Everyone loves a little secret;0)

Including me.
I got a card from Victoria( I call her by her first name)  for a free panty…(stop laughing like a school girl!!! We can talk about delicates here! We all wear them:0) These just happen to be super cute! and comfy and um FREE…lol. Which makes it 10x better. Sign up on their mailing list…go…go ahead.
The Ruched Bloomer:0)
IMG_1011_2177 copy
Along with that they sent me a $10.00 off any purchase. So after dragging my husband in the most uncomfortable store…for him…lol and making him smell just about EVERY scent there was, I picked out this YUMMY scent to add to my little perfume collection. This is actually a body spray, but you know what I mean.
Fresh Strawberry and Almond Milk….the Beauty Rush LineIMG_1013_2179 copy
I like to smell like food..sweet food, for some reason. I think it all started with Jessica Simpsons line when I was in college:0) Remember that line she came out with and everything smelled like dessert!…OMGosh golly goodness. OBSESSION!
Well I picked up a bottle for you too:0) Because, well, I like you and want you to smell good to. Then you will be irresistible..to all who come in contact with you…lol
So here is the dealeeeO.
1.) Leave me a comment about YOUR favorite scent. So then I can write them down and try them all out…lol
2.) Blog about my giveaway on your BLOG and link back to this post.
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  1. I actually love the smell of Adidas

  2. I love Demeter’s Kahala line in Hawaiian Surf – like an instant vacation!

  3. My favorite scent is Clinique HAPPY and has been for a very long time!


  4. I LIKE “A Place for US” on FB!


  5. I’m behind reading blogs! Grr! You are doing a much better job updating than I am! Actually, I’m bored with it. LOL Blogging, that is. FYI – Cailyn’s room is now going to be TURQUOISE, red & pink. Yep. I got her a rockin’ turquoise comforter @ Kohl’s! Love!

    Ok, on to your post. My favorite perfume? Mackie & Chanel. Always. :)

  6. My fave current scent is Jessica Simpson Fancy!!

    But, my all time that fave, an old stand by is Coco Chanel Mademosielle

  7. I have two favorites Hypnose and Miracle by Lancome. I absolutely love them together.

  8. I “LIKE” A Place for us on FB!

  9. I love “breathe happiness”. Bath and Body Works used to sell it, but it’s discontinued. I only have one bottle left!

    My other favorite is Dolce and Gabbana’s “light blue”.

  10. My favorite is Love by VS!

  11. I “Liked” a Place for Us on FB!

  12. i really like bath and body works’ summer vanillas line in the lemon vanilla
    i have the cooling body spray and its amazing! besides for smelling great and the smell lasting long it cools u down when you spray and it on and when it gets really hot during the day u can feel it tingling you skin.
    wigsla at gmail dot com

  13. I LOVE Juicy Couture’s perfume…it’s the only perfume I’ve ever purchased and then worn consistently for longer than…like…two weeks or so.

  14. I love White Musk by The Body Shop! :)

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! :)


  15. I’m a follower!


  16. Ooooh – I too love perfume! I’m not sure I have an ALL TIME favorite, but I do adore Falling in Love, by Philosophy. You go, girl, with your Victoria bag!!! ;)

  17. I’m following you now!! :)

  18. And now I ‘like’ you on FB!! :)

  19. I like DKNY Delicious and Bath and Body Works Peony.

  20. Now a Google Friend Follower!

  21. i love VS love spell and bath and body works coconut lime verbena and twilight woods. my fav from bath and body works id brown sugar and fig which, of course they dont carry anymore!!

  22. Love VS Amber Romance!

  23. New follower!

  24. I “LIKED” you on facebook.

  25. I love Usher for men on my man. Same Category? Does that work? lol

  26. I love Victoria’s Sweet Temptation :)

  27. Fav secnt is Clinique Happy! This stuff sounds like it smells so good! We do not have Victoria Secret here though…bummer!!

  28. I am now a follower!

  29. I have “LIKED” you on Facebook! I did not know you had a page!

  30. My favorite is Victoria’s Secret Refreshing Body Mist in “Love Spell” so delicious!!

  31. I found you on FB!

  32. so sweet….I LOOOOOVE Angel by Thierry Mugler:)

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