Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K2 Compact offers an ideal washer for cleaning your vehicle or bike.

Main Features

  • 110 Bar Pressure
  • 360/1 water flow
  • 4 m hose length
  • Air-cooled motor
  • 1400 watts

This model is inclusive of Vario Lance, T150 Patio Cleaner, and Dirtblaster. The variation between Karcher K2 Compact and Karcher K2 Compact home is the inclusions and unit. The specification is similar; the difference with this model is that the T150 Patio Cleaner is included in Karcher K2 Compact Home.


The specification reflects this as an entry-level model. The central figures are the 110 bar pressure which is powered by an air-cooled motor of 1400 watt, emitting a 360 1/h water flow. If you contrast this with an item found in the Karcher range, these are low; however, this is determined by your use.

Karcher K2 Compact has sufficient power to handle vehicle cleaning, washing the furniture at your patio or washing leaves from your pathway. This modelís water flow is 360/1h, which is low.

Therefore, the quantity of water being propelled out is not as high as for other models in similar price range. This signifies that cleaning your vehicle might take a bit more time and a rise in this shall make an impact.


The Karcher K2 pressure washer for home and vehicle is not just lightweight and compact; also, it presents a punch at an 110-pressure bar with a motor of 1400 watt. Also, it has a variety of accessories for multiple jobs.

The machine has a very robust motor that has an air-cooling mechanism installed. This assists in allocating fresh cool air to the motor each time the device is in use. A cool motor signifies the washer is durable. The waterís pressure is very great, making it efficient to wash your vehicle or garden furniture.

The Karcher K2 home pressure washer has an automatic start & stop motor. Therefore, the machine can tell the best time to turn off the motor. Also, the pressure washer has a twistable on/off switch that is rubber coated and shockproof.

Storage is present also, on the Dirt-Blaster, One Way Lance and electrical cable. There are many slots for each and a detergent pipe also, which is ideal for washing more dirt; the washer presents a detergent suction tube.

It is reasonably priced, compared to a lot of its counterparts and does not leave a dent in your pocket! It is an ideal offer since numerous accessories are availed, as well as a new kit, and you do not require purchasing them separately.

As the name suggests, the K2 Compact lacks wheels; however, it is sufficiently tiny and light to be transported around in a simple manner. It has a couple of clips also, for simple storage of attachments.


The Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer (Air-Cooled) includes:

One Way Lance: A water pressure contact flow is provided by this accessory, which can be utilized to wash patios, outdoor furniture, bicycles, and vehicles. The persistent flow assists to obtain even washing all through the area.

Dirt Blaster: In case you are not satisfied with the cleaning carried out by the lance, you can opt for the dirt blaster. This has a revolving nozzle and a lot stronger water pressure. According to the company, the nozzle offers more power by 50%. It is possible to remove all types of stains and sticky dirt for your pathway.

T150 Patio Cleaner: A lot of entry-level washers lack a patio cleaner; however, there is a patio cleaner in the Karcher K2 in its list of accessories.

High-Pressure Hose: The hose of 4m is easy to link to the jet as well as the main pump. This length is ideal for washing the vehicle. It is vital to realize that the hose of high pressure originates from the pressure washer to the spray gun. You shall require a hosepipe that runs from your water butt or garden tap and links to the unitís input. This is excluded.

Optimal Performance

Considering it is a model pressure washer of entry level, it is effective enough to make your vehicle shine. It is compact, light in weight and simple to set up.

It is sufficiently strong to get rid of dirt from your vehicle, as well as blemishes on your alloys. It is not too powerful to cause destruction to any paintwork.

If you want to use it for cleaning your driveway or patio, it is advisable to check the next enhanced models, such as K4 or K5. The higher pressure is going to create a huge difference.

You can use the K2 to wash your patio, though it will take some time due to the low pressure. But, the K2 is ideal for cleaning the car and bike, washing garden furniture, getting rid of leaves from your patio as well as cleaning small patios and pots.


It is superb and an ideal machine for tinier home gardens, cars, bicycles and small patios. For this machine, the firm offers a 2-year guarantee, which offers great security to this investment. This warranty provides a cover against everything, such as being faulty or faults in quality and material.

If you also want to wash your patio as well, it is greatly recommended that you check the next model up, the K4 which is stronger and perhaps more suitable if you plan to wash your vehicle each week.

It costs about £80 that is a great value and a fantastic investment if you desire to utilize it to wash your vehicle every month. As an initial pressure washer, this presents an efficient starter and entry model. It is easy for you to buy more attachments that will function with other models as well, in case you choose to upgrade in future.

It is a top seller on Amazon UK, is well built with good entry specs, making it a winner for any buyer who is buying a pressure washer for the first time. It offers great value and wonderful investment; therefore, you are certainly on point!