It’s true…I save furniture:0)

Have you girls been to Target lately…well if you have then you might have seen this GEEeee or gous zebra bench they have on display, along with a bright banana yellow color scheme! It looks like so much fun, YELLOW and BLACK! When I laid my eyes on this bench it was like love at first sight…I think I even went home and imagined her sitting in my house nestled in a little corner…a reading corner:0) Its a 50.00 bench that’s been on my mind for a longggg time! Should I get it should i get it SHOULD i get it……but 50.00? Do you know what I can do with 50.00??? lol
Anyway…..while she was in the back of my mind I headed out garage sailing with my mom and friend  into a community garage sale near us….I found TONS of cute stuff…a 5.00 outdoor loveseat…..a 5.00 iron airplane for the boys room….a 3.00 towel rack for our bathroom and…..then. I. saw. HER……
a 2.00 dollar bench( I already started to tear it apart in this pic! lol )…so torn up, so worn, yet so beautiful…so I rescued her.
You already know where this is going…..BUT instead of sanding and painting her Black and giving her a cute little zebra jacket to wear. I decided to do the same thing in CHOCOLATE. I have a thing for chocolate zebra prints these days:0) SO I headed over to Joann’s picked up 1 yard of 6.00 fabric, a can of primer and Leather Brown spray paint from Walmart for about 6.00! Headed out to the garage and in a matter of hours she went from worn and torn…to THIS.
Sweet and Sexy:0)
So yes…some people resuce animals…maybe even people…but me. I rescue furniture:0) What have you rescued latley?


  1. that looks beautiful! great job! I rescued a dresser for my little girl’s room and re did it!

  2. That is so great, that litte bench was just waiting for you to give it a new life!! lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lve the bench it’s so cute!!!

  4. Gotta love it when everything woks out and you save money! It is so sexy.

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