Makita Impact Driver DTD152Z Review

A cordless driver is an essential and useful household item. It is handy in many cases and having one of the best drivers can help you to get the best result. So, if you are searching for one such great driver that can be quite helpful for you, then you must check Makita DTD152Z 18V Li-ion Cordless Impact Driver. It is a compact impact driver which is small in size and light in weight but does a great job. Packed with some great and amazing features which make this driver even more beneficial. It is powered by an 18V Li-ion battery and is incredibly powerful for applications like tightening of the light duty as well as self-drilling screws. To know more about the key features and specifications of this driver, read on.

Key Features Of The Makita Impact Driver 

Here are some of the key features of this driver which helps to make it even more useful and versatile in its job:

Aluminum hammer case

This driver body is designed with the best quality aluminum. This is done to ensure that this driver is light in weight and is also designed to be robust and sturdy. Thus, you can perform any tasks smoothly without feeling the weight in your hands.

One touch installation

Installing has become quite easier now with this new One-Touch Installation Technology. The driving shank is designed in such a way that you do not have to pull back the collar when installing a new bit. But when you want to remove the bit you have to. Thus, installation is easier and faster now.

LED job light

You will get two LED job lights. One is the pre-glow of the function, and another is afterglow of the function. This LED indicator helps to make your job more convenient. The LED lights do their job quite efficiently without consuming too much of power.

Compact & Ergonomic design

This driver unit is quite compact in size and design. This is very important to get the best grip and use it. The design has been reduced to 137mm which has made it quite light in weight too. The ergonomic design of this driver is best for getting a comfortable and perfect grip. With the right grip, you get more control while working with the driver quite easily and more efficiently. This also helps to minimize the hand fatigue.

XPT or eXtreme Protection Technology

When you are using a driver, it is imperative to provide the utmost protection to its users. With the help of XPT, it significantly increases the protection. This technology is used in many outdoor or home appliances to get the best protective seal.

Mechanical 2-speed control

The Makita DTD152Z 18V has two types of speed control that you can use. You will be able to choose or control the speed based on the needs and requirements of your work without any worry.


Who Will Be Benefited By This?

This Makita DTD 152Z driver is designed in such a way that it is perfect for every household needs whether you need an excellent driver for your plumbing needs or electrician needs or even carpentry needs. Since this driver is lightweight, durable and sturdy, even professionals can use this for their professional job. So, any plumber, carpenters, electricians and other professionals can use this driver to get their job done. It can be used for fitting and installing different appliances and tools in your kitchen and house.

Performance Of The Driver

When it comes to the performance, this driver is excellent. It works with a great 18 voltage which is suitable for its performance. The driving shank is 6.35 mm that puts an impact of 0 to 3500 rpm in each minute. The max tightening torque of this Makita driver is 165 Nm. The total weight of this driver is only 1.5 kg which is quite light. This light weight helps to improve the function in a better way. The brake type of this driver is electric. Along with that, it comes with two variable speed control trigger. This provides you better options to choose the right speed control for any particular work.

This driver also has two types of rotation ñ forward and reverse. This provides better and smooth performance to get the best result. Being cordless, another benefit of this driver is that you do not have to deal with the messy wires all around. Even, you can use it as a portable screwdriver and take it with you wherever you want. You will not need any wires for that. Powered by a Li-ion battery of 18 voltage.


  • Sturdy build but light in weight
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable grip
  • 2 types of speed control for better functionality
  • Packed with versatile features
  • XPT provides better protection to the users
  • Perfect for any professional use


  • It is not ideal for heavy duty screw tightening
  • Vibration is quite high though doesnít make that much sound

Why Buy This?

Portable drivers are used for various needs in different household projects. You will need this Makita DTD152Z 18V Li-ion Cordless Impact Driver in order assemble furniture, tighten the screws and also for installing the essential equipment and appliances. You must buy this because of its durable and sturdy construction along with excellent performance. It provides seamless functionality to get your job done. Moreover, you will love this because of its portable nature. If you are an on-go user who needs a screw driver along with you wherever you go, then this is an ideal one for you.


If you are looking for a great portable driver for your household or professional purposes, then you must buy this Makita DTD152Z 18V Li-ion Cordless Impact Driver. It is not only great in performance, but its amazing features are worth mentioning. All the features are great and used for the small duty works like fixing the screws of appliances or furniture, installing and assembling of different things, etc. So, this can be a great and useful portable screwdriver that you are looking for your household jobs.