I love a good deal…

So the other day Livy Girl and I strolled into my local Michaels’ Craft store with our extra 20% off coupon determined to find something pretty and girly …for her little nursery:0) After about an hour or so going back and forth and a cart full of goodies, including these branches…


(Don’t mind the paint sample in the back..:0)

I picked up this pretty, girly, little cream scrolled stand and glass piece:0) The price said 14.99. I was thinking it was probably 50% off even though it didn’t say, which would make it about 7.50 and with an extra 20% off …I’ll take it!


As I handed it to the lady to scan I told her I wanted to know if it was 50% off. She took it, scanned it and it came up for .01 . She said it was probably a mistake so she called in her manager and she said that these items were suppose to be gone , but she could sell it to me for….. 50 cents!!! What, huh! You know I almost peed my pants when I heard 50 cents come out of her mouth. The whole check out was a blur cause all I could think about while I was swiping my card was … “There are about 4 more over there…should I get them? But I feel bad…50 cents….noooo I can’t do that…But why, someone else is gonna get them Destiny…your gonna miss out…turn around right now and go get them.” lol

SO I finished paying, went to my car with the same conversation in my head, put my things in my car and…… went back:0) Swooped those suckers up and paid my $2.20 cents for theseIMG_0320_0505_edited-1……two were missing glass, but lets be real, I wasn’t gonna get all picky!!  I plan on using them around her room to display some items or flowers. Then placing a couple in the guest bathroom upstairs:0) 

Always love a good deal and this one was a BIG ONE! So my advice to you is ….always ASK (the worse thing they can say is no) and go with your instincts or you just might miss out like I did!!! 

Any steals from you lately?? Please share:0)



  1. You’re so lucky to score that deal! I had the same thing happen at Micheals with some black wooden candle stands. They were a little damaged but nothing I couldn’t overlook for 50 cents. I seriously like them better without the glass anyway. Have you considered making a multi-tier one? Oh the possibilities are endless…


  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s all.

  3. Destiny girl! Great score!!!! I love finding awesome deals like that! Tish scored a calphalon knife set (you know those are expensive) for .01 last year when Linens n Things was going out of biz! We found it way up on a shelf all by its lonesome self and asked to get it down and when we wen to the register it rang up for .01!! Tish’s face was PRICELESS! LOL She was like that lady in the Ikeas commercial…screaching out of the lot like she stole somrthing! LOL ;P

  4. Wonderful story. Everyone loves a bargain especially when they are so cute. Thanks for stopping by to see our kitchen. Jane F.

  5. Those are so pretty, what an awesome deal! Now I’m wondering if my Michael’s might have any left!!!

  6. just wanted to say, those stands are ADORABLE! i’m SOOO jealous (but in a “if you ever want to get rid of them, here’s my address, thanks you’re the best” kinda way!) and those branches are really pretty too…i might have to pick up something like those!

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