Makita Jigsaw DJV180Z Review

The Makita DJV180 Z presents a Jigsaw that is reliable and light in weight. It obtains its power from lithium-ion batteries from Makita. This LXT cordless jigsaw of 18 volts consisting of tool-less change and fixed job light is available as body only.

The Jigsaw is double insulated and has soft start, providing smooth and strong cutting at a high rotational speed of 2,600 spm. This enhanced version replaces the BJV180Z, and a lot of satisfied customers say that it is wonderfully designed and using it is simple.

The work light plus blower, which eliminates dust from pencil line, provides an extra perk. It can be utilized anywhere, making work much easier.

Benefits of Cordless Jigsaws

Cordless jigsaws modern power tools that are indispensable, which consist of specialized as well as generalized applications. This signifies it is mandatory in tool bags for merchants and DIY people.

This power tool is handy and is utilized for cutting holes and curves or stencils. No other kind of saw can attain such a feat; however, it is also a beautiful all-purpose saw that is appropriate for all sorts of circumstances. There is a wide selection of cordless jigsaws to choose from.


  • The handle, which is ergonomically rubberized offers comfortable gripping and additional control and at the same time reduces pain and fatigue in hand.
  • The huge 2-finger trigger of variable speed makes simple to work with this jigsaw, even when wearing gloves.
  • Three orbital settings and straight cut
  • Blower shall clear pencil line of dust
  • It is robust and light in weight
  • Blade change that is tool-less ñ push in lock mechanism facilitates very quick blade changes.
  • LED light will illuminate your cut line
  • Cutting becomes smooth and powerful at high stroke speed of 2,600 spm
  • Presents double insulation
  • Soft start

Available With

  • Anti-splintering tool
  • Hex wrench
  • Dust nozzle
  • Cover plate
  • Jigsaw blades of 2 x B-10, 2X B-22 and 2Xbr-13 Jigsaw blade

Kitbox, charger, and batteries are excluded.

More Details on Makita DJV180Z 18V Cordless Body Only

  • The Models DJV180 Li-ion battery powers cordless jigsaws. Compared to their counterparts, Ni-Cad or Ni-MH, their life span is longer, giving a greater run time of 430%.
  • Lithium-ion’s weight saving of 40% signifies that it is possible to get 18-volt power through a battery whose weight is similar to a 12-volt Ni-MH battery.
  • Since the grips offer optimal comfort, working is a lot more fun.
  • LED job light forms a cutting line that is simple to trace.
  • Very accurate and extremely useful
  • Body only machine, available without charger or battery

Review From A Satisfied Customer

After utilizing a lot of cheap jigsaws, I am now aware that the tool I am currently using is superior quality. I appreciate the difference made by this tool.

It operates extremely smoothly, without any evident vibration. Since the blade is grasped firmly, this means it does not curve and begin to steer in any direction you do not desire.

I removed the splinter guard, making it simpler to view the pencil guideline, which I was cutting to; but I was utilizing reverse cutting blades. I am just elated with my purchase!

Special Features

The casing’s front end, base and loop handle are similar to the 4350 CT. The only section that varies is that rather than a cord emerging from the back, the motor housing consists of a battery slot of 18 volts. This does not present a disadvantage since the cordless, and corded Makita is little tools. Compared to a Bosch GST135, this one is a bit longer, which makes it ideal to access tight areas.

This jigsaw is substantial, which is not a bad thing as the weight assists to place it steadily on the task. Similar to the mains version, it possesses a four setting orbital action, 0 and I to III. It also has comparable toolless blade change, with an acrylic plastic lever that is horseshoe-shaped wrapped about the saw’s front.

To offer protection to user’s fingers, a wire loop safety guard is available on the blade’s front. Other features are a flip on the safety button and brush holder (screw out) which covers the two sides of the motor and a tilting base which needs a 5mm GST key to tilt.
With the saw, Makita offers a dust extractor adapter together with a plastic anti-scratch foot; however, the locking thumbscrew and rip fence are extra.


For all your sawing needs, the Makita DJV180Z 18 V is ideal. You shall have a truly rewarding experience, as you shall accomplish your task fast in a comfortable manner.

Treat yourself to this awesome tool today and have the time of your life, sawing effortlessly through even tough materials that were previously hard to tackle.

This splendid tool is positively handy!

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