I feel like I haven’t posted forever….been sorta busy I guess. Mothering, being a wife, and juggling all the in betweens….. But the other day I notice that life handed me some lemons…..so I made some lemonade. MMmmmmm it was good…..enjoy and while your at it go make some yourself.. If you were here I would share a nice cold talllll glass with ya!




  1. Beautiful photos – beautiful colors! My new lens is a 50mm 1.8. I haven’t had much time to work with it – I have a new camera coming this week (Canon 30D) so hopefully I’ll be able to practice more with both. :)

    So ok. Share. I’m impressed with how quick you are learning – or, have you known how to shoot for quite some time? I’ve been doing this now (manual photography/learning) for about 9 months. I still have SO far to go. Got any secrets?? :)

  2. PS – in those photos you saw of Cailyn, shot w/ my 50mm, from her nose down to the back of her hair, it’s blurry! I want the background blurry, but not really her. F-stop was set in the 2′s. :)

  3. Thanks so much!
    No…when I got my camera it was the first time I even held a DSLR! I guess I just have played with it so much now….I am really comfortable. The one thing that really helped me was knowing my lighting….which light is the best and adjusting my ISO and WB accordingly….adjusting my apeture and shutter speed too! My front room has AMAZING light in th morning!!!
    I have taken a gazzillion shots and now I kinda know how my camera works during each time of the day! I wanna take a class ASAP…then get a 5D down the road…I am afraid I am already outgrowning this one!!! lol Poor hubby all this for a hobby!!! lol

    If you want everything to be sharp and the background blurry boost it up to the threes…it seems to work much better for me!

  4. uh. sounds delightful. you are a much better photographer than me. I just play with the camera until I get what I want… don’t know too much technical stuff. I decided I don’t like getting paid for my pics.. isn’t that awful? I like it as my hobby… that is all.

  5. BRITTANY S. HAGGARD….what in the world are you talking about!! Your photos are sooooooo beautiful! I think I am going to have to come over and throw a rock at your head!!! knock some since into you!! Technical stuff…me who needs it! Actually who cares!! ahhhh…your gonna make me cry! You better keep takin those pictures girl!

  6. Thanks for the tips Destiny! You are such a quick learner! :)

  7. Love your pictures, can I ask what kind of camera you use, as I’m in the market, still using my little point and shoot Casio pocket camera. Thanks. Love Destiny also.

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