Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

The K4 Full Control presents the ideal partner for cleaning jobs that are difficult or medium sized. This model has a dirt blaster as well as spray lance with vario power.

This latest Full Control Karcher pressure washer has enhanced features and can be utilized to clean many surfaces all around the house such as vehicle, stone, and wood. You may be washing your car or the patio; regardless, this tool is the most ideal for cleaning tasks outdoors. This K4 machine can clean 30m2 each hour and is available with a warranty of 3 years.

When making use of the Vario Lance for altering the setting of pressure, the trigger gunís LED display (Full Control) suggests the appropriate cleaning surface regarding the force being exerted. This makes you relax in the knowledge that the pressure you are utilizing is suitable, on surfaces that are more sensitive.
Other latest Full Control pressure washersí features are inclusive of a central hose and stability foot guidance. The robust design, as well as telescopic handle, facilitates simple storage.

Outstanding Features


Complete Control Trigger Gun & Spray Lances

This offers you straight feedback on the pressure setting you are using, ensuring you obtain the pressure setting that is correct, for the surface that you are attempting to clean.

It is possible to regulate the pressure by turning Vario Power spray lance up to when it shows the preferred level. The Full Control trigger gunís LED display enables you to find out the pressure setting you are using effortlessly.

Parking position facilitates simple accessory storage all through

It is possible to store the Full Control trigger gun together with the linked spray lance on the pressure washer as cleaning is going on. Accessing The Full Control trigger gun is easy. To save space, when you are through, you keep the Full Control trigger gun as well as spray lances on the pressure washer.

Plug & Clean

When it is in the detergent mode, it is fast and straightforward to apply detergents via the pressure washer. It is possible to replace the Plug & Clean detergent with one easy motion.

Karcher detergents raise efficiency during cleaning, assist in avoiding dirt from recurring and helping to keep your surface protected and cared for.

Telescopic Handle

This is created from top-quality aluminum and offers a pulling height that is convenient. It is completely retractable, for a solid storage solution.


  • Vario Power spray lance
  • 6m high-pressure hose
  • Fast Connect on machine
  • G 145 Q Full Control High-pressure gun
  • Dirt Blaster spray lance
  • Soft bag
  • Water-cooled motor
  • Fixed water filter
  • A3/4î Adapter garden hose

Features for Pressure Washer

  • Induction motor which is water-cooled of 1800 watt
  • 420 liters per hour flow rate
  • 130 bar rating
  • Appropriate for light to medium duty work
  • 6m hose
  • Mains cable of 5m
  • Wheeled for simple use
  • 400 maximum temperature


  • Dirt blaster lance offers an intense power blast to remove dirt.
  • Pressure adjustable lance enables you to change the rate of water pressure to suit the work
  • Fast connector
  • Plug & Clean
  • Mass of 11.4 kg
  • Onboard storage
  • 3-year manufacturerís guarantee

The K4 Full Control variety currently features a LED display on the trigger gun, which indicates the pressure level when being utilized in cleaning with all attachments and lances.

Re-engineering has been carried out on this Full Control range to obtain more stability when used. It is made more stable and simpler to utilize around your home by its adapted features. For instance, when cleaning cars and outdoor sections.

Because of the water-cooled motors, the series of K4 are created to endure and can carry out a brilliant cleaning performance. K4 can clean even 30m2 of patio or decking, three vehicles or 1.5 sheds in one hour. The design for saving space makes it ideal for any home. Its strong motor emits 130 bars with a flow rate of water of 420 L/H.

Functioning of the Vario Lance


When the Vario Lance is used on ësoftí setting, it is appropriate to use the Full Control Range on all surfaces that are soft, for instance, fencing, decking or garden furniture.


When the Vario Lance is employed on ëmediumí setting, it is ideal to use on sensitive surfaces like soft stone or vehicle paintwork.


Utilizing Vario Lance on ëhardí setting or Dirtblaster lance, the range of Full Control can be employed on tough surfaces like brickwork stone and patios.

The water-cooled motors that are included with K4, K5, and K7models are created to last. The garden tap water is utilized to cool the machines before being pressurized for the cleaning work.

Dirtblaster Lance

This Karcher Dirtblaster lance, in contrast to modern high-pressure lances, provides 80% additional cleaning power. Created with a revolving action, a robust and accurate jet is produced by the Dirtblaster, to get rid of persistent dirt easily from hardened surfaces.

Vario Lance

The Vario Lance enables you to manage the cleaning pressure for each surface. With four pre-set cleaning settings, it is possible to use the Vario Lance to clean soft surfaces entirely, like wood, sensitive surfaces like vehicles, or tough surfaces like stone or brick.

Also, it can be utilized to softly apply detergent to any surface through the system of Plug & Clean.

Superior German Engineering

Karcher has a powerful engineering legacy and is dedicated to designing cleaning solutions required by customers. With designing and manufacturing experience spanning 80 years in cleaning devices, the design of Karcherís latest pressure washers was carried out in their German Head Offices. Every tool is tested after completion of the production line, to facilitate the optimal rates of quality and dependability.


Reap the most benefits from using Karcher K4 Full control to obtain high-pressure cleaning. The design of K4 is meant to offer you total control. The three high-pressure settings it features together with a setting for low-pressure detergent ensures maximum performance for each surface.

Just by rotating the spray lance simply, it is possible to change the pressure depending on the rate of dirt and surface to be cleaned. The chosen pressure level can then be checked readily on Full Control Power Gun through the LED display.

This signifies that at all times you have the correct settings for best outcomes in each cleaning work!