Lindsay letters

I’ve been on a downloading addiction as of late. You see I stumble across this image ages ago on Holy Mathis blog years ago. I remember thinking OMG. That calligraphy…that handwriting…who did that and how can I get that? I didn’t bookmark it,  but it was definitely bookmarked in my head:0)

O Holy Night Canvas

Well,while scrolling through Instagram the other day liking all my friends things:0) I stumble across Lindsay’s account, that lead to her blog, that lead to her store, that lead ME to be glued to a screen for hours and hours.

You must visit her beautiful store and be inspired. I’ve already downloaded two prints. I couldn’t wait for the mail:0) I want Linsday to write my thank you cards, my kids notes to their teachers. I want her to write my to do list in the morning and my Christmas cards in December. I just want her to write my life!:0) What a beautiful gift, right? The gift of penmanship. It’s perfect.

She’s having a Christmas in July sale too! Regular print prices range from $7-$200+ so there is something for everyone!

Happy Friday!

I’m off to the beach tomorrow. Trying to get away from this heat for a little bit! What are you doing this week/weekend?

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