Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw Review

Hitachi C15FB Miter Saw Review

Hitachi C15FB 15-Amp 15-Inch Miter Saw


Hitachi is a company that’s known for producing pretty powerful and reliable power tools. Their extensive line of table and miter saws are pretty popular in the construction and remodeling world, mainly because they’re able to withstand heavy daily use without breaking a sweat. This model is more geared towards professional use, but if you spend plenty of time in your workshop or you’re doing some serious remodeling around the home, then this is one miter saw you can’t do without.

Most models of miter saws will include a ten inch or twelve-inch carbide tipped blade, but the Hitachi C15FB miter saw comes with an impressive fifteen-inch blade, designed for the biggest and toughest sawing jobs. When you need a saw that can handle those heavy duty jobs, this Hitachi saw is the device you turn to.

Fifteen Inch Miter Saw by Hitachi Overview and Features

This saw is powered by a fifteen amp motor at 3,4000 RPM, which allows the saw to easily slice through a wide range of materials including soft plastics, hardwood, decorative veneer, and plywood, just to name a few. This saw can cut through materials that are almost five inches thick and over seven inches wide.

For additional stability and support, this saw also comes with an extension guide, which will allow you to cut longer pieces. The center beam support is also designed to increase precision and accuracy for all your angles and cuts.

You’ll also love the six positive miter detents for the most commonly used angles in both the right and left direction. These detents include zero, fifteen, twenty-two, thirty, forty-five, and fifty-seven degrees. The stop feature will allow you to make precise and continuous cuts throughout your materials.

This is also a user-friendly model and it comes with an easy to read miter index which will quickly allow you to choose the right angle for the job. The side handle allows for faster adjustment of table angles.

The saw features a comfortable grip handle with a conveniently located trigger switch so you can switch the saw off and on easily. For improved safety, the saw also comes with a lock off switch that keeps the trigger locked in place when it’s not in use. Additionally, the electric brake will prevent the blade from spinning as soon as the trigger is released.

In this package, you’ll also get a vise assembly, wrench, extension guide assembly, and dust bag.

The saw’s carbon brush can be accessed easily, allowing you to change the brush in order to keep your saw working efficiently, for longer.

This Hitachi saw comes with a five-year extensive warranty.

Hitachi Miter Saw Pros and Cons

Pros: One of the saw’s best features is the large fifteen-inch blade, which will allow you to slice through wider and longer materials compared to any other miter saw. Eleven miter stops will allow you to produce more accurate slices and angles. The swing arm features an up and down adjustment so the blade can practically start at the vertical position. Most pros can agree that the miters on this saw are extremely accurate. One thing about this saw that really stood out to us was the fact that it’s able to cut trim and molding while standing vertically. This is definitely not a common miter saw feature and it’s one that will prove to be useful for bigger jobs. Because it’s able to do this, you won’t have to lift your workpiece off the workbench in order to get the right cut.

This type of saw can be a pretty dangerous tool and because of this, safety is always a big concern. This saw features a sturdy frame that offers outstanding stability, while the vise assembly located at the bottom of the saw can be used to securely hold workpieces to the end of the fence. When you’re working with wider materials the extension wings add more than enough support for the right amount of safety. The trigger switch is another safety feature worth mentioning. It works to automatically engage the electric brake once the trigger has been released, stopping the blades within just a couple of seconds.

The debris deflection guard works to keep particles and sawdust and other debris away from the cutting surface. The dust bag also does a decent job of reducing the amount of fine sawdust.

The gear case center beam support will also help you to make accurate cuts, and it’s perfect for use when you’re working with longer workpieces.

Cons: One common complaint about this model was the weight, which is at fifty-five pounds. But we’ve taken a look at models heavier than this Hitachi that didn’t offer nearly a fraction of the sawing power. For a miter saw, this is a decent weight. Most miter saws feature a horizontal handle, but this model comes with a vertical handle. This can type of change will take a little getting used to.

If this is simply too much saw for you, and you’re looking for a solid twelve-inch model, the DWS780 DEWALT double bevel sliding compound miter saw is reasonably priced and is the perfect option for handling jobs of all sizes around the home.

Final Thoughts on the Hitachi C15FB

Given the solid frame and innovative design, it’s obvious that this is a saw that’s built to last and make precision cuts. The miter index is easy to read so you’ll be able to find the angle you need quickly. The table angle is super adjustable thanks to the conveniently located side handle. This is a true high-performance model that offers impressive results. The saw delivers unparalleled cutting capacity when it comes to the type of materials it’s able to easily slice through. From concrete and plastics to wood and aluminum, no material will be safe around this Hitachi.