Messy Man Sandwich

It’s a pretty normal night here at the Alfonso house…Reggie came home and started rolling on the floor with the boys and I started to make dinner. Not exciting but I think these are the times we love the most! I made Reggie his favorite sandwich by ME. I say that because he is a foodie and probably has different categories of favorites…lol…Favorites by Mom…Favorite by Wife…Favorites by MIL..Favorites by Fast Food…lol. Anyway I took some quick shots of his prepared meal… Cranked up my grill in the middle and threw on some steak and stuff…

Mixed it all together…don’t worry HE will pick out all the green things! lol

Make sure he has some butter bread, toasted of course….

Pile on the meat and make sure you melt his cheese….he will love you extra for it…..

Then spread some mayo on the top and bottom( this is Reggie we’re talking about) then smash it and make it look all smashed and stuff. Guys don’t like a pretty sandwich:0)

Then to make him love you even more, make it a double….sit him in front of the BCS Championship Game and then give yourself a pat on the back, in his mind he can’t even believe he has YOU as his wife. Now you can either watch the 115th bowl game in the last week OR sneak away and read…lol
I love normal days:0)


  1. LOL!!!! When I saw the green I just knew that wasn’t makin it to Reggi’s plate or stomach! LMBO! ;) Love it! That sandwich looked scrumptuos!

  2. mmmm i want one.

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