Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review


Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review

As the latest famous pressure washer brand for 2016, Karcher has enhanced their fabulous K4 pressure washer with new features as well as a new innovative design while still sustaining its attractive yellow hued outside casing.

If you reside in the UK or any other section of the globe which experiences the harmful climate that emits dirt, you require something that will make it easier for you to clean your house.

Clients, who are searching for the simplest manner of maintaining cleanliness in the vehicles they drive and the surroundings they live, need to buy K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer.

This machine is strong and effective, enabling you to attain the most ideal clean surrounding. †Below are reasons why this pressure washer is better, compared to earlier models.

Benefits of K4

This pressure machine offers customers the most ideal settings for each job. The design of K4 Full control is meant to offer vehicle or homeowners total confidence in order for them to optimize the machineís high pressure.

You can change the pressure depending on the condition and feel of the surface that you are cleaning or the extent of dirt on the surface. To carry this out, you just require rotating the spray lance to suit your needs.

It is also possible for you to examine the level of pressure you have chosen on Full Control Power Gun facilitated by LED display. Therefore, if you are a beginner, where Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washers are concerned, it is simple for you to recognize the ideal setting for best outcomes. To operate the machine, it is not necessary for you to seek professional assistance.

Outstanding Features of K4

Home package offers you a Karcher 1L Detergent (Plug n Clean), other than T350 Patio Cleaner. This is manufactured for eliminating stubborn dirt and preserving the stone surfaces.

In case your vehicleís tires, rims or under sections have a lot of mud, you should not be concerned about the way you will get rid of it. Karcher K4 features a dirt blaster lance that handles any kind of mud, wet or dry.

This lance provides a strong rotating point jet, stronger compared to any other of its forerunners. Stubborn mud is blasted away by †† this spray; this makes this washer the best for surfaces that are weather worn.

When the pressureís barrel is twisted, the user is able to change the pressure until selection of the wanted level. This is the best selling factor for this machine. This latest system created by Karcher assists to direct you on the correct pressure to utilize on any surface.

Therefore, you need to select the suitable spray lance; this is determined by the kind of surface being dealt with. Three levels of †††† pressure are available and a detergent setting which makes this pressure vary from the others.

Another feature, the LED display is brilliant, making it stand out among its predecessors. The triggerís LED will direct you to choose the correct pressure setting for your job. Utilize it to ensure that the tuning is the power needed.

The screen symbols operate as a guideline also. This signifies that you will always be on point since it assists you to choose the appropriate setting for the task at hand. In case you are cleaning your vehicle, a setting is present for this, the brickwork.

This setting regulates the lance pressure; therefore, you obtain maximum power to clean your drive.† The power can be lowered also, to avoid destroying the paintwork of your vehicle as you clean it.

A couple of AAA batteries are used by the LED display, which is available with this. They are fixed in the trigger gunís handle.

If you have not previously been the owner of a home pressure washer before, you shall adore the T350 T-Racer Surface Cleaner. Cleaning a huge variety of outside surfaces becomes fast, effective and spray free.

This signifies that it is not necessary for you to be an expert, so as to clean your car. The washer also consists of an incorporated handle for cleaning surfaces that are upright, for instance, a garage door.

Parking position at all times facilitates simple accessory storage. Another Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer feature which makes it exceptional is that the Full Control trigger gun and linked spray lance can be stored easily on the pressure washer every time you want to rest in the course of the cleaning procedure.

The installed lances and hoses storage is an improved method of maintaining order in your working environment. The major cause for the installation of storage on this specific pressure machine is to ensure easy access of all the accessories.

It is easy to access the Full Control gun also. In case you have previously owned pressure washes, you shall enjoy the fact that it is possible to store the spray lances and Full Control trigger gun on the machine so as to conserve storage space. The market does not provide many pressure washes with this feature.


When you utilize the Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer, you can save extra time. For example it takes only seconds with a single simple move to substitute the detergent, due to the Plugí níClean mechanism. Therefore, when your pressure washer is on detergent mode, it is simple for you to smear detergent on the soiled surface.

You shall obtain optimal outcomes from using Karcher detergents, particularly if you are attempting to eliminate stubborn dirt. The detergent raises the pressure washerís efficacy also, as it avoids recurrence of dirt and assist to care for the surface that you have cleaned and protect it.

Where style is concerned, Karcher went out on a limb on this specific pressure machine. The machine has aluminum telescopic handle and high impact wheels, turning this specific washer into more than simply a pressure machine. The handle has been fixed at a suitable height; this makes pulling it easy, as it is being completely coverable for simple storage.


This is a wonderful pressure washer that has been enhanced greatly by Karcher. The latest features and included items are lovely extras. It is simple to utilize and the ease of storage of each of the bits assists to keep all of it together.