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Hello Homelovers!

Today, I’m sharing a new card shop, They must of heard my Christmas card cry, because soon after my post, the fine folks over at Minted contacted me about possibly using some of their holiday photo cards. I had heard of them before, but hadn’t been on the site for awhile so the first thing I did was Google them up. Then I got sucked into the computer for about 2 hours…browsing an browsing and browsing. I never hesitate to tell you guys about the best of the best on the internet, but I’ll just let you take a look for yourself:0)

Minted Holiday Cards-01

If your looking for something unique, elegant, modern and beautiful, then is your place. Minted is a collection of thousands of artists and designers from all over the world who create. So what you have is a beautiful collection of cards, gifts, and so much more.

Ombre Tidings Holiday Photo Cards

Loopy Holiday Photo Cards

The process is pretty paineless. Unless your like me and click 100 of your favorites, narrow it down to 50 favorites, then down to 25, and spend the next day or so trying to narrow it down to one. I mean , if your like ME that is;0) ha!

Once you choose your favorite you can play with some of your photos to see which one fits, move words around and even note to the designer to move something up or down! It’s pretty personalized!



What makes these cards different?

  • SO unique! Shopping at a different site and having HUNDREDS of options make it almost impossible for your cards to be duplicated!
  • Luxurious Paper. This paper is super thick. The standard in my opinion is an upgrade, but you can also give it a shimmer and even a unique shape!! When you hold them in your hand you can tell there’s something different about them;0)
  • The fonts. If you a font snob, you’ll appreciate all the scripted, retro, and elegant fonts used!

Right now…get this…you can have THEM address you cards for FREE!!! SAY WHAT!!! I KNOW!! I wish I would have! Do you know what a time saver that is!! OMG!!

So do you want  know which ones we picked? Take a look….Minted Holiday Cards-02

Ok, so these might be a little over the top, but, at times we can be too! Ha! I LOVE THESE CARDS! I had the hardest time deciding on which picture I wanted to use, but with this mini book option, I got to choose SEVEN! Score! :0)

The mini book is perfect for a newsletter style or you can keep it simple like we did with names and ages!

Minted Holiday Cards-06

I added a little string bling so that our friends could hang them up! 

Minted Holiday Cards-07

Ok, so seriously, have you got those cards out YET!? Mine are all sent! Hallelujah! I think my biggest fear is that with the digital age, people are going to stop sending them! Please don’t do it! I enjoy opening mail around the holidays and there is nothing like sending and receiving a card from all over the world!!

Want $25.00 towards your next $50.00 purchase?  Awesome! Click here!

Or click below for even more savings! 

Thank you Minted for the complimentary cards for this post! 


  1. Thank you for sharing. We moved this year and can’t find our cards. This will be our salvation.

    PS: Love your card selection. A perfect way to show your handsome family

  2. I will never use or let any one I know use Minted cards again. I ordered cards and followed up with a call to see how I could expedite shipping. The person I spoke with said I could not expedite shipping. I received my proof via email and at the bottom of the page was offered “I want it faster” expedited shipping. I clicked yes, and paid $34.10 to recieve the cards today. I checked my bank acct and Saw that i was charged for the cards yeaterday. when I did not see the cards by mid afternoon I again called. A representative told me that my order was still in shipping and that she would “talk to the printer about whether I could receive the cards today. And that I’d I could not I would be reimbursed the expedited shipping cost.”. She said either way she would email me. I never receieved an email. I called again. Tonight a very rude and unprofessional, “Tanisha” had me on hold for at least twenty minutes and said she too was waiting for communication with the printer. I asked to speak to a manager. Taniaha put me on hold after some curt remarks and came back to tell me, “Daisy” her manager would call me back. I never got the cards, an email and i don’t expect a call. Minted ruined my holiday card experience this year.

    • I’m so sorry you had a bad experience! That’s horrible. I actually am dealing with an issue right now as I type. I believe in second chances but the Holidays are so crazy, I really depend on companies I adore to be on top of stuff. I hope you get it resolved! Thank you for sharing your experience. Even thought it wasn’t good.

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