For A Friend:0)

Tracee, Me and her sister Aimee
Just wanted to let you guys know that I have a friend that is need of our prayers! My dear friend Tracee over at AsforMeandMine recently gave birth to her first baby boy Gavin:0) He was born prematurely due to preclampsia that was diagnosed around her 22 week. He is here and they are so very happy to be parents and are in need of our prayers so that our Lord will heal is sick tiny lungs. Please visit her. Read their story from beginning to the end. Then take them into your heart. It won’t be hard:0) She’s such a great girl and I love her to pieces! We’ve know each other for sometime now..volleyball, college, teaching….the list goes on! But I know how much she has wanted to be a mother….and she is doing a great job at loving her little guy and covering him with the unfailing love of Christ! 


  1. Beautiful story…thier family will definately be in our prayers…God bless them and thier family!

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