Happy Father’s Day….

One thing I’ve learned since quitting my job as a first grade teacher and serving my family full time, is that you should surround yourself and your family with things you love. Decor that represents who you are!  So many times I have bought something just to fill a space on the wall….picking something out that was nice, not because I loved it….not because it made me feel a certain way…but just because I needed something right there.  But what ends up happening is that you take it down, store it in the garage for, ohhhhh 8 months and finally give it away:0) I promised myself in this house and attempting to make a cozy and warm place for us, I would use decor that I loved, that represented our family, and also told a story:0)

When Reggie and I had our first little guy Kel, he couldn’t wait to take us to his hometown, San Juan, Puerto Rico to visit his dad,aunt, uncles, cousins and his Mimi…


*Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. It’s citizens have all the voting rights and benefits of American citizens. So YES Reggie is an American citizen. :0) You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t know that! lol!

She cooked us lots of yummy food, spent sometime with her 4th great grandchild and we all made some special moments:0) But about 5 months later Reggie’s Mimi passed away. Reggie was so heart broken as so was the rest of his family. While he was out there to lay her to rest he was able to pick up some things from her house to remember her by. One of the things he ended up taking  was her set of keys. He told me that he remembered visiting his grandmother every summer and her shuffling to the gate to open it up for them. He could remember the jingle along with her smile as she greeted them at the door. I remember him telling me this story and being in awe of the love he had for her.

So the other day while I was cleaning out the kitchen drawers I found her keys. I knew I couldn’t just toss them because they meant so much to Reggie, but it was such a shame to keep them in a drawer for another year, so I decided to put them on display in our home and gift them to him as a special Father’s Day gift.  And  if anyone every asked what they were or what “this” was, Reggie could proudly tell the story of his Mimi and how special she was to him.

I order some vinyl lettering from Miss Shelley , used some 1×3’s from a left over project, some brass hooks, paint and went to work!

IMG_0288_0481_edited-1 IMG_0289_0482_edited-1 IMG_0290_0483_edited-1 IMG_0291_0484_edited-1 IMG_0292_0485_edited-1 IMG_0293_0486_edited-1IMG_0295_0487_edited-1

    IMG_0309_0494_edited-1   IMG_0310_0495_edited-1

I had know idea what the keys were from so I just imagined what she must have used them for. In the bunch of bronze keys there was one big silver key….I imagined it was a key she left for us all…..the key to HEAVEN…always attainable…always available. All we have to do is accept Jesus into our hearts, pick up the cross and follow him!IMG_0308_0493_edited-2

I am still looking for the perfect spot to display her keys but  for now it hangs in our living room for all to see! Reggie stared at it for awhile reminiscing about his childhood and the Puerto Rico summers with his Mimi:0)

Happy Father’s Day, to a man that is such an inspiration to me and my biggest fan, an amazing father and a man who is after God’s own heart…love you babe:0)


  1. Beautiful!! What a touching story and a perfect gift. You are an amazing wife and friend to your hubby :)

  2. AMAZING! I love it!
    It turned out so cute! What a great personal touch!

  3. Love it! Such a great idea! Love it even more because it means so much to your family.. So sweet <3

  4. DESTINY! Reading this just moved me to tears! I could feel the love in your words… This project is a testiment of the love of a wife (a mans true BESTFRIEND) I just know Reggie was delighted! What a special gift! :)

  5. What an incredibly sweet post & decor idea!!!! Brought tears to my eyes!!!!

  6. Oh thank you for sharing this story. I strive for the same thing; purposeful and meaningful decorating. I am also looking for lettering like that so will use your link and head over and get some for myself. Thanks!

  7. Very special….

  8. Almost speechless at this one. Just wow. :)

  9. What a wonderfully special gift for your husband. It’s lovely!

  10. Thanks for checking out my Subway Sign and commenting :-)

    I love your home! The keyboard idea is fabulous too. I am your newest follower.


  11. What an amazing Father’s Day gift! So much better than clothes or a tool … or something else to just take up space! =)

  12. How special! I love it!

  13. You are brilliant, and creative and so thoughtful!!! Very touching.

  14. I can’t tell you how much I love that. It’s beautiful.

  15. This is so sweet. That is such a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I got teary eyed reading it. I can really tell you love your husband and you two have a very caring relationship :-) Great job!

  16. Very Cute!!!

  17. I was so moved by your thoughtfulness! May God bless you and your family!

  18. This is so cute! At first, I thought, “WHY are you labeling your keys. It would be so much easier for people to steal something.” Then I read on… Very cute!

  19. Just read this again, and it’s so beautiful! I love adding personal things to your home that mean something, this has a beautiful story.

  20. Hi Destiny! You probably won’t even see this comment, but I thought I’d leave it anyway. I just read your guest post on The Handmade Home and wandered over to check out your blog. I LOVE this post. This is such a sweet way for your husband to remember Mimi, and what a great way to have a visual reminder for your kids of the simple truth of Jesus’ love. You’ve got a new follower :)

  21. Destiny, this was such a sweet and thoughtful way to remember husband’s mimi.

  22. I just found the picture of your gallery wall and the keys caught my eye. I had to come to your blog to see what each one said. I love it. What a thoughtful and wonderful way to cherish her memory. Thanks for sharing. I am going to check out the rest of your beautiful blog.

  23. What a beautiful way to treasure a memory. Thanks for sharing this story ad idea!

    (Found your blog via The Handmade Home…I’ve enjoyed snooping around!)



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