4 months later! and I’m back! As you last heard Reggie and I are expecting another baby and guess what it is!!! A GIRL!!! Yeah! I am so glad I got pregnant during girl season! lol! EVERYONE I know is have a little girl!!! Well you know how excited I am after having two amazing little guys! As soon as we were told the news I started thinking about her nursery. At first I wanted to do the traditional PINK….because well she is a girl. I wanted soft and feminie pretty and sweet sophisticated and luxurious all wraped up in one little bow! Don’t get me wrong I still want all of those things but instead of going with PINK….which has taken me forever to make up my mind, I decided to go with the untraditonal colors, yet still girly of lilac and sage aka PURPLE AND GREEN! I thought that would be some what different and I would still be able to have all of those things I wanted in the room!! Check out some of the things I was thinking about….

This is the crib that we purchased for her 3 days after we found out what we were having! It the Stanley Isabella Crib by Young America! You can find it on PoshTots! I found mine on craigslist for a fraction of the cost and it was in PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT condition! What a steal!

Ohhh how I heart this chandelier! Perfect fot the HER room! I found this one a PoshTots too!

PoshTots again! The color scheme is right on with what I want! The bummer is that this beautiful little hand made set is 800+ smackers! :-( I did find a place that I can have something like this made for about 300 though, which is still alot! Hey you never know, I might just have my mom help me tackle another sewing project…how hard could it be!?…lol

This one is just as sweet and much more affordable…and you can acutally customize the color scheme anyway you like! My girl Alexia found this site for her crib set and told me to take a look! Glad I did!!! The colors are wonderful! Babybedding.com

I also looking for some BIG FAT BOWS!! :0) Can’t wait to have one in every single color…lol…this should be fun!!!


  1. wow.. if anyone can pull off an amazing baby room it’s destiny! i wish i had the money and creativity that you do with your house! man!

  2. Your back! lol I thought I saw you getting ready to blog while I was visiting! lol ;) So, now I really need to get back into it! I love your nursery theme and I can just see your excitement about welcoming the new baby girl to the Alfonso family! You are gonna have sooooo much fun with your little princess! She will be a fashionista just like her momma! lol Can’t wait to se it all come together!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am just so excited. I am so thankful God is blessing you with a little girl! Her room will be straight out of a pottery barn kids catalog…can’t wait to see it!

    See you soon! xoxo

  4. Wow! Congrats girl! You are a baby making machine :) So happy for you and your husband!

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