Family Room Updated..

 So 11 months later are family room is starting to  feel nice and cozy:0)
Here is our room before we moved in…..

and After……

(for some reason this picture makes the room look BIG. It is a large room but it looks much more COZY in person:0) )

  • The seashell canvas pictures are from Ross.
  • The two little planters Craigslist.
  • Random lanters..HomeGoods,Target,Ross
  • Shelves… Hobby Lobby
Just about everything was bought at a discount. Actually everything was bought at a discount
  • Lamp:Marshalls
  • Vase:Micheals
  • Table:Garage Sale..They are from Ikea and are actually nightstands:0) Got them for 10.00!
  • Pillows..JcPenny Chris Madden…love HER!
  • Mirror-Target
  • Wreath-Micheals

I had planned on making some floor pillows because if we aren’t on the couch then we’re on the floor. But I found these ones at Target for 8.00. Perfect addition:0)

  • Number 5: Ross
  • Shelves: Hobby Lobby
  • Mirror: TJMaxx
  • Candle Holders: Ross
  • Metal Basket: Garage Sale
  • Sofa Table: Craigslist…Pottery Barn:0)
 The Board and Batten was done a couples project:0) Reggie and I put it up in one night and I finished it off with caulking and painting. I primed 3/4 of the wall with Kilz Sealer. Then painted it white…I forget the color:0) We put it in right when we moved in last year and during that time there wasn’t alot of information on the internet on how to do it…BUT these sights really gave me all I needed…
They both give GREAT step by step directions! Check them out!!!!
So there you have it!
So far so good…here are the things I still want to get done….

I still haven’t decided on shutters for the windows or woven shades…’s almost been a YEAR lol!!! I can’t believe the previous owners took all the coverings…:0(
Are you guys still waiting on part 2 of Alivya’s nursery? I’m still workin on it…and I will have pictures soon!


  1. SOOOOO gorgeous. Lucky family!!

  2. Ooh! It looks great!!!!

  3. That’s it. I’m coming over and bringing a chick flick. I sooo want to hang out in this room.

  4. Destiny I love love love what you’ve done! I love your style….its cozy and reminds me of a classic yet chic beach house somewhat! I have a beautiful picture of a old lake with vintage boats ( pic in sepia), what are your thoughts on drawing from this pic!? I remember you said its best to take inspiration from the pic right!? I’m gonna try to but would love to hear what you think! ;-) keep being fabulous! I’m loving looking at your reveals!

  5. So beautiful!

    Where did you get your white end table?

  6. I’m in love! Especially love the board and batten! Pulls the room in and makes it so warm and cozy!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Love the room it looks sooo nice!!!


  9. Beautiful! The niches, are they totally open? Are those the hallway doors I see thru them? Love niches!! There’s just one more thing you need to do. See your tree? Get it out of that wicker basket & into a hoppin’ pot! LOL Love the room. So warm & cozy! :)

  10. Beautiful! Your living room looks so wonderful.

  11. Looks awesome! Love how deep your family room is. Mine is a big (well, more like medium) cube. Only so much you can do with a square room…or there lack of room! ;)

  12. ABSOLUTELY LOVE the house! Can’t wait to see in person one day soon!

  13. Beautifully done Destiny!

    Many Blessings,

  14. I love the look. You have a talent girl.

  15. Hi! I LOVE your style! I have 2 questions for you (if you have time)… 1) what is the fabric you used for your yellow/gray pillow on your couch? I LOVE it! 2) did you ever figure out the curtain fabric you were looking for? I am curious to see what it’s called! It’s so cute! Thanks so much!!

  16. Thanks girls!
    @katie…the pillow is actually blue and tan…lol…poor lighting in that picture!!! lol…and I got it at homegoods awhile ago! As far as the fabric, still can’t find it! So if you do PALEASE let me know!!!!

  17. Wow~instant personality! It looks amazing~you have so much talent for this.

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