HEY! WHAT?….I’ve been busy you guys




I’m replacing all my before drapes with my FAVORITE drapes from JCPenney:0) NOW most people would pass these up judging by the PICTURE alone! LOL! But, I draped my windows in my old house with these in a linen color(pinch pleat) and now I’m ordering them in cream for 4 big windows!


Best budget advice. Order a set or two every two weeks;0) These drapes are a steal I tell you at at 80.00 a pair for 108 inches… pure loveliness! BUT replacing all four BIG windows can be expensive if you do it all at once!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these drapes:0) They have a gazillion colors too. The ones I had in my Buckeye home had a linen look to them during the day but a night it has this gorgeous sheen!


I LOVED banding the old ones in that paisley fabric…but remember, I couldn’t find it anymore:0( So I will be doing the same things to these pretty drapes! Can’t wait to show you guys! So EASY and gives your drapes a “custom”touch:0)



Still working on this room:0) Picking drapes, and RUGS and couple of new chairs:0)


{Painting and Redoing}

Found this pretty table at Savers for 7.00 primed it and now painting it.


and turning my mess of an office..into an inspiring place to dream and design:0)


Oh…and it’s Summer:0)


I can’t wait to share some of this stuff with you!!!

Look for me this summer guest posting over at DOWNEASTHOME blog! I’m so excited to be working with such a awesome company! Look at this ruffled shirt I got from the clothing line….

so flirty!

Oh and towards the end of the month I will be guest posting for two of my favorite bloggers…JEN from Scissors and Spatulas!

and Natalie from Design to the Nines!


  1. Can you get me the UPC or the names of them… so I can order them…:) I need white @ 108 in…So It is perfect! Thx!


  2. I like your headband, where’s it from!? :)

  3. hi Destiny, good luck with your projects. you have such a gorgeous home. your children are adorable. you mentioned that you were picking out drapes for your living and dining room. i ordered drapes online from jcpenney too and i couldn’t be happier. here’s the link in case your interested, i ordered the curry and seedpearl.

  4. Lookin’ good girl! Thanks for the shout out! Can’t wait for your post!

  5. Your babies are adorable! Can’t wait to see the finished Savers table

  6. I’ve been so busy and I’ve missed out on so much!!! I love the drapes. I found some from Ikea for about the same price and same length but they don’t have a good choice of colors. I must check out JC Penney. Love the pic of you. Too cute!

  7. Oh my LOVE!! You are so cute!

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