He curls his toes

This is a favorite shot I did the other day. My hubby is always talking about how big Kel’s feet are. He seems to be quite obsessed with his little toes and is always telling me that by looking at his feet he knows he’s going to be 6 ’2 :0) basketball height or wide receiver:0)
Well I got a little close up of big boy’s feet and I can’t tell how tall he’s going to be or which sport he will pursue……all I know is that he looks so cute when he curls his toes….

Thank you God for allowing my eyes to see the small things:0)


  1. Destiny! These are awesome pics!!!! I did some feet pics of me and the girls and it didn’t come out as cute! LOL ;) I will try to doctor them up with my Photoshop! LOL Thanks to you! You are doinf awesome with your cam! keep it up and there will be Photography by Cupsidy! LOL I love your creativity…

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