Every now and then…

Every now and then one of my friends wants to hire me to take pictures for their family. I almost always say no, because ONE, I am not a professional and I have no idea what I am doing and I would never want to give them something BLAH when they wanted  something GREAT!!!! Two, it’s a lot to shoot and edit everything with babies in between:0)…I just don’t have the time!!! But my dear friend Kim, sent me a sweet message asking if I would take pictures of her and her daughter for her birthday…and she insisted on “donating” for my time…lol, even offered to get me a sitter!!!! Well it was a win win, because I really don’t feel comfortable charging anyone for my services but I know if I were to hire a friend I would want to give them something in return for their time also! So I got to practice my hobby and get a little shopping money too!!!! lol!

These two were just sooo beautiful together!!! It got me thinking about me and my baby girl:0) So sweet! Kim just wanted me to do some everyday shots of her and Lily including some BEAUTIFUL nursing shots! Which we both have a passion for!







So much fun….I might do this more often:0)


By the way, I’ve been fighting a little stomach bug…hopefully I will start to feel better here soon:0) I have a couple of projects to  finish and share:0)


  1. You should! I ALWAYS say you should! LOVE your pics!

  2. Great job! I LOVE the one where she’s sitting by the window. Adorable.

  3. Hi Destiny!
    I just thought I would let you know I now have a “Ive been featured” button if your still interested..
    And great job on the pics..

  4. Beautiful pics Destiny!!! I have pictures of me nursing Eden and its PRICELESS!!! You should do it as a hobby/side gig for some always needed shopping $$$$!!!! LOL ;)

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