Living Room and Dining Room….and so it begins!

So I finally got the ok from my hubby to start decorating the shared living room and dining room in our home! Oh you know I have been waiting for this DAY!!!! I’ve had an idea of what I wanted all along so I just can’t wait to get started.
Check out some of my ideas via Olioboard….
living room
Can you kinda tell what direction I am headed? I really can’t sum up my style in one or two words…and least not yet…lol! I love mixing and matching  and contrasting just like Candice Olson does! Shiny and Matte….Traditional and Modern…..Masculine and Feminine makes for a space that’s comfy and inviting. Not sure what pop of color I want to bring into this room but I am loving aqua and gray right now…

I’m dying to try that scrolled gray and white/cream wallpaper and I ordered a sample from Seabrook, that is to die for! I first saw it on Becky Higgins sight and new I had to have it. Her friend is an interior designer and ordered it for her when they were working on her home….OMG…LOVE. I will be using it on one wall only because it’s sorta on the pricey side! I can’t wait!
Of course I already switched out my dirty carpet before we moved in and got some dark wood floors(which I am having a hard time keeping clean-any suggestions??)
I also would love to build a mantel for a fireplace or start off with one of those above on the oliboard and make it a little chunkier with some wood and a handy man:0)
Here are some photos that are also inspiring my space transformation……
all pictures are via InspirationforDecoration

BUT first we have to prime and paint and then wallpaper….booooooo…I just want to decorate!!!!


  1. What great ideas – and I LOVE that wallpaper!! I actually think it will look better on just one wall, so lucky you! I love the turquoise & gray – what about adding yellow or orange? Wish I could be decorating right now!!

  2. Omgoodness! :) I’m very excited for this post….my living/dining room is almost the same size and we’ve been at our house for 4 months and I just have no idea how to set it up…I just sit and stare at it for long periods of time and try and google similar rooms….though unlike you, we don’t have This is our only living room, we do have a “tv room” in the basement so that’s good, but it’s more for the hubby :)…and I’m itching to paint and decorate and move things around in our little living room….looking forward to seeing how you set your space up, maybe I can get some inspiration! love your theme, so pretty! :)

  3. oops, it cut off in the middle of my paragraph…what I meant to say is unlike you, we don’t have a family room.

  4. oooo…I’m excited to see wallpaper!!!!

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