathroom is no different. Adding flowers, pieces of art and anything personal makes your bathroom feel comfortable and cozy.

Simple crafts, plants and beach décor to add to the coziness of my guest bathroom. 

Guest Bathroom-1

Guest Bathroom 

  How’s your guest bathroom holding up! Are all the essentials there? What is a must have in your guest bath? Magazines, books,etc?

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  1. I totally agree, Destiny, on wanting to have a nice guest bathroom. Our guest bath is a “full bath” & gets used every day because it is located on the side of our home where we (The Man & I) spend a good part of our day. I “spiff” it up every morning with fresh hand towels & always make sure we have plenty of the good soap — I like to use it, too! I do have some really nice towels that I put out when we have company; and I have one of those cute plug-in Scentsy wax warmers to keep it smelling good. I can’t imagine what it was like for our ancestors who had to use out-houses, but I think I probably would have been adding fresh wildflowers every day & always making sure there were plenty of “old catalogs” — wink, wink!


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  3. My bathroom is so incomplete, thanks for the list Destiny. I love your blog!

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